The last time I did an Embassy tour of Washington DC was in December 2019.

Yes, that was the last time I was in the place affectionately called The District.

I was all set to do an embassy walkabout on the Thursday that I was in town, but even in DC,Mother Nature had other ideas.

Like rain, lots of it.

So yesterday, August 27th, I finally got to do Part 3 of the Sports Diva’s excellent embassy tour.

Exit Stage Left Embassy Row
Consulate of Colombia
Embassy of Botswana
Embassy of Malaysia bringing back great memories of working for Malaysia Airlines in Los Angeles
Before I took a picture of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq, I definitely asked if could take a picture of the building
Embassy of Argentina
Embassy of Hungary
Embassy of Montenegro
Embassy of Belarus


My idea was to go to see the Marine Corps Memorial, better known as the Iwo Jima Statue at Arlington National Cemetery.

As I said, the idea was to see the Iwo Jima Statue.

It didn’t happen that way.

Instead, getting off at the Rosslyn neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia, I came across a place that I wanted to visit on one of my many trips to the Washington DC area.

It’s the Theodore Roosevelt Island right in the middle of the Potomac River and named for the United States president that was one of the first presidents who was concerned about the environment.

To get to Theodore Roosevelt Island, take the Theodore Roosevelt Trail, walk over the bridge that overlooks the Potomac and Key Highway.

Be ready to do a lot of walking, no really a LOT of walking.

Not only is there a statue of one of the tallest president’s in the country, you will see 4 big walls surrounding the statue of the president with some of his quotes on it.

Theodore Roosevelt Island is not to be confused with Roosevelt Island here in New York City, (which was named for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Teddy’s cousin)

This is a very popular trail, so don’t be surprised if you aren’t the only one on the trail, walking, jogging and many cases, riding a bike.


While walking on the Arlington Bridge that separates the Commonwealth of Virginia from Washington DC, I looked across the Potomac River and saw the Kennedy Center.

This was one of the places to visit on my bucket list, but with all the times that I was in DC, I never got the chance to do so.

This time, I was so close, I could feel it.

Forget the fact that it was hot, humid, and going to rain any minute, I decided to cross this off my bucket list.

When you first enter the center, which isn’t just a Opera House, it’s basically all things John Kennedy

On the walls outside the building were quotes from the late president.

Also inside is the great hall with the flag of all 50 states

In another room, which was closed off, are the flags of all the nations that had diplomatic relations with the United States.

Even though a lot of the building is closed off, the Kennedy Center is a place you must visit if you’re in Washington DC


Normally when I travel to Boston, Philadelphia or DC, I take a bus from Port Authority, but this time I decided to do something completely different.

I’m going by Amtrak from the new Penn Station in New York at the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Hall .

More about this station in an upcoming post.

I rarely took Amtrak because their fares were outrageous to put it nicely, even in coach class.

This time, I kept checking prices and discovered with my senior citizen discount, the most it would be one way was $29-69.

I could afford that and only paid $29

I was going one way on Amtrak because coming back on Sunday, even with a discount, the fares are ridiculous.

I didn’t even have to print out my ticket.

Hello e-ticket, which was right on my phone along with any information about the ride, not to mention those miles I’m going to get from signing up for Amtrak rewards.

I hadn’t been on Amtrak in years especially down to DC, so the Sports Diva was like a kid in a candy shop looking out the window for stations that I recognized like 30th Street in Philly, Newark Penn Station, Baltimore Penn Station and stops that I had no idea where they were, like the Amtrak Metropark station, which I discovered from friends who live near there , that it’s in Iselin, NJ.

When we got to DC after a delay due to switching problems at the New Carrollton, Maryland station, I realized that unlike a bus ride, I wasn’t tired.

I was very relaxed and ready to take the Washington Metro train to meet up with my family.

My train is number 93, the Northeast Regional to Norfolk
Don’t judge me. The Sports Diva and Joe must be comfortable
Even on Amtrak, just wear the damn mask my peeps
Baltimore Penn Station
Safety card from Amtrak. At the top is a quote from President Joe Biden, “we’re all in this together”
The Metropark Station in Iselin, NJ
The beautiful waters off Wilmington, Delaware
I tried to check my bag, but for trains along the Northeast Corridor, no can do
If you’re going to Baltimore Thurgood Marshall Airport, this is your station
New Carrollton Station. DC Metro trains stop here, too.
My stop on the Amtrak, Washington Union Station. Now it’s time to take the DC Metro


I have a 3 hour ride on Amtrak, something that I haven’t done since the 1990’s when I lived in Boston.

We just went quickly by the Secacus New Jersey Transit stop.

