I had a few hours to kill before I left the U Street Hostel .

I went one neighborhood over to the Shaw District of DC named for Civil War General Robert Gould Shaw , he of the ill fated 54TH Massachusetts Regiment that’s featured in the movie “Glory”.

There’s many historical things to see in this neighborhood but I was looking for two things in particular .

One, the Duke Ellington Memorial , which I didn’t find and Howard University , which was founded in 1867 and is one of the historical black colleges.

Enjoy some of the pictures from my walk through the Shaw District and Howard University


We are rapidly approaching the end of another month.

Who knew 2019 would be going so fast?

Are y’all ready for November?

Did you travel at all in September or even in October?

What are you waiting for ?

Get that 30 Plus Teams Tour started all ready.

Let these quotes inspire you .


That’s right , I said part 1 because there will be more embassies to see.

Most of them are in the Dupont Circle area of the city, near the University of District of Columbia, but most of them are on a stretch of Massachusetts Avenue known as Embassy Row.

Some of them, like Mexico and Canada are right on Pennsylvania Avenue .

Two of them are in the U Street Corridor .

I was able to take pictures of some of them.

It always helps to ask if you can take a picture of the embassy as I did with a very kind lady from the Tunisian embassy.

You never know because even though the embassies are in the United States , the embassies follow the laws of their own countries .

So if you want to take a picture of the Saudi Arabia embassy or the Mauritius embassy , ask first because you never know .

I took pictures of the Canadian , Philippines, Australia , Oman, Chile, Tunisia and Trinidad and Tobago embassies .

I have so many to go but since Washington DC is so close to New York City , the other embassies will have to wait.

Inuit art at the Canadian Embassy

Part of the Oman embassy

Trinidad and Tobago embassy

Philippines embassy

Part of the Australian embassy

Chilean Embassy

This stands right outside of the Chile embassy

There will be more countries coming, so look for it in a future post.


When I was younger, the singing duo of Simon and Garfunkel had a popular at the time song titled, “At The Zoo.”

One of the lyrics to the song went something like this, ” Something tells me it’s all happening at the zoo. I do believe it, I do believe it’s true”

Many years later, in my 30 Plus Teams Tour of Washington DC , I went to the famous Smithsonian National Zoo to see if the line in the song is still true.

It is.

Number 52 on my bucket list is the National Zoo of Washington DC .

Like so many museums in the city, admission is free.

I arrived at the zoo around 8:45am before the crowds arrived .

Some of the animals were out already , including the “star” of the zoo, Bei Bei, the panda , who will be returning to China around November 19.

So if you happen to be visiting the city around that time, stop by and say hi to Bei Bei, he’s very entertaining.

There’s so many animals to see at the zoo, but because of my fear of snakes, birds and bats , I avoided seeing the Reptile House and the Bat Cave like the plague .

I was as happy as a pig in you know what when I saw the sign saying “Bird House Closed”.

The first trail you see when you enter the zoo is the Asia Trail, which features animals from, you guessed it, the continent of Asia.

There’s also an American Trail, which features animals native to the Americas .

I enjoyed seeing the big American Bison.

They aren’t Buffaloes , they’re Bison as one of the signs on the exhibit informs you.

They even tell you what the difference between a male and female Bison.

(Male is bigger with a lot of hair. The Zoo has two female Bisons)

A walk around the zoo just doesn’t give you a peek into the animals cages, but some information about them, including the information that would be considered TMI.

Some of the animals weren’t in their cages or exhibits while I was there.

If this happens, the zoo will put up a sign reading humorously , “NOBODY HOME”.

I spent 2 hours at the zoo, but that just isn’t enough time to visit.

Like a lot of things in the city, it’s easy to get there by the Metro.

It’s on the Red Line and you can get off at one of two stations, Woodley Park Zoo/Adams Morgan or Cleveland Park Station.

Some people like to get off at Cleveland Park and walk back but I like the Woodley Park Zoo stop even though it’s an uphill walk.

Plus what I love about Washington DC, there’s signs to point you to the place you want to go to.

No matter which station you decide to get off at , the walk prepares you for all the walking that you’ll be doing once inside the zoo.


I had never ventured further than the National Mall or Chinatown whenever I would come to Washington DC.

I never thought of going to any other section of the city.

I realize by doing my latest 30 Plus Teams Tour just how much history there was going on in other areas, especially U Street .

It was known as “Black Broadway ” back in the day because black people weren’t allowed to perform anywhere in town.

As I walked through this vibrant neighborhood , I saw just what I had been missing by skipping this neighborhood .

Enjoy the history through the pictures and the murals.


When one thinks of landmarks in Washington DC , you think of the White House , Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials , Washington Monument among others .

In the U Street Corridor of the city,there’s another landmark , a restaurant that’s been at the same location since 1958.

It’s Ben’s Chili Bowl and it’s number 79 on my bucket list .

U Street was known as “Black Broadway ” back in the days of segregation with many places not catering to black people.

The building that Ben’s is in now used to be a pool hall and before that a movie theater called The Minnehaha Theater.

In 1958, Ben and his wife , Virginia purchased the building and the rest, is history .

Ben died in 2009, but Miss Virginia is still around, either talking to customers, taking pictures with visitors and still behind the counter sometimes seeing that things go smoothly .

They now have branches of the restaurant at the Ronald Reagan Airport, Rosslyn , Virginia and for those Nationals baseball and Redskins football fans who need their half smoke and chili fix, they even have restaurants at Nationals Park and FedEx Field.

If you visit the original store on U Street, you’ll see pictures of the many celebrities that have eaten here.

If you go outside, you’ll see murals of famous Washingtonians and other figures in black history .

I ate there the two days that I was in DC and even though the chili was a little spicy for me , it was oh so good as were the cheese grits and the famous half smoke that I had.

If you ever visit DC, it’s very convenient to get there.

The Metro station, U Street/African-American Memorial -Cardoso on the green and yellow lines is right across the street.

Just take the exit that’s on your right.

It’s worth the trip.