Today was very nice here in New York and I decided to go on a 30 Plus Teams Tour of the New York City subways .

I decided to go today because the next couple of days here in the city are supposed to be very bad with hail and a tornado watch, something that we usually don’t get here in New York .

I know that I have to take care of some business on 66th Street and Braodway, which is where you get off for Lincoln Center, Central Park and all those shows filmed live at the ABC Television Studios.

I’m walking up to 79th Street for another visit to the American Museum of Natural History , but after that I have no idea where my tour on the number 1 train is going to take me.

The train is a local train, making every stop from South Ferry station all the way up to the Riverdale section of The Bronx at 242nd Street .

Eventually , I got off at 157th Street and Broadway, but there’s so many things to see at every station, so that’s why my post on the number 1 train will have two parts.

Every station even has art and this being New York City , even the sidewalks have some kind of weird looking art.

I can tell you, though, if you want to visit Columbia University at 116th st or Grant’s Tomb at 121st, this is the train that you’ll take.

Enjoy your ride.


Last summer I wrote a post on the largest museum in the city, let alone the country, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and its sister museum, the Metropolitan Museum Breuer , which features modern art.

I stated that I really wasn’t that big a fan of Modern Art , and visiting that museum showed me just why I didn’t like it.

It was a very nice day yesterday and since I was close to where both museums were located, I decided to give the Met Breuer another try as well as go back to the Met, which I really love to go into as there’s so much to see.

I’m glad I did.

They had an exhibit in the Met Breuer that took up two floors of the museum.

I figured that since it did take up two floors, it must be good.

The exhibit was about the human body in art from ancient times until now.

I wasn’t disappointed and I found myself staying at the Met Breuer longer than I did the last time .

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is two blocks away and they always seem to have a lot of new exhibits , so I figured I was going to visit this museum again.

I could definately spend the whole day in this museum and still not see everything , that’s how big it is.

This time I only stayed two hours as I was getting tired and hungry.

Needless to say, this museum didn’t disappoint me.

The Costume Institute wing of the museum had an exhibit on Fashion and the Catholic Imagination .

It was clothes from well known designers and a lot of them were very beautiful and elegant.

However, as a Catholic myself, some of the clothes I found in very poor taste, almost sacreligious.

The museum now has a new policy of paying what you wish.

Some of you who have visited this museum are shaking your heads.

It was always pay as you wish, you say.

True, but now if you live in either New York , New Jersey or Connecticut , and can show your id showing that, you actually do pay what you wish.

The rest of you have to pay full price to see the museum.

No matter what you have to pay, one visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art , and its sister museums, The Cloisters and Met Breuer just isn’t enough .


No, not really.

I can though, cross another thing off my bucket list.

It’s number 133, walking down Park Avenue like I own the place.

The area of Park Avenue where I began my journey is the part of Park Avenue that people relly don’t know and really don’t associate with Park Avenue.

It’s the upper East side of Manhattan .

I began my journey at 97th street and ended it on 82nd street and Park.

There really wasn’t that many people walking on this part of Park Avenue, but it wasn’t empty either .

This is New York City , after all .

In all fairness, it’s not as crowded as the more well known streets of Park Avenue are.

Those streets are 42nd all the way up to 57th Street, and those streets are very crowded.

You won’t find a subway on Park Avenue, you have to go one block over to Lexington Avenue to find one.

Some of you who have been to New York City may say that you have taken a subway train on Park Avenue .

Yes and no.

There is a train that leaves from Grand Central Station on 42nd street and 125th street on Park Avenue .

It’s the Metro North train, and after the train leaves 125th Street on Park, it continues onto cities in Westchester County and Connecticut .

If you want to make a day of it , let’s say to New Haven, Connecticut , the Metro North train is the train you have to take, and you have to go to Park Avenue to get it.

While you’re on that 30 Plus Teams Tour of New York City , or even if you aren’t , make it a point to visit Park Avenue .

Just remember to walk down the street like you own it!


This is one subway line that I don’t ride that often, if at all.

The Q train is one of the oldest subway lines in the city.

The train used to begin in Queens at Ditmas Boulevard, run through Manhattan , and then go all the way to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn .

It doesn’t leave from Queens anymore.

It still goes to Manhattan and ends in Brooklyn .

It begins at 96th Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan .

The Second Avenue part of the train makes stops at 72nd, 86th, and 96th Streets on Second Avenue .

New Yorkers of a certain age, like myself, remember when the city fathers talked about having the trains run on Second Avenue, but it never happened.

It would have made it easier for those of us who lived in either Brookkyn or Queens to take this train if we worked or went to school on the upper east side, which is what Second Avenue is.

It finally happened a few years ago and the stations are beautiful and very unique .

My own 30 Plus Teams Tour of New York City took me to two of the stations, 86th and 96th Street, which is the last stop.

There’s art everywhere .

If you look above you on two of the stairways are the words , “Excelsior” and “E Pluribus Unum.”

Excelsior is the word you see on the state of New York flag and since 1776, E Pluribus Unum has been the motto of the United States .

It means “Out of many, one”.

Also, in case you don’t know what subway line you’re riding, look on the staircases on

the downtown and uptown sides of the subway.

The sign spells out The Second Avenue Subway.


I can cross off another thing on my bucket list and it’s right here in New York City .

It’s number 128 on my list of 150 things on my bucket list.

It’s the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Now, it might be called the Brooklyn Bridge Park , but there’s more to the park than just the Brooklyn Bridge.

Of course, I always advise taking the train whether you’re doing a 30 Plus Teams Tour of New York City or not.

You can take a few subway lines that will get you to the park.

The best subway line to take though, is the F train.

Get off at York Street, which is the first stop in Brooklyn.

Once you have gotten off the train, be prepared to do a lot of walking and that’s BEFORE you get out of the subway.

The hallway leading to the exit is long and hilly, so take your time, and wear comfortable shoes, please.

Once you leave the station, you’ll be on York and Jay Street.

You’ll see a bridge, but it’s not the Brooklyn Bridge .

It’s the Manhattan Bridge, which is the bridge that you see next to the Brooklyn Bridge when you take that walk across it.

Keep walking to your right until you get to the East River.

Obviously you can’t go any further, but look around you and see all the rocks in front of you.

There’s even two big rocks known as the “DUMBO Boulders”.

If you go on a nice day, you might see people sitting on the rocks and sticking their toes into the East River.

The views of Brooklyn are beautiful, but the view across the river at all the buildings in Manhattan are breathtaking , especially on a nice springlike day like we’ve been having in New York City lately.

It may be Brooklyn Bridge Park , but you’ll also see the Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge .

All three of these bridges can get you over to Manhattan and you can either ride your bike or walk on all three of these bridges.

The park has everything, including a dog park, which was closed .

But this didn’t stop anyone from walking their dogs on the sunny walkways that line the park.

The park is in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn .

No, Dumbo is not like the elephant with the big ears, Dumbo stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass .

Words can’t describe how truly beautiful this park really is and I’m surprised even more people, tourists and even New Yorkers, don’t visit it more often.

If you happen to visit New York City , make Brooklyn Bridge Park a place to go to.

You won’t be disappointed .