We are actually in the second day of August but we still need some inspiration for travel, right?

Have you gone anywhere this summer?

It’s almost over and the cooler weather is going to be coming in soon.

That’s not an excuse to not travel, just once again, remember the masks and hand sanitizer because Corona is still with us and she’s brought her big sister, Delta variant with her.

Be safe and as usual, let these quotes inspire you.


When I booked my return flight, the fares were really expensive.

I couldn’t find an inexpensive flight going into LaGuardia Airport, and as for Newark Liberty, nope I didn’t want to fly there no matter how cheap it was or if it was non stop.

That left my home airport, JFK.

The cheapest flight was leaving at 7:30am, which meant that I had to be at Las Vegas McCarran by 4:30am.

It was Las Vegas to JFK but with a three hour layover at an airport that I had never been to before, Austin Bergstrom Airport in Austin, Texas.

It sounded awful a three hour layover, but the time went fast as I was able to do some editing on my blog and check out my emails, let alone eat.

I hadn’t taken American Airlines since February 2020 and nothing had really changed except that I didn’t get a middle seat on either flight.

I will say though, I wish American would make their WiFi easier to use.

Thank God for downloaded music.

My flight was supposed to get back to JFK at 8:45pm but as is always the case, the pilot must have been in a hurry to get home. Our time of arrival, half an hour earlier at 8:15pm.

You think I’d be happy about this but no, the Sports Diva wants to get her vacation destination early not her return trip to the craziness that is New York City.

This was my first airplane trip since the virus from hell and I’m so ready for my next 30 Plus Teams Tour no matter where it is.


It’s located at Austin Bergstrom Airport in Austin, Texas and since I had three hours to kill before my American Airlines flight left for JFK, I decided to check this place out.

While waiting, I saw a lot of people eating pizza.

Now being from New York City, sorry, I grew up eating pizza almost each and every day and I am NOT ashamed to say that I am a pizza snob.

Although Chicago Deep Dish pizza is a very close second to New York style pizza in my book.

Anyway, the next place that I saw that seemed to be popular was a place called TACODELI.

They have been in business since 1999 and have branches in Dallas, Plano, Houston and Austin, Texas.

I figured this place had to be good because it was crowded and I’m a sucker for Tex- Mex food and nothing says good Tex-Mex food than being in the capital of Texas.

Like a lot of places, you place your order electronically and then pick it up at the counter.

TACODELI not only has tacos, salads, but also Enchiladas, which I was going to get but the Carne Asada Salad loaded with avocado, sour cream, Pico de Gallo, not to mention lettuce and cheese, was calling out my name, and with a Mexican Coke, which is made with Cane Sugar just hit the spot.

Most food at the airport are expensive.

This wasn’t, less than $20 and it was a lot of food as you can see from my picture.

I don’t know when I will be going back to Austin again, let alone Texas, but you’d better believe that the Sports Diva will be doing some research to find out what gate or terminal TACODELI is located whenever I’m in Dallas, Austin or Houston.


No matter what time of the year you come to Vegas, things change.

What you saw the last time you were in town is no longer there.

It’s been replace by something else and something more spectacular that you can’t even believe, and it’s right in front of you.

That’s Vegas.

Take your time looking at these pictures from Bellagio, Planet Hollywood, New York New York , Paris and The Strat among others.


One of the reasons I went to do a 30 Plus Teams Tour in Las Vegas was because the local NHL team, the Vegas Golden Knights was playing in the semifinals against the Montreal Canadiens.

Now they didn’t win the game but it gave me a chance to get together with some of my fellow hockey people from Las Vegas, who I hadn’t seen since March 2020 when we were all together for yes, another hockey game in Las Vegas.

Hey, the Sports Diva doesn’t play around when it comes to her sports watching and getting together with other sports loving peeps.

Now even though my “seat” was standing room and it was the hockey semifinals, it cost $75, which seems like a lot, but trust me, in New York City, at Madison Square Garden, we’d LOVE to pay only $75 for standing room, let alone a seat.

It was hard to say goodbye to my fellow Sports Divas, but thank God for social media, where we can keep the memories going of acting the fool in Las Vegas, and that’s a good thing.


Covid what Covid? Vegas is back and while it’s optional to wear masks in some places, others say if you’ve been fully vaccinated, you don’t need to wear one.

If you haven’t been fully vaccinated, you need that mask.

Now how do they know who’s been vaccinated and who hasn’t, that’s another story.

With mask in hand, my cousin and I decided to cross something off my bucket list.

Riding on that big wheel that’s known as the High Roller.

Now let’s not get it twisted.

The High Roller is NOT a ferris wheel.

It’s an OBSERVATION WHEEL, and it’s the tallest in the United States, if not the world coming in at 650 feet tall.

The difference between a ferris wheel and the High Roller is that a ferris wheel stops to let passengers get on.

The High Roller doesn’t.

It goes slow enough to let people on WHILE it’s moving.

Scary right?

