When I come to DC, the first thing I want to do is check and see what restaurants are close by.

Usually, I go to restaurants that’s recommended by friends or family who live in the area.

This time, I wanted to try a different restaurant.

I was really wishing and hoping for one of my favorite foods, Thai , and I was hoping with as many different type of restaurants that DC has, I’d be able to find at least one Thai restaurant in the area where I was going.

Enter Absolute Thai Restaurant at 541 G Street, right across the street from the Capital One Arena, home of the Washington Wizards basketball team and the Washington Capitals hockey team.

(Could the Sports Diva be any luckier since I was taking pictures of the Capital One Arena?)

The restaurant is easy to get to by Metro.

Since it’s at the Gallery Place Chinatown station , just follow the signs to the arena.

But then it gets tricky.

You’re on 7th and G street, but you have to walk around Capital One Arena to get to the lower numbers of G Street.

Or you can do what I did. Walk through the alleyway of Gallery Place.

You’ll see the restaurant, which is small.

Now what about the food?

I had my favorite food to have whenever I go to a Thai restaurant.

Penang Curry with beef and Jasmine rice.

I started off with Chicken Satay with red onion and cucumber salad and peanut sauce which I gobbled down like it was my last meal or something.

As for the Penang Curry, it was enough for 2 or more people to share.

It was so good and not too spicy, just the way I like it.

Of course I had to have some Thai Ice Tea to go with it, even if it was cold outside.

All of this came to $30 or so, not including tip, which I was happy to give because the waitresses were so friendly and helpful.

This restaurant isn’t expensive at all even though they’re that close to the arena.

I would definitely go again, but next time no appetizer, just my delicious and mouth watering Penang Curry.

A Walk Down Rockaway Avenue

Once again, my 30 Plus Teams Tour has brought me to the place known as The Incorporated Village of Valley Stream.

My ride, better known as the Nassau County Bus, brought me to one of, if not the main street of the village, and that’s Rockaway Avenue.

On this street, which takes you all the way down to Sunrise Highway, where the Long Island Railroad stops, one will find shops, office buildings, restaurants, and lots of houses of worship.

The restaurants had outdoor seating as we’re still on Phase 3 of opening New York.

Like their neighbors in the five boroughs, masks are a requirement here on Long Island.

Even though I miss traveling to another state for my 30 Plus Teams Tour, I’m enjoying my bus rides and train rides to the cities that are close by me.

It was a nice day as I walked down Rockaway Avenue and in other sections of Valley Stream.

It didn’t even bother me that one of the streets that I walked down was South Corona.

How much do you wanna bet they want to change that name when the virus from hell is over?


It’s located in Downtown Summerlin, a suburb of Las Vegas, right near the City National Arena, practice arena of the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team.

The restaurant, called The Players Locker, is owned by renowned chef Wolfgang Puck and five of his closest friends in Las Vegas named Deryk Engelland, William Karlsson, Alex Tuch, Reilly Smith and Shea Theodore.

Did I mention that his five closest friends just happen to play for the Vegas Golden Knights?

When you first walk into the restaurant, which opened for business in early February, not only will you see the five jerseys of the players, but this is a sports bar after all, so expect to see a big screen tv right in the middle of the restaurant showing some kind of sporting event.

The food, which isn’t expensive at all, are foods that you would find at a sports bar, but with a twist.

Some of them are named for the players or are foods that the players enjoyed either at home in Canada, Sweden, or the United States.

However, bring your appetite with you because the portions are HUMONGUS!

I couldn’t finish my loaded Nachos.

Thank God I didn’t order them with Chicken or Steak.

Someone would have had to carry me out of the restaurant.

I went with three of my Vegas friends right after we left practice.

Imagine our reaction when one of the players came in.

Talk about the Sports Diva and her posse losing their ever loving minds.


All of us were fanning ourselves after we left the restaurant.

Did I mention that he was one of the owners and just happened to be the favorite player of all four of us?


If you happen to be in the Summerlin area while in Las Vegas, (Red Rock area is also nearby), have lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch at The Players Locker.

Who knows, you might just see one of the owners there.

Just don’t be that Fan girl or Fan guy.



No, it’s not an old rock and roll group, Mothership something or other out of San Francisco or Seattle .

I’m talking about a coffee shop in Downtown Las Vegas called Mothership Coffee Roasters.

