In a day or so, we’ll be in month number 4, April.

(That’s no April Fool’s Joke, either.)

Even though we’re still going through Covid 19, some people have done not one but two or more 30 Plus Teams Tours of their own.

Need I say that in April, God willing, the Sports Diva will be getting ready to do a three day 30 Plus Teams Tour of some city.

Sorry, but no guesses as to where I’m going to from y’all yet.

You’ll know soon enough.

But what about the rest of you?

Have you done a 30 Plus Teams Tour yet?

Let these quotes inspire you.


A couple of years ago, three and a half to be exact, I wrote a post on Tumblr about some of the things that really annoyed me.

Four years later, some of the things that I wrote about don’t annoy me as much.

Maybe it’s because I’m not as young as I used to be when even silly things really annoyed me.

Being closer to 70 years young has given me a little bit more patience and a different outlook on life, sort of.

Also we’re still in the middle of that pest that refuses to read the memo that it’s time for it to go away for good.

You know, Corona.

Here are just a few of the things that annoy me still.

A. People who seem to enjoy telling ME how I should spend MY money.

Sorry, I know all you financial planners and financial planner wannabes mean well, but sorry.

It’s my money.

If I want to spend it on booze, clothes, staycations, wigs or even throw those dead presidents up in the air, I can do that, cause it’s MY MONEY!

B. After all this time, can’t we find a cure for Cancer and Alzheimer’s? Or are we even really trying to find a cure?

C. Why is health care here in the United States so expensive, especially for us seniors? Doesn’t the fact that I’m on Medicare mean something other than being a cash cow for doctors and pharmacies?

D. Ignorant people who refuse to educate themselves on the world around them.

E. People who show up late for a sporting event, then leave early.

(You knew the Sports Diva would stick something sports related as one of her pet peeves, right?)

F. People who think women shouldn’t be interested in sports.

People, especially men, please stop it. No really, stop it .

Don’t take it there with that boo crap.

You might get cursed out by some female sports fan who knows just as much, maybe even more about sports than you do.

G. I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, if you’re drunk as a skunk, I have no use for you whatever.

H. Wearing way too much cologne or perfume. Some people are allergic to it and besides, did you bathe in that Chanel Number 5?

I. People who don’t vote. I don’t care what your reason is. There’s no excuse under the sun to not do this. When I was growing up, many of my relatives in North and South Carolina couldn’t vote because of their skin color.

I didn’t think in my old age, it would be happening to my great nieces and nephews who are still down south.

Please get out there and vote. Educate yourselves, people.

J. Not thanking God for getting you up in the morning.

I’m sorry, even if you don’t believe in God, thank some being, whether it be Confucius, Buddha, Lord Krishna, or Allah for waking you up.

During this pandemic, a lot of people didn’t get to do that.

K. People talking loudly on their cell phones on public transportation.

I don’t want to hear about all your baby mamas or how your baby daddy isn’t giving you money for your child but he takes care of his other children, and I really don’t think the rest of us want to hear it either, just saying.

L. People who are mad at everyone, especially people who don’t look like them, and think the world owes them a living.

Oh you mad bruh? You had a “bad day”, so you’re going to take it out on people who NEVER did a darn thing to you.

Guess what? The world doesn’t owe you or anyone else, anything.

The only thing that the world is asking of you and people who think like you, is to be a halfway decent person.

Is THAT too much to ask?


I did it.

I had heard all the bad things that would happen from well meaning friends and family.

“My arm was so sore from the second one”

“I got chills. Is that supposed to happen with this one?”

“I got really bad dizzy spells.”

I didn’t get any other advice, but my landlady/cousin made sure she gave me some need to know stuff:

” You’ll still have to have a Covid 19 test when you come back from your trip. Oh and by the way, get me some proof that you had the test and it’s negative.”

I get what you mean, cuz, but really , proof like a note?

What are we in high school here?

Anyway, even though it was raining, the Sports Diva took herself back to York College and got the second dose of the Covid Vaccine shot.

This time it was so much easier.

There was a separate entrance for people who were there for the second dose.

There were no forms to fill out this time, just bring that appointment card and your New York State identification card.

My appointment was supposed to be between 9:15-9:30am, but at 8:39am, I walked on in, got my temperature taken and at 9:08am, after sitting down for about 15 minutes or so, I walked on out of the building, brand new bandage on my shoulder.

I explored the neighborhood of South Jamaica a little and walked into the place where I had my Covid 19 test, City MD.

I just had to know.

Did I STILL need to get a Covid 19 test when I come back?

I was told yes and by the way, I can get my results back the same day and to make my cousin happier than a pig in you know what, I can get a note for her.

God willing I’m ready.

Let that 30 Plus Teams Tour begin again.