Now if you have a thing about heights like I do, you’re going to be really surprised as your pod, (and that’s what the individual cars are called,pods.)slowly rises to the top.

How do you know when you’re at the top?

This is Vegas people. There’s a narrator counting down like it’s New Year’s Eve and says ,”Congratulations we’re at the top!”

Now it seems that it didn’t take long to get to the top because the ride is so smooth.

I paid $33 for a ride in the daytime.

I understand that it’s more spectacular at night, but seeing the Bellagio Fountains , Caesars Palace and other places, I was pretty impressed with the High Roller in the daytime too.

Would I go on it again?

Oh you betcha!


A lot of buffets in Las Vegas still haven’t opened and many of the restaurants are expensive and stop serving breakfast at 11am.

Now a lot of us don’t come to Vegas to eat at McDonald’s for breakfast, but we will go into Denny’s, no lie.

For the five days that I was there, I ate at a place that was recommended by YouTubers who go to Vegas a lot and Las Vegas Facebook groups.

It’s called La Salsa Cantina and it’s located in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.

Like most places in Las Vegas lately, you have to wait in line to get a table.

The wait seems to take forever but once you get in, believe me the food is worth the wait.

The breakfast special, which includes 2 eggs anyway you want them, a choice of ham, bacon and sausage with potatoes, and either Texas Toast, flour or corn tortilla, is under $5.

They even have 99 cents Bloody Marys and for $4.95 you can get what they call breakfast cocktails, Mimosas, Baileys and Coffee or Bellinis to name a few.

The first two times I went, I had Bloody Marys. Strong but not too strong.

My last day there, Mimosas.

As much as I love the Vegas buffets, I think I’ve found a new breakfast spot in town, La Salsa Cantina


The last time I stayed in this hotel which is between the Luxor and New York New York Casino was in March 2020 right before you know who came.

I decided to stay here again for my 2021 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas.

Now I didn’t get that great rate that I got at Bally’s, but since Excalibur is part of the MGM Properties, as a member of the MLife Players Club, I was able to get a good rate for my stay, which was Wednesday June 23 until Friday morning, June 25.

(Yeah, the Sports Diva plays the slots a lot in Vegas and Atlantic City, which also has MGM and Caesars Properties, don’t judge me!)

I had requested a room in the older, Resort Room section of the hotel.

When I arrived, I did what a lot of people do when they come to Vegas.

I asked if there were any complimentary upgrades on rooms.

All they could say was no, right?

The front desk clerk said she would check and five minutes later, I was moved to one of the newer rooms in the Royal Tower, all the way on the 24th floor, with double beds.

I had a nice view of not only Mandalay Bay and Luxor Hotel Casinos, but Las Vegas McCarran Airport, where I could watch the planes take off and land, and a partial view of Allegiant Stadium, home of the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders.

Being the Sports Diva, you know I was happy to see something sports related.

This was a 30 Plus Teams Tour anyway, right?

The bed was nice and comfy.

My only complaint was unlike my stay at Bally’s a few nights before, there was no refrigerator in the room.

You just know another 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas is going to come, God willing.

If I can get a good or even a great rate, I’ll be making another visit to Excalibur.


In two days or so, we’re going to be in month number 6, July.

Slow it down 2021, you’re moving WAY TOO FAST!

Have you traveled yet now that things are somewhat back to what we all thought was “normal”?

You’re still waiting to do your own 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere?

Can’t say that I blame you because well, Corona is still out there and some people still can’t travel.

But for those who can travel, get out there and do so.

Just don’t forget the travel Wipes, hand sanitizers and most importantly, your masks.

Let these quotes as usual, inspire you to travel.


Usually when I come to Las Vegas for a 30 Plus Teams Tour, I stay downtown at either Four Queens or the Las Vegas Hostel for a few days then I go to another hotel, more often than not, Excalibur.

This trip was different.

I stayed on the Las Vegas Strip, right in the center of things at Bally’s Hotel and Casino, which is connected to the Paris Hotel and not far from the Flamingo, Linq, Planet Hollywood, Bellagio and Caesars Palace.

To say that it was located in the center of everything would be an understatement.

It is.

This was my first time staying at Bally’s and as a member of Ceasar’s Rewards, I got a not good, but great room deal for the three days that I stayed there.

(You can’t beat $10 a night really. That’s how much I paid and had a double room, not a king sized bed like I had requested.)

My cousin and I were in the middle of everything and we pretty much walked every where, including to T Mobile Arena to see a Vegas Golden Knights Stanley Cup playoff game(which they lost but more about that in another post.)

Even though Vegas is somewhat open, some places require you to wear a mask.

However, while at the pool, one wasn’t required.

The pool at Bally’s was nice and not too crowded, which was great because the temperature was 105 degrees and the water felt oh so nice.

Because I got in so late, I didn’t have to wait to check into my room, which was on the 8th floor.

I had a very nice view, or at least I thought I did.

Good rate, bad rate, or great rate, I think Bally’s is going to be added to the list of hotels that I’m going to stay at when I come to Las Vegas