It’s 2022, a new year and a few days after my birthday, which was January 29th.

Unlike some folks, the Sports Diva has NO problem telling you my age.

I just turned 69 years young by the grace of God.

Anyhoo, to begin this new year, the Sports Diva is going somewhere and you KNOW what that means.

It’s another post of the ever popular, What’s In My Suitcase?

God willing going away for 5 days to some place just a little warmer than New York City is, where my neighbors and I are digging out from under 12 inches of snow.

It’s time to go some where fairly warm and the Sports Diva is headed there.

Can you guess?

There’s gonna be lots of partying, eating , sports related activities just made for the Sports Diva, lots of walking and people acting crazy, but in this case, that’s okay.

While you’re guessing, besides toiletries and other stuff, here’s what I might be taking or not taking in my suitcase.

My blue suitcase from my sister in law that I rarely take because it has a top handle, not a side one.
Blue backpack from Walmart. I’m not usually a backpack person, but this will work.
My long grey coat because it’s still cold out.
Because the four, that’s right, four wigs need their own suitcase too, here it is.
Two hats. I couldn’t decide which color I liked so I brought two of them.
My Vegas Golden Knights throw for the ride, and Alex and Gleyber are going also.
Night shirt and slippers
These two are together. It’s actually a black top and my gold pants.
Three bags and yes, I’m bringing all three of them
A little grey jacket
Shirts, sweaters and a hoodie
Couldn’t decide what color I liked, so I brought two
Hockey shirts and a vest
Gotta have packing cubes for all this stuff
Because a woman never has enough dresses
We never have enough shoes either

As I said, I’m doing a 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere for five days of all sorts of shenanigans and yes, my old friends, hand sanitizer, proof of vaccination and masks are coming with me.

You’ll see where we’re going in an up coming post, but feel free to guess.