It’s a few days before October leaves and November comes in.

Hard to believe there’s only two months left until 2020 is over and hopefully we might be able to travel again.

Travel won’t be the way we used to know it thanks to Covid 19 , but some of us are traveling whether it be to somewhere in our own city, state, country or to a country or state that’s close by us and doesn’t have that many restrictions due to covid.

The Sports Diva is even thinking about a trip somewhere.

Where? Can’t tell you yet, but God willing the ever popular blog post, What’s In My Suitcase , will be making a long waited reappearance.

In the meantime , let these quotes inspire you to travel again or at least think about it



Most cities in the United States have what’s called early voting, which means you can vote before the normal election day, which is usually the first Tuesday in November.

This year, its Tuesday, November 3rd and this election is very important.

The United States will either have a new president or the same one.

October 24 was New York’s turn for the start of early voting and like me, many people took advantage of it and waited in line, sometimes more than 2 hours to exercise their right to vote.

As I had absentee ballots for myself, aunt and cousin, I was able to drop my ballots into a dropbox inside the voting place, although it would have been nice if I and a couple of other people who stood in line for almost 3 hours had been given this need to know information earlier.

Luckily I had one of those stadium chairs to sit on while i waited my turn, and discussed politics in the United States with other voters waiting in line also.

Finally, i got to put the ballots in the dropbox.

This was all worth it.

My grandparents who were born and raised in Waxhaw County, North Carolina and Lancaster, South Carolina, couldn’t even vote.

Even though the lines were long, I didn’t mind doing it.

Too many people died trying to vote, it’s the least the Sports Diva can do.


While doing a 30 Plus Teams Tour staycation of Kew Gardens , I wanted something to drink, but not an adult beverage and not a coffee from either Dunkin Donuts or Seven Eleven coffee.

While doing some exploring around the area near the Kew Gardens Long Island Railroad Station was, I noticed a place called , ‘Mr. Wish’.

It claimed that it had ‘healthy bubble drinks and fruit teas.’

I looked at the pictures on the store window and on the menu, and I saw a drink that I hadn’t had since I lived in Los Angeles .

It was Pearl Milk Tea.

For $3.75 plus taxes, I figured why not get a medium one?

I had time to kill before my train back to Locust Manor came.

The Pearl Milk Tea was delicious , and made just the way I like my bubble tea.

No sugar needed, and big bubble pieces that are big but not that big that they won’t fit through your straw .

It just so happens that Mr. Wish’s teas and fruit juices are the number one brand in Taiwan and besides having stores in Taiwan and the United States , they also have locations in China , Vietnam , plus 150 other locations.

It’s easy to see why.

The store that I went to is located at 80 – 62 Lefferts Boulevard , Kew Gardens .

Mr. Wish claims that they have ‘authentic Fruit and Bubble Teas.’

They do.

If you can’t get to New York City or the borough of Queens, see if there is a Mr. Wish in your city.

You won’t be disappointed and the prices are very reasonable .


Once again, the weather is nice here in the beginning of October all ready.

I decided to do another 30 Plus Teams Tour day trip of another neighborhood in Queens , Kew Gardens .

Kew Gardens is actually close to the section of Queens that I live in.

I can either take two buses to get there , the subway, or as usual, the Long Island Railroad .

The Kew Gardens Long Island Railroad Station is two stops away from me, after Jamaica JFK .

If the name sounds familiar , it’s because like most towns in the eastern part of the United States , there’s towns in England with the same name , and many of the buildings in Kew Gardens look like houses in England .

While many of us can’t get to England or anywhere else, enjoy the pictures from my day in Kew Gardens .