That is the real name of the green and white bus that leaves from either 26th Street and Madison Avenue or Gate 23 or 25 from Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City like I did the day before Thanksgiving .

The bus going down to Washington DC was clean, or at least the one I was on was.

The fare was high, $40 one way, but thats because I waited until the last minute to buy my ticket .

(How last minute? Say about the day of at 10:30am and my bus left at 3pm)

It was my first time taking this bus and they even give you a free bottle of water with a label that has the company name on it.

You can’t beat that.

I will ride this bus again , but I’m going to get my ticket a lot earlier next time.


It’s the day before Thanksgiving Day here in the United States or better known as the day we stuff ourselves with food and football games, whether they be professional or high school .

The Sports Diva is meeting up with family members who I haven’t seen since they were little and I had moved back to Boston .

They happen to live in Washington DC .

I know what you’re saying to yourselves , “weren’t you just there?’

Yes, but when has that ever stopped the Sports Diva from doing a 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere ?

I am going to be here from Wednesday night until Monday afternoon, and of course, y’all are coming with me for all the shenanigans that are Thanksgiving Day in the United States , as well as seeing monuments , memorials , museums and more embassies .

If you celebrate , have a happy and safe Thanksgiving Day.


Here we go again, another Autumn season 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere for the Sports Diva .

You know what that means.

Another edition of the ever popular what’s in my suitcase .

This time I’m staying, God willing ,for 5 days as it’s the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States .

There may be some sports stuff going on but who knows .

I can say though, that I will be with family members and doing lots of walking and looking around .

Can you guess?

In the meantime , this is what’s in my suitcase.

Serena and Julian will be making an appearance

Boots and sneakers on top of one of my bags that’s on top of my suitcase. It’s gonna be cold and lots of walking .

My suitcase, gloves and bag from Payless

Two other bags and my hat on top of my suitcase.

My going away outfit. Grey pants from Rainbow Shops , blue sweater from a thrift shop , and grey shirt from Uniglo.

My coming home outfit. Sweatshirt from New England Patriots store and sweatpants from my cousin .

Skirt from Telco Store and sweater from a thrift shop

Jacket from a thrift shop and dress from Forever 21.

It’s gonna be cold when I leave New York , so I’m gonna need this coat that my auntie gave me for my birthday last year.

That’s what’s in my suitcase, or at least some of the things.

My packing cubes , which I rave about, are in the suitcase all ready .

Some of these things, I might not wear or carry .

Yes, I maybe carrying two bags because that’s what some of us women do.

Have you guessed where I’m going?

You’ll have to wait for my next post to see if you’re right.

Happy guessing .


Whenever I go on one of my 30 Plus Teams Tour by bus, it’s usually either Megabus or Greyhound from New York City .

Coming back from this 30 Plus Teams Tour of Washington DC , I took a bus from a company that I had never heard of before, but according to a few of the passengers traveling on the bus also, Flixbus is a well known bus company in Europe .

The fare that I paid for returning back to New York City was, with the tax $6.99.

That’s right, I didn’t stutter , I said $6.99 with the tax and I had a whole seat to myself .

The bus, which is bright green, is really a motorcoach.

The seats are very comfortable, complete with seatbelts and a cup holder .

There’s no electrical outlets for you to charge your phone or other electrical doodads, or at least I didn’t see any.

So bring that portable charger with you and make sure that it’s charged up.

There is wifi on the bus though, and compared to the wifi on Greyhound , this is top notch .

Unlike the other bus companies that go to and from Washington DC , the Flixbus doesn’t go to Union Station .

You pick it up across the street from the Renaissance Washington on 9th Street NW, near New York Avenue.

Even when you arrive in New York , the Flixbus doesn’t go to Port Authority like Greyhound does or 27th Street and 7th Avenue the way Megabus does.

The bus drops you off at 31st and 8th Avenue at Penn Station , very convenient if you have that subway, New Jersey Transit train, or Long Island Railroad train to catch.

God willing , if available , I will be taking this bus again .

It was fast, clean, even the bathroom didn’t have that bathroom nasty smell that you find on other buses.

If you happen to be visiting the United States and Flixbus goes to the city that you want visit, if the price is right, by all means , take it.

You won’t be disappointed .

Or at least , I wasn’t .


Now you might think that I spent all or most of this 30 Plus Teams Tour of Washington DC either looking at embassies , eating or sleeping .

No, the Sports Diva isn’t checking out colleges for neices , nephews or children of neighbors either.

I couldn’t check into my hostel until 3pm and it was now 9am.

Plus , I was having lunch with a friend that I hadn’t seen in 10 years .

So what’s a Sports Diva supposed to do to kill all that time?

On all of my trips to DC , I wanted to go see the big campus of the University of Maryland in College Park , Maryland, home of the Terrapins .

( A Terrapin is basically a big turtle and I was looking for the statue of the big Maryland Terrapin. No such luck . )

Since the University of Maryland, like the U Street Hostel , is on the green line of the Washington Metro, it was easy to get there .

Sort of .

Once you get there, you aren’t on campus , oh no .

You have to get a free shuttle bus that takes you to one of the main buildings .

There’s construction going on so the bus can’t drop you off at the metro station .

Bring those walking shoes because this is a big campus with most of the buildings set on a hill.

One of the most inspiring buildings on campus is the Hornbake Library with the statue of Maryland native son, Frederick Douglass in front of it.

In the library plaza right in front of the statue , are inspirational quotes from Douglass .

Some of the quotes are words that hold true today in the political climate that we’re in here in the United States .