When I asked you to guess where was I going to now, some of you said Boston or Philadelphia.


I’m spending time with some presidents and my nieces and their kids and grandkids down in Washington DC.

They’ll be lots going on, so stay tuned.


We going to try this again.

Sometimes things happen beyond your control as with the 30 Plus Teams Tour of Atlantic City that I was supposed to go on with my aunt and cousin/landlady two weeks ago.

While counting down to my next 30 Plus Teams Tour, I got sick with Allergic Rhinitis, which is a fancy schmanzy medical term for seasonal allergies.

So in my carryon bag along with hand sanitizer, face masks and Lemon scented wipes, are the two medicines that I have to take, so no wild drinking on this trip.

I’m ready this time for another 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere close by.

As usual, guesses appreciated.

I’m staying for 4 days and 5 nights this time in a place that I haven’t been in a few years, but there’s gonna be a lot of walking on those streets and a lot of history up in there, just saying.

As usual, I might not be taking everything but better to over pack than under pack.

Outfit going away
Outfit coming back
Joe and Serena are coming along too
My wigs need a suitcase too.
Two hats
Can’t go anywhere now without the packing cubes and pouches in my suitcase
Suitcase and my carryon
4 little bags because women need to change bags, just saying
It’s almost Labor Day, gotta wear these white pants asap
4 pairs of shoes including 2 pairs of sneakers cause there’s gonna be a lot of walking going on
I don’t care if it’s gonna be hot, gotta have my comfy Vegas Golden Knights throw
Shorts and two shirts. Might wear the football shirt since it’s almost football season
Gotta have some dressy pants and a shirt


As I mentioned in my last post, my 30 Plus Teams Tour took me to Jamaica Hospital in the Queens neighborhood of Richmond Hill.

To get to Jamaica Hospital, I had to do something that I hadn’t done since March 2020.

Take the infamous New York City subway.

Since the coronavirus happened I hadn’t taken the subway at all, and given all the negative things that had been going on since the coronavirus happened and people in New York City, who grew up taking the subway suddenly got stuck on stupid, I was apprehensive taking any train, let alone the two lines that are closest to me, the E and F trains.

Unfortunately, the only way I could get to the hospital was on the E train, so I had no choice but to take the train, mask in hand.

Luckily, I only had to go two stops from Jamaica Center.

Nothing had changed.

The subways are still dirty, still crowded and still slow.

There is one major change though.

Don’t forget to wear that mask.


I started doing a countdown for my next 30 Plus Teams Tour, but something got in the way.

On this past Saturday, I got sick.

Sniffles, watery eyes, and coughing.

I knew I was sick because when the Sports Diva can’t concentrate on a sporting event, yeah something is wrong with her.

Sunday it got worse.

The hoarseness and coughing turned into heavy sneezing and blowing my nose.

It was as though I had just brought some stock in the Klennex company with as many boxes of tissue that I went through.

I tried to eat but all I could manage was a scrambled egg, grapes and a cup of Honey Ginger and Cinnamon tea.

Today it got worse.

There was only one thing to do.

A 30 Plus Teams Tour of Jamaica Hospital in the Richmond Hill section of Queens.

I don’t need to tell you how family and friends were very concerned, given my age, my underlying health issues and Coronavirus’ cousin, Delta Variant, making an appearance with a vengeance here in the United States and many other places.

I headed out to the hospital not just worried about the diagnosis would be, but doing something that I haven’t done since March of 2020.

Taking a New York City subway.

With all the horror stories about the largest subway system in the United States, I was apprehensive about getting on “the Iron Horse”.

(More about that in an upcoming post.)

Three hours later in the emergency room, I got my answer.

I had something called, “Allergic Rhinitis”, which not going into all the yucky stuff that happens to you when you have it, is just a fancy schmanzy medical term for seasonal allergies.

The last time I was in the hospital for this was also in August.

August 2019, so you might say that whenever the Sports Diva goes on a 30 Plus Teams Tour in August, an uninvited guest is coming along also.


More than a year ago, August 11, 2020 to be exact, I took a bus ride about 10 minutes away from my house in Locust Manor to the Springfield Gardens/Rosedale border to Springfield Park.

We had just had a n’oreaster, which is a step below a hurricane, so a lot of trees were blown down all over the park, and there was yellow police tape all over the place.

Not because there was an accident or someone had gotten killed, no it was because of the trees falling.

Today, August 13, 2021, a Friday no less, was a real New York summer day.

Hot and humid as heck.

So what’s a Sports Diva suppose to do if she can’t get to the beach but wants to get out of the house?

She makes a return trip to Springfield Park.

I didn’t stay long, an hour was good enough to make a return visit to Springfield Park.