There are a couple of them in the Las Vegas Valley, but the one that I visited twice for a Hazelnut Latte and a Vanilla Latte the very next day while on my 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas was located in the Ferguson Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas , which is at 1028 Fremont Street , past the Fremont Street Experience and the up and coming area of Fremont Street East .

It opened up last year in October , and this was my first time visiting .

The lattes are very good and many people were sitting outside , enjoying the springlike day as well as the pastries, teas and the suddenly popular green matcha drinks that seem to be very popular now.

As this is Sin City, yes, you can find Beer and Alcohol here as well,

The place closes around 9pm.

As I usually come to Downtown Las Vegas whenever I’m in town, Mothership Coffee Roasters will be another spot to add to my list.







While I was visiting Ottawa, I thought I would be able to do one or two things on my bucket list.

I can cross off something else.

Comparing Montreal style bagels to New York style bagels.

Canadians will tell you that the best bagels in Canada are Montreal style bagels.

Americans , or maybe just us New Yorkers , will tell you that the bagels from New York are the best.

Like with pizza in New York , it’s the water that makes the dough good.

I didn’t have to go to Montreal to find out what the difference is.

At the Byward Market , which I will talk about in another blog post , there’s a store thst makes and sells them.

You can also see how the bagels are made.

I could see the difference without tasting them.

They are very thin whereas New York style bagels are big and doughy.

As I watched them make the bagels , I wondered how on earth could you load a bagel that thin with cream cheese and lox the way we New Yorkers like our bagels.

Don’t even mention loaded with butter, those thin Montreal bagels wouldn’t stand a chance .

People were buying and eating them like crazy while I was at the market, so they must be good.

Until I can really taste them, sorry not sorry,give this Big Apple gal a big New York style bagel loaded with all the fixings .


As I sit in my room, watching the rain and thunder strike everything in its path, I forget that we here in New York City might not get the devastation from Hurricane Florence that North Carolina got, but we can get her remnants and thats just what we’re getting right now.

The nights are starting to get darker earlier than usual, and those 90 degree temperatures with the just as high humidity are slowly going away.

(Truth be told, I won’t miss those.)

It’s the 19th of September and in two days we’re going to be saying goodbye (and good riddance) to those sweltering hot days.

The cooler weather is coming, which means stock up on all things that are Pumpkin Spice, whether it be tea, coffee, cake or even ice cream.

I’m taking a break from traveling for awhile, but who knows, that may change.

The summer months of May, June, July and August were full of good memories.

Smelling the flowers on the Bronx campus of Manhattan College, a place that I hadn’t been to since I was in college in the 1970’s.

Revisting Atlantic City , something I hadn’t done in 4 years and walking on the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk , another one of the things on my bucket list .

Eating seafood and getting a history lesson in one of my favorite cities, Baltimore, Maryland .

Yeah, there was some baseball in there too, because no matter what the season is, there’s going to be a 30 Plus Teams Tour going on.

There was even some time to enjoy New York City , Roosevelt Island and the Brooklyn Bridge Park , another thing to cross off my bucket list .

Finally in June, there was one of my favorite memories.

Getting together with other sports divas at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas , another one of my favorite cities.

Summer went very fast, but then it seems as though 2018 is going by wicked fast .

But my great memories of 2018 will live on and I hope you enjoy these memories as much as I did.


Almost a year ago, I wrote a blog post about some of the blogs that I really enjoyed reading.

Being the sports nut that I am, of course these blogs had to have a special name.

They’re known as my Team Awesome .

This blog post brings you some more of the blogs that I enjoy reading.

I hope you get the chance to see what these blogs are all about, so I’m also going to give you the web address for these blogs as well.

Definately check them out when you get the chance .

1. Tashnee V. Mavee- Journey of My Life

Tashnee’s blog is just that. Her own personal journey. Besides her inspirational stories, she makes my Team Awesome list because of her great fashion sense.

2. Forresting 365- Forresting My Cloud

Besides all that great art that’s on her blog, and the beautiful poetry, Katy and I share a love of all things football. Me, my New England Patriots , Katy, all things that are the Atlanta Falcons .

3. Renard Moreau- Renard’s World

I just really discovered this blog and I wish that I had discovered it earlier. If you’re thinking about starting a blog or even if you aren’t a newbie, this blog with its great blogging tips are for you. I highly recommend that you check it out.

