Some of you might know about my favorite sports teams, favorite foods, cities, etc.

I even did a blog post about my “Team Awesome “, which are my favorite bloggers that I follow a lot.

(There’s going to be a new Team Awesome blog post coming up very soon, so please look for it.)

Whenever those “travel blues” that I talk about all the time hit me, I always mention how YouTube videos are always my best friends.

There are so many channels to go to, but these are the ones that I go to no matter where I am or if I’m suffering from the “blues” or what.

Some of these channels you might have heard of or even follow yourself.

Some of them you might never have heard of , so when you get the chance , please check them out.

Now I’m not going to lie, because after all, I AM the Sports Diva , so don’t be surprised if some of these channels are sports related.

So here goes with some of my favorites

1. The Young Turks- because everyone needs a least one political channel to listen to and I like their commentary.

2. We Know Vegas- The Vegas Travel Channel – The hosts of this channel are from Nashville , Tennessee , but they’ve been to Las Vegas so often that they can tell you things that you should know about Sin City no matter if it’s your first or 1001 time going there .

3. Niana & Ranz- These guys make me laugh with their antics all set to music. If I want to know the latest songs to jam to, Niana and Ranz are the YouTubers that I go to.

4. Must Do Travel- Definately a go to channel. Even though my blog covers mostly the United States and Canada , I want to learn about other places that I might want to visit one day, God willing .

5. David Sriracha – He’s a food blogger who tries all kinds of cuisines no matter where he and his family go. Sriracha isn’t his real last name, its because wherever he goes, he’s got a small bottle of sriracha hot sauce with him. I ain’t mad atcha , David .

6. Sonal Maherali- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this lady’s channel. She’s a luxury traveler and fashion vlogger from Kenya who travels all over mostly with her husband Ali in tow. I love her outfits, especially her shoes and bags.

7. Leopard Couture- She’s a travel and fashion blogger ftom Vancouver, Canada who also travels mostly in the United States and Canada .

8. Logan- The Girl With The Hat- Logan is a 10 year old girl from Las Vegas who’s channel is mostly about her love for her team, the Vegas Golden Knights . I love her channel because the passion that she displays for her team reminds me of that 14 year old girl growing up in New York City who also just discovered the game of hockey.

9. Hands Down Hockey

10. Post2Post

11. Top Shelf Hockey

These three are produced by gentlemen from Canada and they talk about what else, hockey.

12. MikeyBigBob- These two gentlemen have a talk show in Pittsburgh and one of the things they do is read Facebook comments from people in or outside of Pittsburgh about EVERYTHING from sports, politics, food, etc. There’s been many times while watching their station that what ever it was that I was drinking is now all over me because I was laughing so hard.

13. Team Clare Blogs- This is another YouTuber that I love watching as much as I love watching Sonal Maherali’s channel. Team Clare are the Clare family from Glasgow , Scotland , father John, mother Kym and son Matthew and their many travels and shopping trips. Can’t dislike a family that spends more time in Target and Walgreens than I do!

Those are my favorite YouTube channels.

What are yours?

Let me know and maybe I’ll just check them out.

Who knows.

They might end up helping me when those “travel blues” strike.


I’ve been on this blogger journey for three years now.

Two on Tumblr , one with WordPress .

Nothing against Tumblr, but I like the professional look and support that I get from WordPress so much better.

I know that all of the blogging “experts” tell you to not count all the likes that you have or how many followers that you have.

While I don’t worry about how many followers that I have , I do count my likes.

I’m sorry but I get very excited when I see that someone new likes my blog and their niche is no where the topic that mine is.

If they decide to follow my blog, that’s wonderful, but if not, okay.

I have a lot of email addresses from fellow bloggers and I feel bad because I don’t always respond right away or if all to people who have said that they like reading my little story about what to do in a city after you’ve gone to that sporting event.

I always want to thank each and everyone of you individually for liking my posts .

A lot of times it’s wicked hard to do that, so I hope that you can forgive me if I don’t thank you for liking my posts right away.

Instead,I’m writing this “thank you love letter” to all of you who follow 30 Plus Teams , 30 Plus Dreams .

I don’t think you know or realize how much your support means to me, especially those of you who have been at this blogging thing for awhile .

Thank y’all for liking and following my little story, even if I don’t send you an email telling you how much it means to me.

There will be more stories, travel quotes, pictures, videos and other things coming up now that the seasons are changing, and the weather is getting cooler.

There will be more traveling, God willing , to some familiar cities and not so familiar cities because hockey , football and basketball seasons are coming up, and you just know that the Sports Diva has to be wherever a game is going on.

Yes, you’re coming with me through this blog.

God bless all of you, even if you’ve been with me from the beginning or recently just joined the party .

Thank you and keep on supporting me.

