While doing a 30 Plus Teams Tour staycation of Kew Gardens , I wanted something to drink, but not an adult beverage and not a coffee from either Dunkin Donuts or Seven Eleven coffee.

While doing some exploring around the area near the Kew Gardens Long Island Railroad Station was, I noticed a place called , ‘Mr. Wish’.

It claimed that it had ‘healthy bubble drinks and fruit teas.’

I looked at the pictures on the store window and on the menu, and I saw a drink that I hadn’t had since I lived in Los Angeles .

It was Pearl Milk Tea.

For $3.75 plus taxes, I figured why not get a medium one?

I had time to kill before my train back to Locust Manor came.

The Pearl Milk Tea was delicious , and made just the way I like my bubble tea.

No sugar needed, and big bubble pieces that are big but not that big that they won’t fit through your straw .

It just so happens that Mr. Wish’s teas and fruit juices are the number one brand in Taiwan and besides having stores in Taiwan and the United States , they also have locations in China , Vietnam , plus 150 other locations.

It’s easy to see why.

The store that I went to is located at 80 – 62 Lefferts Boulevard , Kew Gardens .

Mr. Wish claims that they have ‘authentic Fruit and Bubble Teas.’

They do.

If you can’t get to New York City or the borough of Queens, see if there is a Mr. Wish in your city.

You won’t be disappointed and the prices are very reasonable .


Once again, the weather is nice here in the beginning of October all ready.

I decided to do another 30 Plus Teams Tour day trip of another neighborhood in Queens , Kew Gardens .

Kew Gardens is actually close to the section of Queens that I live in.

I can either take two buses to get there , the subway, or as usual, the Long Island Railroad .

The Kew Gardens Long Island Railroad Station is two stops away from me, after Jamaica JFK .

If the name sounds familiar , it’s because like most towns in the eastern part of the United States , there’s towns in England with the same name , and many of the buildings in Kew Gardens look like houses in England .

While many of us can’t get to England or anywhere else, enjoy the pictures from my day in Kew Gardens .