It’s a holiday here in the United States, Memorial Day, but the Sports Diva is going away.

A lot of you guessed Miami, Fort. Lauderdale, even Tampa.


One of my Circle of Sisters is celebrating her 60th birthday and she wanted someplace wild, a place that we both love.

I’ll tell you more about the actual trip in another post because we’ll be there until Friday morning, God willing.

Until then let the shenanigans begin!


You heard the Sports Diva correctly. I didn’t stutter. I said suitcase/backpack.

I’m going on another trip for the Memorial Day weekend here in the United States and not only am I carrying a backpack but a suitcase too because as hard as I tried, all my stuff just wouldn’t fit in my backpack.

Hey I’m sorry if I’m a little bit of a Fashionista when it comes to going away, even if I don’t have to be.

I’m a woman, I need a lot of clothes, makeup, and yeah my wig game has got to be strong.

Call me crazy but just one wig won’t do it, the Sports Diva is extra, I need at least 3 wigs, just saying.

Not to mention more than one dress, a ton of shorts, 4 pairs of shoes, and we won’t even mention the bags and jewelry that go with my outfits.

I’m just going away for 5 days but sorry, a diva has to look well, like a diva.

Can you guess where me and all this stuff is going to?

You’ll find out soon enough.

For right now though, take a peek at what’s in my suitcase/backpack.

Two of these things are going. Don’t know which two yet. I’m STILL trying to figure that out.
Barclay G and Julian E are ready to go.
You need sunglasses, especially if they were from Dollar Tree
My outfit for going away and coming back home
4 hats don’t judge me peeps
Even when I’m wearing night shirts, gotta represent my teams, just saying

3 bathing suits, 3 cover ups

3 dresses
Sneakers, flip flops, sandals and two pairs of high heels
This isn’t a dress. For my fellow fashionistas, it’s a tunic that can be worn with pants, some shorts or by itself.

4 tops

5 pairs of shorts
Finally, 2 black bags because black goes with everything

As usual, all these clothes aren’t going with me but they just might.

Where is the Sports Diva going for the holiday?

Let me just say it’s gonna be hot.