Love y’all , Sports Diva


I often take this train that goes from 205th Street in the Bronx, through Manhattan , and finally all the way to Brooklyn in Coney Island.

It is one of the most widely used trains on the New York City subway system.

Today, I’m taking this train from the Rockefeller Center Station at 47-50 Streets all the way up to the Bronx.

My stop is going to be 161st Street and River Avenue , now known as Rivera Avenue after former New York Yankees star, Mariano Rivera , to Yankee Stadium .

There is another Yankees game going on, so the station and train is more crowded than it usually is .

This train is an express train, which means that it skips many stops, mostly in Manhattan .

After it gets to 59th Street at the Columbus Circle station, it goes express and doesn’t stop until the train reaches 125th Street in Harlem.

The train might be crowded and the seats are uncomfortable , but you will be using this train a lot if you come to New York City .


Monument Park is a park located in the New York City boro of The Bronx .

You won’t find this park located on the list of New York City parks, though.

However, it’s just as popular as Central Park, maybe even more popular .

Many people don’t know about this park, but many people do, and most of them aren’t from New York City .

It’s free to enter this park but there’s a catch.

To get to Monument Park, you have to have a ticket.

Not just any kind of ticket , a ticket to a baseball game .

Monument Park is located inside of Yankee Stadium, the home of one of the most famous baseball teams in North America, the New York Yankees .

It’s located right in the middle of center field.

If your 30 Plus Teams Tour of New York City just happens to include a Yankees baseball game, I would advise you to get to Yankee Stadium early to not only watch the Yankees and their opponents take batting practice but to walk around Monument Park, which is designed in a circle,and look at all the plaques honoring former Yankee players .

If you happen to be a huge baseball fan, you’ll enjoy seeing the plaques and retired numbers of former Yankees greats like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig , and Joe DiMaggio, who most people know as being Marilyn Monroe’s ex husband.

Younger baseball fans will enjoy seeing the plaques and retired numbers of the Yankees players who are known as “The Core Five”, Andy Petitte, Jorge Posada, Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera , and Derek Jeter.

Right in the middle of Monument Park, there is a huge plaque of the man that Yankee fans affectionately know as “The Boss”.

(Non Yankees fans know him by some other not too nice name, by the way.)

He is the late owner of the team, George Steinbrenner.

You don’t have to be a baseball fan to enjoy Monument Park .

There are plaques commemorating the visits of Pope John Paul the Sixth and Nelson Mandela .

Like many major league baseball parks in the country , you’ll see a plaque with tge number 42 on it, which was the number worn by Jackie Robinson, who was the first player to intergrate major league baseball.

There is another plaque in Monument Park that stands apart from the other plaques.

Many people want to see this one just to pause and reflect.

They aren’t all baseball fans either.

It’s the plaque for 9-11 .


No, I haven’t lost my mind.

The title of this blog post is correct.

I’m actually taking three subway trains.

I know what y’all must be thinking.

How can you take two trains in one day, let alone three?

New Yorkers have been doing this since the subways have been in existence .

This is basically part of our DNA.

It’s a little foreign to tourists and to those who don’t take the subways that often, if at all.

But to those of us who take the trains more times than we care to imagine, taking more than one train is as common as changing your underwear.

Officially, it’s known as transferring from one subway train to another.

Yeah, it’s basically changing trains as it were.

This is how I did it a few days ago.

I had to get to the Bowling Green train station .

I was no where near the station.

I took the number 6 train, which begins in The Bronx, goes through Manhattan and ends at the Brooklyn Bridge stop.

The number 6 train is a local train, which means it makes all stops from The Bronx all the way down to the Brooklyn Bridge Station.

However , it didn’t stop where I needed to get to.

What did I do?

I changed trains and took the number 5 train, which also begins in the Bronx, goes through Manhattan , and ends in Brooklyn.

The number 5 train stops at Bowling Green, where I met some friends, who live on Staten Island .

Being friends of the Sports Diva , I don’t need to tell you where we going, but I am anyway .

We were doing our own 30 Plus Teams Tour of New York City, which meant going to a Yankees baseball game .

(The game got cancelled but that’s a story for another day.)

Coming back from the Bowling Green station, my friends and I had to get to Yankee Stadium .

The number 5 would get us to The Bronx, but not the part of the borough that we needed to get to.

Say hello to the third train that I had to take, the number 4.

Like the number 5 train, the number 4 train is an express train that also goes through Brooklyn, Manhattan and The Bronx.

Together, these three trains carry the most passengers on the New York City subway system.

If you happen to be on Lexington Avenue in New York City , you’ll be taking one of these trains, no matter where on the avenue you are.

By the end of your own 30 Plus Teams Tour of New York City , you’ll be taking the subways a lot .

Maybe you’ll get to be an expert on this transferring thing just like a native New Yorker .