This is one of the main reasons that I come to Las Vegas in June.

No, who am I kidding?

This is THE only reason I come to Vegas in 100 plus temperatures Fahrenheit in June to see the NHL honor the best players for the whole season.

The Sports Diva isnt the only one who marks this date on her calendar every year.

Other hockey fans make their own 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas to do this and you don’t have to dress up.

Those Minnesota Wild and Las Vegas Golden Knights jerseys that you’re wearing are just fine.

Represent your hockey team, especially if they have a player nominated for best goaltender , best defenseman, best coach or even for their dedication to hockey.

(That dedication to hockey award is real not just a made up name. It’s called the Masterton Trophy and it was named for Bill Masterton , who unfortunately , lost his life while playing hockey for the Minnesota team . )

I normally get pictures with the players who were nominated , but not this time .

You had to have a bracelet to do what’s called the Red Carpet this year.

Thank you to those fans who bring all that stuff to be autographed by the players and then you sell them!

Because of y’all , the Sports Diva and other hockey fans can’t get up close and personal with our favorite and definately not so favorite hockey players at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

At least tickets were inexpensive enough to attend the awards ceremony , something that I hadn’t done in 2 years.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so get your money’s worth by checking out some of the action from the NHL Awards .


Recently ,  I visited two sports stores in New York  City  while  doing my own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour . 

I did go to the NBA  Store, (Sportsandtravelblog.wordpress/2017/10/16 – start  -spreading  –  the  –  news-new-york  –  new-york  -the – NBA  -store)but being the team sports apparel  fashionista that I  am, I  also went to the NHL  Store.

The store isn’t  that far from the NBA  Store.

It’s  located  on 47th Street  and Avenue  of the  Americas ,  better known  to  New Yorkers  as 6th  Avenue.

If you happen to be in New York  City  and want to  visit  the  store, you can take the subway  and get off at  the Rockefeller  Center  train stop, which is 4 7 – 50th streets . 

Get off and take the stairs  that lead to  the  47th street  side.

Once you’ve  done that walk to  your right hand side  and the store is at the top of the stairs.

You can’t  miss it because of all the team stuff from all 31 teams, not to mention the giant Lego hockey player dressed in the team uniform  of one of the teams.

Since this is New York City ,  the Lego  hockey player is wearing a New York  Rangers  uniform . 

When you walk into the store ,  not only do you see one of the biggest table hockey games that you have ever seen, but a giant motorcycle  with the NHL  logo on it.

(This is New York City ,  after all. EVERYTHING  is larger than life here.)

You can play the game ,  but riding the motorcycle ,  don’t  even  think  about  it .

A picture next to it will have to  do . 

The sales people  here are helpful  and  friendly ,  plus they really do know their hockey.

Even though the store is in New York  City ,  the sales people  aren’t  wearing  hockey shirts and jerseys from the three local teams ,  they’re  wearing hockey apparel from the teams that THEY like.

If you look above you, not only do you see pictures  of  current  and  former  players, but there’s  a  television  studio  as well.

The NHL  Network  not only does shows from here but sometimes  they have player appearances in the store.

The store has everything  for the hockey  lover in you and it doesn’t  matter  if  you’re  a man, woman  or child.

No toddler stuff like in the NBA  Store though.

Don’t  be surprised  if while you’re  shopping, the NHL  commissioner  just happens to stop by as well as some of your favorite  players to not only get interviewed ,  but to actually  shop.

Trust me on this ,  they do if their teams just happen to be playing in the New York  /New Jersey  area.

As for the commissioner dropping  by, there’s  a reason . 

The headquarters  of the  NHL  are right next door.

With as much as this store has, on the  day that I  visited ,  it wasn’t  as crowded  as the NBA  Store is.

That might be  because  hockey isn’t  as popular  in the United  States  or the rest of  the  world  like the NBA is.

What  the NHL  Store  has that the NBA  Store  doesn’t  have is a Starbucks . 

After you finish  grabbing  all the  hockey  stuff that you can fit in that black and grey shopping  bag with “The Shield” on it, walk to the  back of the store and get  your Pumpkin  Spice  Latte fix on.

If you want to  get  more hockey swag for yourself  or that  hockey nut back home, get yourself  down to the  NHL  Store  on 47th  Street  and  Avenue  of  the  Americas .