4. Ayanna Robinson- Style in Full Bloom

Ayanna’s blog is about what her title says it is. Style. Music, fashion, lifestyle, etc. To say that I don’t enjoy reading her fashion tips would be a lie. I enjoy especially when she highlights what to wear for the different seasons.

5. Shamylah Zimuto- Shamylah’s World

Her blog introduces you not only to makeup tips, but also the movers and shakers in the business world, and quotes from them. The fact that the business people are mostly women is a plus in my book. My personal favorite posts of Shamylah’s are her music playlist posts, which occur every Wednesday and highlight some of her favorite songs and songs that you should be listening to. (Thank you, Shamylah for introducing me to the music of Post Malone, Cardi B and Dua Lipa.)

6. Airport and Hotels Blog

This blog is actually about what the title says. Any information you want to know about an airport or a hotel, this is your blog. It’s not only the well known airports they talk about, it’s even the ones that you’ve never heard of.

7. Globetrotting Grandpa

Don’t let the name fool you. Dan isn’t ready for the rocking chair just yet. He’s going to travel, and just like my motto, “Staying home isn’t an option “, it’s not for Dan either. He not only explores other cities and countries, he goes on his own 30 Plus Teams Tour of his home town. (Shout out to Dan’s home town of Kansas City , Missouri . )

8. National Parks With T- National Parks USA

If you live in the United States , chances are there’s a National Park in your home town, and T and her family have visited it. Many of the parks that T and her family have visited, such as Fort Sumpter, Bunker Hill, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon are on my official and “unofficial ” bucket lists.

9. Ken Dowell- Off the Leash

If you want a blog that’s mixed with a little history, Ken’s blog is for you. He not only gives you tips on what to see, but the history of the place you’re going to visit. He also gives you some technology tips as well. Oh, did I mention that he blogs about baseball as well?

10. Sam, Living

His blog website is My life without religion. Please don’t let that possibly turn you off to reading this blog. It shouldn’t. Sam has a lot to say, and most of it has nothing to do with religion . He talks about his traveling experience , like working on a farm in Australia . He has done a lot of traveling and has even visited that most “foreign” of cities, Lubbock , Texas.

11. Bill Fonda- A Silly Place

What a cute title, you think. Bill is showing his humorous side, whether it be driving down the streets of Los Angeles in a bright yellow rental car that he called “the Banana Mobile ” or enjoying the Country and Western group Sugarland. His humor even helped him get through serious things such as a flood in his hometown . Bill writes from the heart, even though he calls his blog, “A Silly Place.”

12. Hunida’s Blog

You can’t keep it anymore real in your blog as my girl Hunida does in her blog, aptly called, “Hunida’s Blog.” She tells you EVERYTHING in her blog, the good, the bad, and the really ugly. Nothing is held back. I love her posts about her job, her food recipes , not to mention her life with her significant other and her cat. She reviews beauty products, movies, books, songs, t.v shows and my special favorite , where to go and what to eat in my favorite city , her home town, Las Vegas .

This was the latest edition of Team Awesome .

Since I really don’t do blogger awards anymore, this is as close as you’re going to get.

Team Awesome is going to be a new blog feature in 30 Plus Teams 30 Plus Dreams.

So if you didn’t get mentioned this time, no worries.

There are so many new blogs out there and I try to read as many as I can.

In case you want to follow some of these blogs, do so.

It’s important that bloggers support other bloggers , so show some love to these bloggers and any bloggers that you happen to come across and really enjoy reading.

Your own “Team Awesome ” so to speak.

In the meantime, I’m going to give you the websites of my Team Awesome .

Check them out and thank you and God bless you for following and liking 30 Plus Teams , 30 Plus Dreams .

Shamylah Zimuto –

Globetrotting Grandpa –

Airports and Hotels –


Renards World-

Hunida’s Blog –

Forresting My Cloud – Forresting

A Silly Place –

Off the Leash –

Journey of My Life –

Ayanna Robinson –

National Parks with T –


While in Atlantic City, my auntie, cousin and I could have eaten at one of the many restaurants on the Boardwalk.

Instead, we ate all of our meals at the restaurant inside of the Showboat Hotel, the ACE Restaurant.

This restaurant was remodeled and is located on the first floor of the hotel.

There was once an Italian Restaurant and the House of Blues restaurant in the hotel, but they’re both closed now.

The restaurant opens at 8am and closes at 11pm, although the last night that we were there, it closed at 10pm.

