Being the  team sports  apparel  fashionista that I  am ,  when I  did my own  30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  New  York  City ,  I just  HAD to make  a  stop at  two of my favorite  stores.

The NHL  Store  and the NBA  Store ,  which really  aren’t  that  far from each other.

Is there such a term as “team  sports  apparel  fashionista”?

If not, there’s  a  new term  that I  made up all by myself . 

There wasn’t  anything  that I wanted to  buy just yet at the  NHL  Store ,  but the NBA  Store  was another  story . 

The store  is located  on 45th Street  and Fifth Avenue . 

It has three floors  and moved from their old location  on 47th Street  and Fifth  Avenue . 

As I walked down Fifth  Avenue  and got closer to  the  flagship  store of all things National  Basketball  Association ,  I wasn’t  the only one  who  was taking pictures  of the  store and walking in to take a look at all the NBA swag.

It wasn’t  even 11am ,  and all ready this place was packed with people . 

There was no sale going on, just lots of basketball  fans buying  all sorts of  team apparel . 

Many of  them were tourists.

In case you weren’t  aware, the NBA is HUGE in places like China, France, Germany ,  Spain, Argentina, Croatia ,  Serbia , Latvia ,  and Lithuania ,  among other  places.

I was amazed by all the languages I heard spoken by people just going crazy buying basketball  stuff.

When you walk into the store, not only are you greeted  by  official  store greeters saying, “Welcome  to  the  NBA  Store  “, but a HUGE bobblehead of Golden  State Warriors  player, Stephan Curry . 

The store seems  to  have  everything  and then some  that you ever wanted to  buy when it comes to  your team or favorite  player . 

I wasn’t  the only person  loading  up on NBA  goodies.

(Basketball  season  begins  this Tuesday  night and just because  I don’t  have  enough Boston  Celtics  stuff in my closet ,  I just have to  have more.)

This store is flashy, just like the league  it represents  and the city that it’s  located  in . 

The store has basketball  stuff for every age and  gender ,  even if your  basketball  fan is still in diapers.

There’s  even  an area of  the  store where you  can  practice  your basketball  skills . 

What about  things for the basketball  historian  in you?

The NBA  Store has you covered too.

On the first floor ,  there’s  pictures  from every  era of the  NBA ,  beginning  with  the  1960’s.

It’s  fun to  see all the pictures  of players back in the day and the present  that you remember . 

I think the NBA  Store  is going to  be  a  place  that I’m  going to  be  shopping  at  a lot more  often.

Judging  by  all the  people  coming out of  the store, black shopping  bags with the red, white, and blue NBA  logo splashed all over it, I’m  not  the  only  one . 



It’s  located  in  the  Washington  Heights  section  of  the city.

It happens  to  be  the  third branch  of  the  Metropolitan  Museum  of  Art . 

It’s  The  Met  –  Cloisters . 

The  Cloisters  Museum  and Gardens  are located  in  Fort  Tryon  Park ,  which  overlooks the  Hudson  River . 

While  you’re  in  the  park on your way to  the museum ,  on a  clear  day you’ll  see a bridge  off in the distance . 

That happens  to  be  the  George Washington  Bridge ,  which separates Washington  Heights  from Fort Lee ,  New Jersey . 

The official  address  of the museum  is 99 Margaret  Corbin  Drive . 

You can take public transportation  to get there.

If you take the  subway ,  the A train, you get off  at  the 190th Street  stop.

Get ready  to  do  a lot of  walking . 

It’s  extremely  hilly.

The easiest  but longest route is to take the number 4 bus.

The last stop on the bus is the front door  of the  museum  literally . 

Like the other branches of the Metropolitan ,  there is a suggested  donation  price  of  $  25 . 

If you visit  this museum ,  you can visit  one of  the  other museums  of the Metropolitan  for free on the same  day . 

Just hold on  to  your  ticket stub.

I would  advise  visiting the  Cloisters  early on a Friday or a Saturday  when the other two Met museums  are open late.

The Cloisters  hours are 10am  until  5:  15pm, every day . 

