I usually do my 30 Plus Teams Tour of Sin City in June when the temperature is 106 degrees plus Fahrenheit.

For the past year and a half, I’ve been in town when the temperature has been ‘cold’ at 50 and 60 degrees.

I wondered if there would be anyone walking on the Las Vegas Strip when the sun was out but people were wearing hoodies, jackets, sweaters and coats.

Since I was staying at the beginning at the Las Vegas Strip at Excalibur Hotel and Casino, I decided to do number 11 on my bucket list, walking down Las Vegas Bouldevard in the Winter.

I started in the parking lot between Luxor and Excalibur and walked all the way down to The Linq Promenade, at the Linq Hotel and Casino.

I could have walked more, but if you have either been to the city or have seen Las Vegas, you know that objects and buildings aren’t as close as they seem.

I walked through Excalibur, New York, New York, Park MGM, Toshiba Plaza near TMobile Arena, ARIA, Planet Hollywood, Paris, Crystals Shopping Center among others before ending at the Linq Promenade where I had to get my Vegas fix on at In N Out Burger, home of the Double Double before walking back to Excalibur.

As it was my last day for my 30 Plus Teams Tour, I had to pack for my flight back to Newark Liberty.

Now as for the question are there as many people walking down the Las Vegas Strip in the Winter as there are in the Summer?

Oh hell yeah.


It’s located between the hotel that looks like a pyramid and the hotel that has the replica of the Statue of Liberty in front of it.

It’s the Excalibur Hotel and Casino and like the Luxor and New York New York , it’s located on the Las Vegas Strip .

Like most of the hotels in Las Vegas, Excakibur has a tgeme also.

Think the Middle Ages meets the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas .

It’s even shaped like a castle and in the entire hotel and in the casino, you’ll see statues of Knights, real Knights , not the hockey team.

As many times as I’ve been to Vegas , I never stayed at this hotel before.

Because I am a member of their M Life players casino card club, I was given a discount on my room for the two nights that I stayed.

Yeah, the Sports Diva plays the slots a lot, don’t judge me.

The hotel is near the airport, so since I had an early afternoon flight back to Newark Liberty , this was convenient for me,and I was able to get the room I requested .

High floor near the elevator .

I was on the 25th floor.

I was able to see the Luxor and Mandalay Bay hotels from my room.

It looked so beautiful at night.

I would stay here again if offered the great rate that I received this time.

The only thing that I really didn’t like about the hotel was that, if you needed to print out something other than your boarding pass which was free, you had to pay $7 to do so.

The Sports Diva of course, was printing out some hockey tickets for a friend who was going to the hockey game with me.

I didn’t pay it and went to the concierge across the way at New York New York, who did it for free.

(More about the hockey game in another post . )

Other than that , (and you really shouldn’t charge that Excalibur, get on your game, people) I would stay at the castle on the Las Vegas Strip again.


There are many branches of the Hard Rock Hotel all over the world, and while I have never stayed in any of them, I have spent time at the one in Las Vegas, which I did this past June.

Last week, while I was in Atlantic City, I spent time at the Hard Rock Hotel there.

This branch opened this past June.

It has many of same things that the one in Las Vegas has.

There’s even a Sugar Factory Restaurant right inside, the very same one that sells those humongous drinks just like the one in Vegas does.

This hotel used to be the Trump Taj Mahal, but like most of Atlantic City casinos, it was forced to close due to bankruptcy.

The hotel reopened as the brand spanking new Hard Rock Hotel, and like the other Hard Rock branches, there is a huge guitar right outside.

The only thing this one shares with the one in Las Vegas is the name, although Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic fame has brought the one in Las Vegas so we really don’t know how that will change the hotel.

As much as I love the city of Las Vegas , sorry, not sorry, but the Hard Rock Hotel in Atlantic City makes the one in Las Vegas look like the baby sister that gets the hand me down clothes from big sis.


It’s also very high tech.