They have a breakfast special that’s served from 8am until 11:30am and costs $8.50.

The special consists of home fries, toast, two eggs, and meat, which is either bacon, sausage or pork roll, which is very popular in New Jersey .

Trust me, the breakfast special was worth it .

As we ate the majority of our meals here, I had the chance to try almost everything, and believe me, I did.

The Buffalo Chicken Wings were tasty, with extra sauce on the side.

The Onion Rings were to die for and put all those fast food onion rings to shame.

The hot dog that I had for lunch was one of the biggest , juiciest hot dog that I have ever had, and it was loaded with onions.

No, not raw onions or onions with tomato sauce like you find in New York City , but carmelized onions, like they came off the grill.

Maybe I was hungry, but adding the onions made my hot dog even more juicier and mouthwatering.

The salad that came with dinner entrées wasn’t just any old salad with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers.

The salad came with lettuce, cucumbers, Jersey tomatoes, which, sorry, not sorry are some of the best tomatoes ever.

(Jersey Beefsteak Tomatoes are big and plump and oh so good.)

The hotel kicks their salad up several notches with red onions and cranberries.

You don’t even have to ask them to put your salad dressing on the side.

It’s as though the restaurant knows that you want that Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Honey Mustard or Balsamic Dressing on the side.

(Don’t look for French, Italian , or Russian Dressing, they don’t have it at the restaurant, just the ones that I mentioned. If you want any other kind for your salad, BYOB, bring your own bottle of dressing.)

The only food order that I wasn’t feeling was my Chicken and Waffles, which I had for the last evening.

Y’all were a little stingy with the chicken, people .

A couple of Chicken Wings or a Chicken Thigh on top of the waffles would have been wicked awesome and worth the $18 thatI paid.

Just throwing it out there, guys.

Like most of the hotel , the restaurant didn’t have a lot of people eating there.

The restaurant has another section to it called The Surfside Bar.

They had Happy Hour Specials.

Need I mention that it was ALWAYS full of people?

All in all,I did enjoy eating here.

The Hot Dog, Onion Rings, salad, and Chicken Wings held me down.

I didn’t even want to go to any of the other places that had buffets.

If you happen to go to Atlantic City and you don’t want to go to a buffet or spend a lot of money for a decent meal, ACE Restaurant is the place for you .

Oh did I mention that you can have a nice quiet conversation here with the person next to you without being overwhelmed by the music in the restaurant ?

You can, and that’s another plus in my book.


In a city known for its buffets and five star restaurants , you wouldn’t expect to see any kind of Thai food, let alone good Thai food.

Venture off from the Las Vegas Strip and head down to Fremont Street , a little bit past the Fremont Street Experience and there it is, Le Thai Downtown Restaurant .

The restaurant is in the area of Fremont Street known as Fremont Street East , which is the entertainment area of downtown Las Vegas .

You’ll find nightclubs, Downtown Container Park, which I’ll talk about later in another post, and one of the oldest casinos in town, El Cortez, which at one time was owned by mobster Bugsy Siegel.

If you take a walk down this street, you will definitely miss Le Thai.

I know I have the many times that I’ve been in town.

The restaurant is open every day but on Monday thru Saturday, there’s happy hour and lunch specials.

The lunch special is from 11am until 3pm and it cost only $9.95 plus tax.

That’s a good deal if you ask me.

I love Thai food and on the special lunch menu, I was happy to see my favorite Thai food , Panang Curry on the menu.

You have a choice with all the items on the special of white or brown rice with either chichen, tofu, shrimp, beef, or pork.

I had white rice with beef, and lemonade.

I was asked by the waitress on a scale of spicy from 1 to 5, how spicy did I want my food?

I went for 2 and it was still spicy but oh so good.

I have had Panang Curry at other Thai restaurants , but not like this.

This curry was very flavorful and instead of string beans, it was loaded with carrots.

It was so good and so filling that I had enough for leftovers.

To say that I would recommend this restaurant to people if they are ever in Las Vegas , the Strip or even Downtown Las Vegas, would be an understatement.

If the weather is nice, you can sit outside and enjoy the view.

The prices are reasonable, even if you don’t do the lunch special or go for Happy Hour.

You can even do take out.

No matter what you do, you can’t go wrong with Le Thai Downtown Restaurant on 6th and Fremont in Downtown Las Vegas .