Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City is one of the largest bus terminals in New York City , if not the United States .

I was on my way to Baltimore, Maryland for another 30 Plus Teams Tour .

Bus terminals are never really that interesting to see, Port Authority no exception.

As I was early for an 11am bus, that didn’t come at 11am, by the way, I decided to get something to eat.

(Thank you again, Greyhound for not having a driver and making us all late for our final destinations . )

Imagine my surprise as I walked from the bathroom and saw this piece of art that looked like candy.

But there was something odd about the “wrapper”.

It was wrapped in what looked to be the flag of Indonesia .

It wasn’t the only one that I saw.

There was “candy” wrapped up in the flags of the Great Britain ,

Germany, Mexico, India, and Japan.

I just had to take a picture with the “candy” from South Africa, it was so colorful, as was the “candy” from Saudi Arabia and Australia .

I wasn’t the only one noticing the “candy”.

Another lady was taking a selfie with the “candy” from Turkey as I was admiring the also colorful “candy” from Brazil.

Bus stations usually aren’t that interesting to look at , but whoever decided to add this “candy art” to the Port Authority , thank you.


Since 2012, one of my Circle of Sisters and I have traveled to the city on the Chesapeake Bay , Baltimore , Maryland , also known as “Charm City “.

Back then, when I first went, there was no such thing as a 30 Plus Teams Tour .

We went to Baltimore because we both love baseball and hockey, too, but that’s another story for another day .

Our trips to Baltimore , which usually takes place in either April, June, July, August , or September .

Basically , its the months when the Yankees play the Baltimore Orioles at the place that just happens to be the favorite ballpark of both of us , Orioles Park at Camden Yards , or just Camden Yards for short.

This is the time for my bestie, Sue, and I to really get together.

She lives in Pittsburgh , I live in New York City.

Baltimore is sort of the midway point between the two cities .

Forget what you’ve seen on television or read in the news about the city .

Baltimore is a very beautiful city with a lot of very friendly people.

It’s just as historical as Boston, Washington DC , and Philadelphia are.

There’s bad areas of the city, yes, but there are a lot of cities in the world with bad areas.

Do your research and stay away from those areas if you can.

Talk to the locals while you’re in town.

Don’t be surprised if you’re called “Hon” a lot.

That’s short for honey, and it’s not sexist.

It’s a term of endearment in B’more .

We’ve talked about besties and baseball , what about that other “B”, Beer?

When you’re at a baseball game at Camden Yards , or some other baseball park, you MUST have a Hot Dog, Nachos loaded with cheese and jalapeños, and some French Fries .

Oh, you didn’t know this?

Trust the Sports Diva on this one, it’s sports related.

It’s baseball food and what do you have to wash it down with?

No, not a milk shake, water or a soda.

Beer, that’s the drink of baseball aficionados while at a game, cheering their team on.

They even sell it in the stands during a game.

(Just have your id ready and tip the vendors, don’t be cheap! Remember , after the 7th inning, you can’t get beer because they stop selling it.)

Baltimoreans love a locally brewed beer called “Natty Bohemian ” or Natty Boh for short.

Personally, I go with either Stella Artois Cidre, Blue Moon or Shock Top.

I must admit that this is the only time that I really do beer, because nothing says baseball in the summer like an ice cold beer.

This year, the Yankees don’t make an appearance in Baltimore on Labor Day .

So that means August was the only month that my bestie and I got to see this ball park .

No more Bestie, Beer, and Baseball time this year.

God willing, my bestie and I will have to wait until the 2019 baseball season begins to experience another bestie , beer, and baseball trip down in Baltimore .

We’re looking forward to it.


I’m sitting on a Greyhound Bus, waiting to start my next 30 Plus Teams Tour .

Lately, Greyhound has been having a lot of issues with their buses and drivers .

My bus was supposed to leave at 11am, non stop to Baltimore , Maryland .

Or so I thought.

(Yeah, this is where I’m going to and there will be a few posts from my 30 Plus Teams Tour of Baltimore.)

When the bus finally left, 20 minutes late, I do what I usually do on the bus.

Sleep .

I was in such deep sleep that when the bus stopped, I was ready and eager to get off until the driver announced where we really were.



Wilmington , Delaware ?

What kind of express bus is this?

Then I looked at my ticket.

Whoops, “senioritis” has set in.

I forgot .

When I return to New York City on Tuesday, God willing , the bus will be non stop.

Going to Baltimore, the 11AM bus ALWAYS stops in Wilmington .

Why couldn’t it be the other way around ?

Greyhound make that stop on the way back to New York City , I’m not in that much of a hurry to get back.

Why is it that no matter how you travel, it seems to take FOREVER to get to your destination , but when you’re returning, it’s as though your bus driver, train conductor or even the pilot, is auditioning for the newest Fast and the Furious movie and gets you to your home city in no time.

Or is that just me that they seem to get back to New York City way quicker than I really want to get there ?

Oh well for right now, I’m not thinking about New York City .