If you want to get a drink while you’re at the slot machines, you don’t flag the waitress down as she walks by.

Oh no.

Look on your slot machine.

Right in the middle of your machine, there’s a drink icon.

Push it for whatever you want to drink, water, wine, beer, or hard beverages.

The waitress will bring it to you.

Just remember, tip your waitress when she brings your drink, no matter what it is.

Don’t be stingy with your tip either.

(However, when I ordered a Pina Colada, the waitress never brought me my drink. Maybe I didn’t order it correctly or something, I don’t know , but that’s another story for another day. I didn’t need that drink THAT badly.)

As for the casino floor, there are lots of tables and slots and you can move around freely.

As I mostly play the slots, I looked for the slot machines that I play a lot.

I’m “old school” so it’s machines like Wild Cherry, Double and Triple Diamonds for me.

Always the penny machines by the way .

(My machines didn’t let me down. I hit for $78 and $46 on the same machine. Thank God for the bonus play. Instead of putting in the usual $20 that I play with, I only put in $6.50 to start with.)

The Hard Rock does have the cafe inside and yes, there are pictures of past and present musicians lining the walls of the restaurant, not to mention the rest of the hotel.

While the first floor is a sight to see , it pales in comparison to what’s happening on the second floor.

You can take the escalator as you watch the screen all around you showing different artists in the concert series known as “Hard Rock Calling.”

As I rode the escalator up to the second floor, the screen showed the rock group The Killers in concert followed by the Country and Western group, Lady Antebellum.

I could have watched the screen change all day, not to mention how mesmerized I was watching the stairs in between the two escalators changing colors.

The stairs were too beautiful to walk on.

I took the escalators to the second floor and checked out the food court as well as check out some of the stores.

(You don’t have to ask. Yes, I did buy some stuff to take back to New York City . )

Besides the pictures of muscians on the walls, there is an area known as “The Rock Vault”, which celebrates artists and venues in New Jersey .

I left the Hard Rock amazed at how dazzling this hotel really is.

It’s a Las Vegas style hotel with a party atmosphere and it’s right in my backyard .

I don’t need to fly across the United States to party like a rock star or like it’s 1999 (sorry but I just had to go there.)

A two to three hour bus ride from New York City to Atlantic City is all I need to get lit at the Hard Rock .


The few times that I went to Atlantic City , I never stayed overnight.

It was just a day trip.

This time, I stayed for three nights, Monday through Thursday afternoon when the hotel rates are cheaper.

I went to Atlantic City with my landlady and her mother , who have been here more times than I can count.

Her mother always stayed at one particular hotel – The Showboat.

It’s right on the Atlantic City Boardwalk and used to be owned by Caesars Palace Corporation , but not anymore .

It’s right next door to two other hotel resorts, Resorts Casino and Hotel and the brand spanking new Hard Rock Hotel , which I’ll be talking about in an upcoming post.

The Showboat , like a lot of Atlantic City , has fallen on hard times.

Gone is the casino that used to take up most of the hotel.

There is a miniature golf course and arcade in the hotel for the kids and the kids at heart.

To get upstairs to your room, you have to use your room key.

Once inside your room, you have a great view of the Atlantic Ocean .

Some of the rooms have balconies.

Maybe next time I come to Atlantic City and stay here, I’ll splurge for a room with a balcony.

I had read reviews on line on how this hotel had gone downhill from when it had a casino, but sorry, not sorry, I didn’t notice.

I thought the service the three of us received was excellent .

Even though there was one guest service agent at the desk when we checked in, she was very professional and was very friendly .

The hotel was close enough to the Boardwalk so that I could cross another thing off my bucket list.

I was able to sleep like a baby on the bed, which I thought was very comfortable .

Would I recommend the Showboat Hotel to anyone if they want to stay in Atlantic City ?

I sure would and God willing, if I come back to Atlantic City , this is the place that I’m going to stay at.

Thank you Showboat Hotel for making my stay so enjoyable .