In an earlier post, I showed you part of my day at the Queens Zoo.

The second part is more pictures from the Zoo.

They have an area dedicated to birds, birds and more birds.

As this used to be the site of the 1964 World’s Fair, the pbird Aviary is located in what used to be the Winston Churchill Pavillion.

As you walk in you’ll notice signs that tell you to look up, look down, look in the water for the birds.

Yes they are all around you as I discovered.

My favorite part of the zoo was the petting zoo.

This area held the domesticated animals in the Americas.

I was surprised to see two big Texas Longhorn cattle just minding their own businesses as tourists were snapping pictures.

Let the pictures give you an idea of what’s to see in one of New York’s lesser known zoos.


Even the Sports Diva needs some motivation to travel or at least think about traveling .

When I post those great travel quotes that y’all seem to love to read so much and I tell you to get inspired to travel, guess what?

I haven’t been lately .

As I look out my window today, I see something that I’ve been seeing way too much of here in the New York City area.

It’s snow.

We’re having N’oreaster number 4 here on the East Coast .

We had N’oreaster number 3 a week before and N’oreasters number 1 and 2 two weeks before that.

In case you don’t know, this is what this pain of Mother Nature is.

A N’oreaster is rain, then snow, then sleet, followed by heavy winds- all at the same time.

We happen to be at N’oreaster number 4 now.

Once this is done, there’s going to be either 11-15 inches of snow on the ground .

Schools in New York City are closed, that’s how you know this is serious .

N’oreasters number 1,2, and 3 gave New York City 8, 9 and 3 inches of snow.

Is there any wonder why I’m not really motivated?

I am doing something about my “funk” though.

No, I’m not going to visit a zoo, museum or taking a Greyhound bus anywhere.

I’m not even going to a hockey or basketball game.

In my mind, I’m doing the next best thing .

I’m reading all the travel brochures that I can find in my house, which is a lot.

I’m even wearing a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey shirt to remind me of a warm spot, Tampa, Florida.

I’m searching on Pinterest for pictures of luggage, airports, airplanes, flight attendants, and folks going somewhere exotic or not so exotic.

I’m looking at all those fashion catalogues that come to my mailbox every day it seems, and I’m looking at all those models in shorts, bathing suits and sandals.

I’m doing everything that I can to make me forget the nasty weather that’s making a mess of my roof, sidewalk and steps.

I’ve got my heater on because it’s below freezing outside and I’m sitting under my cozy comforter.

I’ve even gone as far as making my two favorite warm weather adult beverages, Amaretto Sour and Pina Colada.

Now this may not seem like motivation to travel for you but for me this is working.

For a few hours, I’m going to forget that I’m in snowy and nasty New York City.

I’m on my way to some place nice and warm .

Say like Las Vegas , Los Angeles , Miami, Tampa or Phoenix.

Needless to say, I’m having a blast.


Not too many people are aware that there’s two more zoos in New York City besides the Bronx Zoo and Central Park Zoo, which is the zoo that most people know.

There are.

One is the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn and the zoo that I visited, the Queens Zoo.

The Queens Zoo is located in the Flushing Meadows Corona Park , which is 111st in Flushing Queens.

It’s open everyday 10am until 4:30pm in winter or up until March 31.

In the warmer months or April until November it’s open 10 am until 5pm on weekdays and 5:30pm on weekends and holidays .

Don’t expect to see giraffes, lions or tigers in this zoo.

It focuses mainly on animals that inhabit North and South America .

You’ll even find a section in the zoo where you pet and feed the animals.

They even encourage you to.

There was so much going on in this zoo that I’m dividing my pictures from Queens Zoo into parts one and two.

Enjoy the pictures from part one.


I rarely use this train but as I’m on my way to the Queens Zoo , which is in another Queens neighborhood , I have to take the number 7 train.

The number 7 train goes from Hudson Yards and 34th Street in Manhattan all the way to Main Street in Flushing, which is the second Chinatown in New York City .

