This is the shortest month of the year and we’ve already said hello to February .

Have you said hello to an overnight bag, backpack or a suitcase yet?

What are you waiting for ?

Get travelling and let these quotes inspire you .



Once again, it’s that blog post that some of y’all seem to love.

It’s the winter edition of what’s in my suitcase ?

The Sports Diva is going away for about ten days and of course a sporting event is gonna happen because that’s how I roll.

There might even be one, two or three sporting events going on .

You never know .

For 10 days, God willing , where am I going ?

You’ll find out soon enough, but in the meantime , take a guess.

While you’re trying to figure out which not so warm city that I’m going to, ( or maybe I am going to a warm city ), enjoy what’s in my suitcase .

It’s my new blue suitcase , a present from my sister in law . Yes, it will fit everything for 10 days and all the stuff in it isn’t going to be more than 40 pounds, trust me on that.

Blue sweater and beige shirt. Shirt a gift from my cousin and sweater from a thrift store here in Queens .

This is actually a sweater , but because I am 4’11 , this outfit from a thrift store is gonna be a dress.

Grey jacket and black dress from Forever 21 and black dress and red leather jacket from the catalog , Midnight Velvet .

Sorry this is so dark, but orange shirt from Rainbow Shops and black jacket from the thrift store in Queens , where I buy a lot of stuff .

Boots from Midnight Velvet , skirt and pants from my cousin (yes, I’ve got a lot of neices, girl cousins, and great neices who love clothes as much as I do and they don’t donate clothes, it’s more like do you want these?) Black sweatshirt from thrift shop.Shirt from Rainbow Shops .

Pants, pants, and more pants. Sneakers from my cousin and sweatpants once again from that store called, where did I buy these again?

My black shirt from Pittsburgh and red shirt from Las Vegas . It’s all about the bags. Sketchers bag from Sketchers Store. My favorite Boston bag from Primark Store in Boston and three bags, you guessed it , from my cousin . Also making an appearance a toiletries bag from Mary Kay and because I just cant get rid of these suckers , a bag full of medicine that I have to take.

That’s going in my purse, which is the black bag in the picture .

There you have it, this edition of what’s in my suitcase .

Now I might not take all this stuff but who knows?


Here we go again.

It’s almost the end of November and the Sports Diva is traveling again.

This time, it’s not to a funeral.

Let the 30 Plus Teams Tour continue.

Where am I going this time?

I’m not going to tell you yet, so you have to wait.

All I can say is, it’s gonna be cold and the sports diva is bundling up.

I’m hoping to cross a couple of things off my bucket list with this tour.

Yes, a sporting event will be happening where I’m going to be, because after all, that’s the purpose of a 30 Plus Teams Tour .

You’re going to see two suitcases not because I’m staying a long time, just 4 days, but because I can’t decide which one to bring.

Enjoy while you try to figure out where the Sports Diva is going this time.

One suitcase with two hats on them. Pink hat from Rainbow Shops and New York Rangers hat from a late co worker of mine.

My backpack from my last trip to Virginia with two hats on them. Both hats are from the NHL Store in New York City .

It’s gonna be cold so gotta wear this coat and scarf which belonged to my late cousin Charlene.

My pajamas which were from my auntie in Boston, and since I’m travelling by bus, I gotta have my New England Patriots blanket from Modells Sporting Goods Store. Making her first appearance travelling with me is my teddy bear, Serena W, from the Build A Bear Store in Baltimore .

Boots from Macy’s and Rainbow Shops cause it’s gonna be cold. I’m wearing one pair and the other goes into the suitcase.

Socks and stockings from H&M Store and Rainbow Shops . Blue and black leggings also from Rainbow Shops as is the fur hoodie. Gloves a gift from one of my Circle of Sisters , Lisa.

I’m not carrying any purses, just drawstring bags which are from the NHL Store and the Sketchers Store. The bag that says Market Basket is actually a shopping bag from a supermarket in Chelsea, Massachusetts . The shirt is from the NHL Store .

New York shirt is from the NHL Store and red sweater is from a vendor in Queens.

No matter where you are, you gotta represent your team, no matter the sport. Blue and red rally towels are from a game at Madison Square Garden . New York scarf was a gift from the coworker who died ( it’s very special to me. He was a Rangers fan too. R.I.P. Alfonso Diaz) The shirt from the NHL Store and it’s the name of my favorite Rangers player. You just know I’m going to be rocking this shirt! Black sweater, which is so long that I wear it as a dress ,is from Rainbow Shops .