After you get off the nunber 1 train at 242nd Street and Van Cortlandt Park , you’ll see two exits.

One is for Van Cortlandt Park , the other is for Manhattan College .

As I hadn’t seen this school in ages, I decided to walk around.

Here are some of my pictures from this beautiful school in the Riverdale section of The Bronx.


7 Must-Know Lines in New York

I wrote this as a guest post. I hope this helps to make riding the New York City subways a little bit easier and less scary.

Words and Images by Jo Ann Lawery–

   When you visit New York  City, one thing that every tourist must and should do at least once in their visit, is forget taking a cab, Uber or Lyft, and ride the New York  City subway. There are roughly 300 or more stations and roughly 30 lines so no matter where you are in Manhattan ,  Brooklyn, The Bronx ,  or Queens ,  there’s  a  subway station not far from you. The other boro, Staten Island  has it’s  own  transit system ,  but one of the train lines that I’m  going to tell you about can get you to the Staten Island  Ferry, which is free and runs all night, just like the subways do. You’ll  notice that the subways  are either known by letters or numbers, so don’t  look for a Red Line, Orange line or something  else. It’s  always letters…

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About a week ago or maybe longer, I wrote a post about riding on the number 1 train .

At that time, I rode the train as far as 157th street.

This time, which is Memorial Day weekend here in the United States , I rode the train again.

I began at 79th Street, which is the stop for the American Museum of Natural History.

Even though I got off a few stops later at 96th Street and walked up as far as 110th and Cathedral Parkway stop to take pictures, I then got back on and rode the train to its final stop, 242nd Street, and Broadway in the Riverdale section of The Bronx.

It is also the home of the second biggest park in New York City , Van Cortlandt Park

Once again, it was a nice day for a change and the view from the subway is as nice as it could be for a New York City subway .

Some of you are thinking that you weren’t aware that Broadway went up that high.

It does, and this Broadway isnt like the other Broadway.

It’s quieter and has a more suburban feel to it.

That’s only natural because of all the five boroughs , The Bronx used to be made up of little farms belonging to one particular family, The Broncs Family.

If you happen to be in New York and just want to take a ride on the subway, by all means get out of your comfort zone and take the number 1 train all the way up to the last stop at 242nd Street and Van Cortlandt Park .

After the train leaves the 191st Street station, the train goes above ground.

Of all the subway lines in New York City , I would strongly advise that you take the number 1, not going towards South Ferry, but in the other direction at 242nd Street .

You won’t believe that you’re actually in one of the five boroughs .