It was Memorial Day here in the United States , a day where we honor all those veterans that made it possible for us here to enjoy the right to shop, live and yes , do those 30 Plus Teams Tours we sports fans love doing.

Thanks to the virus from hell , it’s not possible for us to do what we used to do.

But here in New York City as well as some other states in the country, places are opening up.

While large groups of people can’t get together and act the fool, it is okay if up to 10 people do this.

Just remember your masks and gloves people.

You can’t swim on the beaches but at least you can walk on the sand here.

Usually, for Memorial Day, the Sports Diva is doing some kind of 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere.

Virus from hell or no virus from hell , 2020 is no different .

Except, I’m doing a stay cation 30 Plus Teams Tour.

Hello to that orange and blue bus route N4 that starts in the borough of Queens and ends in Nassau County Long Island.

Instead of going to Philadelphia, Boston or Washington, DC, my trip is taking me to the cities or incorporated towns of Baldwin , Valley Stream, Lynbrook and Rockville Centre , Long Island.

While buses in New York City are run by the MTA or Metropolitan Transit Authority, buses in this section of Long Island are run by Nassau County transit.

Like everything else in New York City , don’t even try to come on without your mask and please forget about paying, get on the back of the bus please and stay away from the driver.

If you need to ask for directions on how to get where you’re going, too bad.

No interaction with the driver.

Didn’t you get that memo about staying 6 feet away?

So with camera phone in hand, the Sports Diva said stand back coronavirus, mama is going away, if only for a few hours.

Guess what?

It felt so good, I just might do it again.