If you want to see the Highline in Manhattan , this is the train that you take.

Just get off at Hudson Yards and walk a block or so.

Of course when your 30 Plus Teams Tour of New York brings you to a New York Mets baseball game at Citi Field, you take this train as well.

By the way, if you take this train to Citi Field and you don’t know where to get off, sorry.

The train stop will tell you, Willets Point-Citi Field.

I’m on my way to Queens Zoo, a place that I never knew existed.

I’ll tell you more about my visit to Queens Zoo in another post.

Today, it’s all about the Number 7 subway line.

Many people, not so nicely, used to refer to this subway line as either “The International Express” or “The Orient Express”.

The number 7 goes through the Queens neighborhoods of Elmhurst , Woodside, Jackson Heights, Corona, and Flushing, where the populations are mostly Korean, Chinese , Filipino , Chinese, Latin American, and Indian.

Take this train to see just why the borough of Queens is one of the most diverse in the country.

The number 7 is one of the few subway lines in New York that is above ground.

It goes underground the closer it gets to Manhattan .

Enjoy the view as you see how the rest of New York City lives.

You know, the ones that the guidebooks rarely mention, if at all.

Like the rest of the New York City subway system, the nunber 7 train runs all night.

Use that Metro Card that you brought and enjoy riding on the number 7 train.


It’s one of the largest zoos in the United States and in New York City .

It’s not as well known to tourists visiting New York City as the Central Park Zoo is.

As usual, if you’re doing that 30 Plus Teams Tour of New York City , visit this zoo as well.

On the day that I went, a lot of the animals weren’t out as it was very cold for them.

A lot of the animals were out, some of them were indoors.

The pictures will give you some idea of some of the animals that you’ll see at the Bronx Zoo.


New York does have a lot of trains and especially train stations .

There’s also a lot buses on the streets as well.

It seems as though all five of the New York City boroughs have these blue and white buses going down their streets , no matter how wide and small some of them are.

If you happen to be in New York City , and no matter what borough you’re visiting, you just might see some brightly colored yellow and blue buses with the words “I Love New York ” on them.

These buses run all over the five boroughs and are known as “Select”buses.

These select buses made their first appearance in 2008 and they run in certain areas of the city.

Yes, all of them are painted in blue and yellow , even on the inside.

The seats are very comfortable .

Unlike the regular New York City buses , which are blue and white, you don’t pay on the Select buses.

There’s machines at the bus stops for these buses,and they don’t take cash or credit cards, which means you need to have a Metro Card all ready.

You can get a Metro Card at one of the subway stations or if you’re staying at a hostel, the front desk clerk may have them for purchase .

Once you put your Metro Card into the machines, you’re given a receipt , that shows that you paid.

Hold onto this because not only does it show that you paid , you’ll need it to show New York City transit police who will be boarding the bus at ANY stop, that you did actually pay to ride the bus.

You can get on the front door or the back door of the bus since you don’t make a payment when you get on the bus.

How do you know what Select bus to take?

Like the regular bus, the letter in front tells you what borough you’re in.

As I am in Queens, I took Select bus Q44.

I was going to the Bronx Zoo, which I will talk about in an upcoming blog post .

The Select Q44 bus starts in Queens and goes to The Bronx over the Whitestone Bridge , which separates Queens from The Bronx.

The final stop is the Bronx Zoo but along the way not only will you see the Queens Botanical Gardens, which I will also be talking about in a later post, but you’ll get to see the second largest Chinatown in New York City , which is in Flushing, Queens .

There’s also WiFi on the bus as well.

Is your tablet or phone running low on juice and you have no place to plug in your charger?

They also have a place where you can plug in that charger .

These buses are a pleasure to ride and I didn’t seem to mind that even though the ride was long, it was comfortable .

Although, with some of the construction going on and around the Whitestone Bridge , it was kind of bumpy.

So the next time you’re in New York City , take one of the Select buses .

Have fun, enjoy and just remember to hold onto that receipt .

It’s your proof of purchase .