Welcome  to  30  Plus  Teams ,  30  Plus  Dreams .

My name is  Jo Ann  Lawery  and while I’m  new to  this blogging thing, I’m  not  new to travel .

I have  been  traveling  since I  took my first  plane ride at age 12 from  Martha’s  Vineyard to New York  City   and I’ve  been  traveling  ever since.

I have worked for two airlines ,  Delta  and Malaysia  Airlines  for 10 years .

I  was also a  freelance  sports writer ,  which is  where the  idea for this blog came from.

There are 30 or more teams in baseball , hockey ,  football , and  basketball ,  and after you’ve  gone to  any or all  of  them in a city, you’ll  want to  know what to  do, right?

That’s  where the  travel part comes in, never forgetting though ,  the real reason  why you’re  visiting  the  city.

If you’re  looking  for  those tips on  what to do in Europe  or Asia, you’ve  come to  the  wrong blog.

As most of  the  professional  sports  teams  are either in the United  States  or Canada ,  you’ll  find a  lot of  tips for  visiting  and going to  games there.

As for the  30 Plus  Dreams  part, if you’re  a sports  fan like I am, going to  see a game in a  stadium  or arena  that’s been on  your bucket  list forever, that is a dream.

Enjoy the ride.

Jo Ann  Lawery  aka Sportsdiva63