Starting  in November  though, the museum  will close at 4:45pm.

When you’ve  paid your fee, you are given  a  sticker to wear to show that you’ve  paid . 

You can take pictures ,  just don’t  use a flash or make videos . 

Once again, leave the selfie  sticks  at  home . 

The Cloisters  focuses mainly  on  one particular  period  of  time  – the Middle  Ages . 

Be ready  to  see things that aren’t  what  they  appear  to  be . 

Like that door that you and the  family  just walked  through . 

It’s  actually  a window  from some castle  or monastery  in France.

You’ll  also  see many religious  figures either as a sculpture  or painting . 

There’s  even  a garden where you can sit quietly  and  reflect .

It’s  called the  Judy  Black  Garden . 

You can even admire the view in front  of  you.

There wasn’t  one particular  item that I  enjoyed more than  another  one while I  visited . 

I can honestly  say  that  I  loved EVERYTHING . 

Unlike  the  Met- Fifth  Avenue ,  I was able  to  see all the exhibits in a matter of  a few hours.

Although  I  can honestly  say  that  I  just wasn’t  feeling  the fascination  with  the  unicorns  in one of the rooms called, what else, The Unicorn  Gallery . 

If you happen  to  come to  New York  or live in  the  city, take a trip up to The  Cloisters . 

You won’t  believe  that  you’re  actually  in The Big  Apple . 
The Met – Cloisters  

99 Margaret  Corbin  Drive  

Fort Tryon  Park  

New York  City ,  New York  


This  is  one of  the  many museums  in ”  The  city that never  sleeps  “, that not a lot of  tourists  know  about ,  maybe even  a lot of  New Yorkers as well.

This museum  has been  around  since 1961.

Admission  to  the  museum  is free, but there is a suggested  donation  price of $10 when you enter.

The museum  is  closed on Mondays ,  but open on Tuesday  through Sunday . 

It’s  located  at 2 Lincoln  Square ,  which  is  on Columbus  Avenue  between  65th and 66th Streets . 

Even  though  the  museum  is  called  The American  Folk  Art  Museum ,  it focuses  on art, manly quilts ,  that weren’t  mass produced ,  but mostly  made by ordinary  people  like you  and  me.

I  other words ,  people  who  were what  the  museum  calls ,  “self-taught . ”

On  the  day  that  I  visited ,  the museum  had an exhibit  called ,  “War and  Pierced”, which were quilts  made from, of all things, military fabrics ,  especially  from uniforms . 

This exhibition  continues until January  7, 2018.

I was amazed  at how  beautiful  and colorful  some of  the  quilts were.

Some of  them  were done, not by women, but men, many of whom were injured during  war time.

If you happen  to  be  in the New York  City  area, visit this little  known  museum . 
American  Folk Art  Museum  

2 Lincoln  Square  

(Between  65th and 66th Street and Columbus  Avenue  )

New York  City ,  NY  10023


Tuesday  – Thursday   11:30am- 7pm

Friday   12 pm  – 7:30pm

Saturday   11:30am- 7pm

Sunday   12pm- 6 pm  


No, it’s  not  like the  woman  who gave birth  to  you.

It’s  called  MOMA ,  or officially  known  as  The  Museum  of Modern  Art.

In one of my recent posts, (  -of – Art – Breuer  ) ,  I stated that I  wasn’t  a big fan of Modern art, or at least  what passes as modern  art.

The Museum  of Modern  Art ,  which is located at 53rd Street  between  5th and 6th Avenue, does really  have modern  art.

Or at least it’s  modern  art that you have some kind  of  clue what it’s  supposed  to  be . 

There are six  floors to this museum ,  which is one of the most famous modern  art museums  in the country, if not the world.

It’s  open every day from 10:30am  until 5:30pm  except Fridays  when they stay open until 8:30pm . 

The admission  price is $25  but for seniors and students  the prices are $18 and $14.

If you have children  who are under the  age of 16, guess what ? 

They don’t  pay a thing to visit  this museum . 

Before you  enjoy the paintings and photographs  and what not on the other floors, just relax among the sculptures  that are located in the Abby Aldrich  Rockefeller  Sculpture  Garden ,  that’s on the ground floor . 