We just left Wilmington and I have another hour and a half before I get to Charm City, aka Baltimore .

I think I’ll go back to sleep .


It’s time for another 30 Plus Teams Tour , so you know what that means ?

Another edition of what’s in my suitcase .

I’m going somewhere fairly warm and very humid , God willing from Friday, 24 August until Tuesday 28th of August.

I’m not taking a big suitcase and as much stuff as I took for Las Vegas .

(Or at least I don’t think that I am, you might think differently after you see what’s going in this backpack.)

As usual, hair products, shoes, unmentionables, jewelry and makeup are going in this bag as well as my three stuffed animals that I always bring with me.

Yeah, don’t judge me, I have stuffed animals at my age.

Here’s the late summer edition of what’s in my suitcase .

As usual , no hats on the bed. My two New York Yankees caps from the Yankees Clubhouse and Modells Sports Store in New York City . The other hat is from a store here in Queens.

Black and white bag a present from my cousin, black and white dress from Forever 21, two pair of shorts from Rainbow shops.Black sleeveless shirt from Chico’s. The colorful pink blouse is also from Rainbow Shops.

Kimono a present from my auntie, white pants and black and white dress from Macy’s .

This is a 30 Plus Teams Tour so you know a baseball game is gonna break out one of the days that I’m going to be where I’m going . As usual, the Sports Diva is going to be representing her team and being the Sports Team Apparel Fashionista that I am, I will be rocking my New York Yankees shirts. . 3 Yankees shirts are from Yankees Clubhouse and Modells. Gray leggings are from Rainbow Shops.

That’s what’s going in my suitcase .

Of course, I might not take all of this, but you never know.

Where’s my 30 Plus Teams Tour taking me this time?

You’ll just have to wait and see.

There will be a post about it and yes, you’re going to come along with me.


Some of you might know about my favorite sports teams, favorite foods, cities, etc.

I even did a blog post about my “Team Awesome “, which are my favorite bloggers that I follow a lot.

(There’s going to be a new Team Awesome blog post coming up very soon, so please look for it.)

Whenever those “travel blues” that I talk about all the time hit me, I always mention how YouTube videos are always my best friends.

There are so many channels to go to, but these are the ones that I go to no matter where I am or if I’m suffering from the “blues” or what.

Some of these channels you might have heard of or even follow yourself.

Some of them you might never have heard of , so when you get the chance , please check them out.

Now I’m not going to lie, because after all, I AM the Sports Diva , so don’t be surprised if some of these channels are sports related.

So here goes with some of my favorites

1. The Young Turks- because everyone needs a least one political channel to listen to and I like their commentary.

2. We Know Vegas- The Vegas Travel Channel – The hosts of this channel are from Nashville , Tennessee , but they’ve been to Las Vegas so often that they can tell you things that you should know about Sin City no matter if it’s your first or 1001 time going there .

3. Niana & Ranz- These guys make me laugh with their antics all set to music. If I want to know the latest songs to jam to, Niana and Ranz are the YouTubers that I go to.

4. Must Do Travel- Definately a go to channel. Even though my blog covers mostly the United States and Canada , I want to learn about other places that I might want to visit one day, God willing .

5. David Sriracha – He’s a food blogger who tries all kinds of cuisines no matter where he and his family go. Sriracha isn’t his real last name, its because wherever he goes, he’s got a small bottle of sriracha hot sauce with him. I ain’t mad atcha , David .

6. Sonal Maherali- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this lady’s channel. She’s a luxury traveler and fashion vlogger from Kenya who travels all over mostly with her husband Ali in tow. I love her outfits, especially her shoes and bags.

7. Leopard Couture- She’s a travel and fashion blogger ftom Vancouver, Canada who also travels mostly in the United States and Canada .

8. Logan- The Girl With The Hat- Logan is a 10 year old girl from Las Vegas who’s channel is mostly about her love for her team, the Vegas Golden Knights . I love her channel because the passion that she displays for her team reminds me of that 14 year old girl growing up in New York City who also just discovered the game of hockey.

9. Hands Down Hockey

10. Post2Post

11. Top Shelf Hockey

These three are produced by gentlemen from Canada and they talk about what else, hockey.

12. MikeyBigBob- These two gentlemen have a talk show in Pittsburgh and one of the things they do is read Facebook comments from people in or outside of Pittsburgh about EVERYTHING from sports, politics, food, etc. There’s been many times while watching their station that what ever it was that I was drinking is now all over me because I was laughing so hard.

13. Team Clare Blogs- This is another YouTuber that I love watching as much as I love watching Sonal Maherali’s channel. Team Clare are the Clare family from Glasgow , Scotland , father John, mother Kym and son Matthew and their many travels and shopping trips. Can’t dislike a family that spends more time in Target and Walgreens than I do!

Those are my favorite YouTube channels.

What are yours?

Let me know and maybe I’ll just check them out.

Who knows.

They might end up helping me when those “travel blues” strike.