Here’s the answer to the question, where is the Sports Diva’s next 30 Plus Teams Tour?

What city is she going to ?

The answer is a place that was my home for 13 years and a place that I always escape to whenever I want to leave the stupidity that is New York City .

It’s the home of three of my favorite sports teams , the Bruins , Celtics and Patriots .

It’s also known as ” Beantown ” or just, ‘The Bean’.

It’s Boston , Massachusetts and God willing , I will be there for 3 or 4 days .

Since this is a 30 Plus Teams Tour , there will be a least one sporting event or more that I will be attending .

It’s the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox at one of the oldest baseball parks in the country , Fenway Park and as usual , I’m bringing my readers with me .

Enjoy this 30 Plus Teams Tour of my home , Boston .


Being the  team sports  apparel  fashionista that I  am ,  when I  did my own  30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  New  York  City ,  I just  HAD to make  a  stop at  two of my favorite  stores.

The NHL  Store  and the NBA  Store ,  which really  aren’t  that  far from each other.

Is there such a term as “team  sports  apparel  fashionista”?

If not, there’s  a  new term  that I  made up all by myself . 

There wasn’t  anything  that I wanted to  buy just yet at the  NHL  Store ,  but the NBA  Store  was another  story . 

The store  is located  on 45th Street  and Fifth Avenue . 

It has three floors  and moved from their old location  on 47th Street  and Fifth  Avenue . 

As I walked down Fifth  Avenue  and got closer to  the  flagship  store of all things National  Basketball  Association ,  I wasn’t  the only one  who  was taking pictures  of the  store and walking in to take a look at all the NBA swag.

It wasn’t  even 11am ,  and all ready this place was packed with people . 

There was no sale going on, just lots of basketball  fans buying  all sorts of  team apparel . 

Many of  them were tourists.

In case you weren’t  aware, the NBA is HUGE in places like China, France, Germany ,  Spain, Argentina, Croatia ,  Serbia , Latvia ,  and Lithuania ,  among other  places.

I was amazed by all the languages I heard spoken by people just going crazy buying basketball  stuff.

When you walk into the store, not only are you greeted  by  official  store greeters saying, “Welcome  to  the  NBA  Store  “, but a HUGE bobblehead of Golden  State Warriors  player, Stephan Curry . 

The store seems  to  have  everything  and then some  that you ever wanted to  buy when it comes to  your team or favorite  player . 

I wasn’t  the only person  loading  up on NBA  goodies.

(Basketball  season  begins  this Tuesday  night and just because  I don’t  have  enough Boston  Celtics  stuff in my closet ,  I just have to  have more.)

This store is flashy, just like the league  it represents  and the city that it’s  located  in . 

The store has basketball  stuff for every age and  gender ,  even if your  basketball  fan is still in diapers.

There’s  even  an area of  the  store where you  can  practice  your basketball  skills . 

What about  things for the basketball  historian  in you?

The NBA  Store has you covered too.

On the first floor ,  there’s  pictures  from every  era of the  NBA ,  beginning  with  the  1960’s.

It’s  fun to  see all the pictures  of players back in the day and the present  that you remember . 

I think the NBA  Store  is going to  be  a  place  that I’m  going to  be  shopping  at  a lot more  often.

Judging  by  all the  people  coming out of  the store, black shopping  bags with the red, white, and blue NBA  logo splashed all over it, I’m  not  the  only  one . 


FB_IMG_1501931178261FB_IMG_1501931117115FB_IMG_1501931158881FB_IMG_1501931112994FB_IMG_1501931385310FB_IMG_1501931855261Tonight  is  the  night  all  five  of  you  have  been  waiting  for  since  you  all  began  planning  your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Boston .

The  five  of  you  are  going  to  a  Boston  Celtics  basketball  game .

Even  though  you  all  are  from  and  still  live  in  the  San  Diego  area ,  you  all  became  fans  of  the  team .

Nothing  has  changed .

You  all  are  still  Celtics  fans ,  even  though  your  friends  and  family  just  don’t  get  it .

The  players  names  may  have  changed ,  but  that  smiling  face  of  ”  Lucky  ”  the  leprechaun  on  the  logo  of  the  team  hasn’t .

When  you  all  were  in  college ,  the  team  played  at  the  old  Boston  Garden .

Now  they  play  across  the  street  at  the  TD  Gardens .

It’s  directly  across  the  street  from  where  the  old  Boston  Garden  was .

You  can  still  get  to  the  arena  no  matter  what  train  in  the  city  you  take .

North  Station ,  where  the  arena  is  located ,  is  a  major  transportation  hub  in  the  city .

The  TD  Gardens  basically  is  on  top  of  it .

The  Orange  and  Green  train  Lines  go  there  and  so  does  the  commuter  rail ,  known  as  ”  The  Purple  Line .  ” .

As  you  all  walk  into  the  arena  and  find  your  seats ,  you  can’t  believe  how  close  to  the  action  the  five  of  you  are .

This  is  what  you  all  hoped  for  all  those  years  ago .

Just  to  be  close  to  that  famous  parquet  floor  with  the  smiling  leprechaun  on  it .

Even  though  the  team  moved  from  the  old  arena  to  the  new  one ,  you  for  one  are  happy  that  someone  had  the  good  sense  to  bring  the  smiling  leprechaun  logo  along  also .

The  five  of  you  are  getting  more  and  more  excited  and  just  can’t  wait  for  the  game  to  begin .

The  lights  dim  and  you  all  feel  right  at  home  as  the  players  come  out .

The  crowd  around  you  are  going  wild  and  the  game  hasn’t  even  started  yet .

This  is  what  you  all  remember  about  going  to  see  a  Celtics  game .

No  matter  how  bad  or  good  the  team  was ,  there  was  always  fans  support .

”  Lucky  ” ,  the  team  mascot  is  getting  the  crowd  worked  up  with  his  backflips .

The  team  mascot  for  the  Celtics  is  a  real  person ,  not  somebody  dressed  up  as  a  chicken ,  duck ,  bear  or  whatever .

He  even  performs  with  the  Celtics  dancers  and  the  Celtics  ”  dunk  team  ” ,  who  perform  during  halftime ,  exciting  the  crowd  with  their  own  somersaults  and  backflips  all  the  while  trying  to  put  a  basketball  through  the  hoop .

These  aren’t  the  Celtics  games  that  you  all  remember .

The  atmosphere  then  is  nothing  like  now .

It  seems  wilder  now .

However ,  that  might  have  been  the  fact  that  the  five  of  you  were  all  sitting  closer  to  the  action  and  things  ALWAYS  look  different .

One  of  the  girls  notices  some  Red  Sox  baseball  players  and  New  England  Patriots  football  players  sitting  in  the  same  area  as you  are .

They’re  doing  the  same  thing  the  five  of  you  are  doing ,  cheering  on  every  blocked  shot  and  thundering  slam  dunk ,  not  by  Lucky  and  his  crew ,  but  by  the  guys  who  get  paid  to  actually  make  slam  dunks  and  block  shots .

Now  THIS  is  the  Garden  all  five  of  you  remembered .

You  all  extended  your  time  in  Boston  and  you  all  decided  that  you’re  going  to  go  to  not  one ,  but  two  more  Celtics  basketball  games  while  you’re  in  town .