You’ll  see all sorts of  Sculpture including  works by Pablo Picasso  called, “The Goat” and “The River”.

There’s  even a sculpture that looks as though it were part of a scene  in Paris.

It’s  very comforting ,  and on a nice day, it’s  just a nice place to unwind and enjoy the scenery  around  you.

Like a lot of museums  in the city ,  don’t  even think of whipping  out that selfie  stick.

It’s  not allowed here  and security  will let you know that in no uncertain  terms . 

MOMA  seems to  have paintings from all the artists that many of  you have heard of . 

Besides Picasso ,  there are works by Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock, Henri Matisse ,  and what would a museum of modern art be without a few works by Andy Warhol and Salvador  Dali ? 

The jewel of this particular  museum ,  though is located on the fifth  floor . 

It’s  heavily  guarded, not to mention  that it’s  the painting  that EVERYONE  wants  to  see and take a selfie with.

It’s  Vincent  Van  Gogh’s  famous  painting ,  “The Starry Night”.

On the top floor of the museum, there was a special  exhibit  called “items: Is Fashion  Modern ? ”

I would have to say yes, and I can really get to like this type of Modern  Art . 
The Museum  of  Modern  Art  

11 West 53rd Street  between  Fifth  and  Sixth  Avenue  

New York  City ,  New York  10019



20170825_145455FB_IMG_1504206116408FB_IMG_1504108296303FB_IMG_1504197605168FB_IMG_1504197372136FB_IMG_1504206107144FB_IMG_1504206069665FB_IMG_1504206132426Now that  you’ve  relaxed  for a little  bit  at one of  the  many  restaurants or even  taking  a  breather at the  Charles  Engelhart  Courtyard  in the  American  Wing  of  the  museum ,  it’s  now  time  to  look  at  the  exhibits  on the  second  and  third  floor .

Or try  to .

Like  the  first  floor  and  mezzanine ,  there’s  so much  to  see.

On these  two floors  not only  are there exhibits   on musical  instruments   and sculptures ,but so much  more . FB_IMG_1504108255921FB_IMG_1503939971787FB_IMG_1504197567279FB_IMG_1504108166925FB_IMG_1504108155670FB_IMG_1504197378851FB_IMG_1504197602201

There’s  also  European  paintings  from  the  end of  the  12th  Century  to the  19th  century .

They  also  have  an exhibit  on World War  I  posters  from  the  countries  that  were involved  in  the  war .

It was  hard  to  say  which  exhibits  I liked  the  best ,  but I  would  have  to  say the American  Wing .

Seeing  some  of  the  sculptures  and  paintings  brought  American  History  to life  for  me, especially  the  huge painting  of  Washington  crossing  the  Delaware .

Very  inspiring   to see this painting  .

It was larger than life.

I also  liked  the    replica  of  the  museum  when  it first  opened  in the  19th  Century  with  the  exhibit  of  period  rooms  from  Philadelphia ,  Baltimore ,  Massachusetts ,  and Virginia .

For  those  of  you  not  interested  in  all this  ancient  art, the  Met  Fifth  Avenue  also  has  an area  for  Modern  and  Contemporary  art,  but  for  a more  extensive  collection  of  Modern  and  Contemporary  Art ,  go over  to  the  Met  –  Breuer  on  75th  Street  and  Madison  Avenue .

There’s  also  the  Costume  Institute  in the  museum ,  which  is  very  popular  for  those  of  us who  consider  ourselves , “fashionistas”.

In this  area  of the museum ,  works  of current  and  past  fashion  designers  are spotlighted .

This  year, it was  the  fashion  house known  as  Comme Des  Garcons .

You’ve  visited  all or if not ,  most  of  the  exhibits  in the  museum  and you  feel  as though  you’ve  missed  something ,  and like  the  song  goes ,  “You don’t  want  to  miss a thing . ”

Don’t  worry ,  you won’t ,  but if you  do just remember .

If you live in  or are visiting  New York  City  for a while ,  you can always  come back