Let’s  say you’ve  gone on that fabulous  vacation  to somewhere exotic like Bangkok  or Bali, or you’re  going  to  visit  your family  in Korea or Nigeria . 

You spent a whole  year living or working in Europe  or Asia or went backpacking  in Australia  or New Zealand . 

Of course you did that 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of Atlanta just to see the Atlanta  Falcons  Football  team’s  new stadium . 

All these trips have ended and you’re  getting ready to  come back home.

You’re  going to miss the friends you’ve made and you’re  happy to be going home.

Or are you?

Something  just doesn’t  seem  right.

You’re going to  sleep  in your own bed that you haven’t  seen  in a long time.

You might even  be  sleeping  in the same room that you’ve  had for years because  you’re  living  with your folks . 

Something  still isn’t  making you happy ,  in fact you’re  doing everything  you can to keep  from thinking  about  the fact that you’re  leaving.

You can’t  stop thinking  about  the wonderful  time you had and the  things that  you  saw.

Worse for everyone  else, you CAN’T stop talking  about your trip overseas or cross country  to anyone  who  will listen . 

You want to go away again so badly and oh so very  soon.

Okay, what’s  going on  here?

What’s  wrong  with  you?

Might it be that you’re  suffering  from  Post Travel  Depression ? 

Now before you poo poo and think that  this  is  another  one  of  those “fake  ailments  “, think about  it  for a minute . 

Your trip or sabbatical  is almost over   .

Do you think  to yourself ,  ”  I  REALLY don’t  want to  go back. Maybe I can  stay one more day if I have the money and I can change my ticket . ”

Or are you  like me and buy two one way tickets because  you’re  not  sure when  you’re  going to  come back?

Sometimes I  wait until the last minute  to buy a return  ticket . 

Not very practical  and  kinda expensive ,  but it works for me.

I guess it’s a  blessing  to  live in  a big city where transportation  is plentiful . 

Since most of  my  travel consists  of  bus travel  in the  United States  and Canada ,  it’s  relatively  easy tto  buy tickets  or change  my ticket to leave on another day.

Greyhound  charges $20 to change your ticket.

Megabus  charges $  20 for a standby ticket, no matter what  day it is.

You just have  to  wait until  everyone  is seated and the driver counts the empty seats.

If you happen to  be  flying  or taking  Amtrak ,  it’s  a  little  harder  and more expensive  to change  your  ticket . 

Another question . 

Do you dread every minute that you get closer and closer to your home?

Do you look  forward  to  that next trip, only  to  realize  that your  next trip  isn’t  coming  anytime soon?

Why do you feel  this way and just what  can be done about  it ? 

I  honestly  don’t  know . 

But rather than dwell on the fact that  your next trip  isn’t  for a long time, work with what you’ve  got.

You can’t  tell me that you’ve  seen  everything  in your hometown . 

I  live in  New York  City  and I’m not going to lie and tell you that  I’ve  seen  everything  because  I  haven’t .

Get together  with friends and be a tourist in your own city.

It will take your mind off the urge to  tell everyone  about how great the night markets are in Saigon  or Jakarta . 
What about you?

How do you feel  after you’ve  come back from a trip and just what do you  do about it?

Let me know  in the comments  section  or if you have my email  address ,  sportsdiva63@gmail.com ,  give me a shout out . 

Thanks  again  for  reading my posts . 



The  year isn’t  over yet ,  and I’m  sure  that I’ll  have  many other favorite  memories  to talk about . 

At this time  though ,  at the middle  of  October ,  my favorite  memory  from this year so far occurred in a five day span, June 18th  until June 23rd . 

This was my annual  trip to  Las Vegas  for the NHL  Awards  and  red carpet  ceremony.

This year was an extra  special  one though.

Las Vegas  was getting  a  brand  new  hockey  team, the Golden  Knights.

(You know what  that means ,  right? Las Vegas  has become  a stop on the 30 Plus  Teams  Tour . )

Not only was the city hosting  the awards, something  that they had done for the  past few years at some theater in one of the many casino – hotels in  town, but they were going to hold the ceremony  and  the Expansion  Draft  at the T-MOBILE  Arena ,  home of the team.

Everyone  who attended  the  awards ceremony  also got to see and hear just what players would  be  wearing  that black hockey jersey trimmed  in gold and red with the gold Knights  shield  on the front.

I was really  excited  because  for once not only was I  going to  the red carpet  ceremony  and take pictures  with hockey players nominated  for  awards, but I  could  actually  afford  tickets to  the  awards  for once.

$25 for a seat in Section  13, row 9 sounded awfully  good to  me.

The only thing  that  I  didn’t  like was the unbearable  heat.

The  city does get wicked  hot in the months  of  June, July ,  and August ,  but maybe because  I’m  getting  older and hadn’t  lived in  Vegas in 7 years, the heat did bother me a lot this time and  I  was wearing  a  sleeveless  dress.

I can never forget how excited  I was when five of the newest members of  the  team came on stage and greeted the crowd.

They were wearing  their jerseys without their names or numbers on the back.

I wasn’t  the only one  who  was excited . 

The crowd in the arena was electric  and this wasn’t  even a hockey  game  that was being  played . 

There was even a question  and answer period after the ceremony  was over with not only the same five players, but the coach of the team as well.

It was something  that  I’ll  never forget . 

Vegas was ready to  show the world  that the newest member  of “The Shield  ” could  put on a show worthy of “The Entertainment  Capital  of  the  World  ” when their first inaugural  home game happened on October  10th . 

Yes, this was definitely  my favorite  memory  of  the  year ,  if not the summer.

I couldn’t  wait to  see  them play, and it’s  even part of  my bucket list to see a game at the  T-MOBILE  Arena . 

Who would  have  known  or even  thought  that  just a few  days  before  October  10th ,  someone  would  make  my favorite  memory  of  the  year very bittersweet ? 

I  will  still  remember  in spite  of  everything those days, June 18-23, 2017, and how they will be my favorite  memory  of  the  year.



I wrote this several months ago. Recently some family members that I hadn’t seen since they were little came back into my life via facebook. While I am happy to know they’re okay , I have very mixed feelings about reconnecting .

30 Plus Teams 30 Plus Dreams

FB_IMG_1501064026943As I  get  ready  to  make  another  30  Plus  Teams  Tour ,  I   have to  reflect  on  some  things .

What  would  I  say  to  a younger  me if I  could  go back  in time ?

Now , when  I  say my younger  self, I’m  referring  to  that  18  year  old  girl  just getting  out of  Catholic  School   all the way up to  that  35  year  old  woman ,  who  seemed  to  be  depressed  about  how  her  life  was  going .

I  was  also  extremely  sensitive  to  criticism  of  any  kind  from anyone .

I’d  like  to  say  that  at  age  36  that I  had my life  together ,  but that  would  be  a  big fat  lie .

I   honestly  didn’t .

It  wasn’t  until  I  reached  the age of  43  that I  really  got my act  together .

I  can remember  crying  on my 30th  birthday…

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Being the  team sports  apparel  fashionista that I  am ,  when I  did my own  30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  New  York  City ,  I just  HAD to make  a  stop at  two of my favorite  stores.

The NHL  Store  and the NBA  Store ,  which really  aren’t  that  far from each other.

Is there such a term as “team  sports  apparel  fashionista”?

If not, there’s  a  new term  that I  made up all by myself . 

There wasn’t  anything  that I wanted to  buy just yet at the  NHL  Store ,  but the NBA  Store  was another  story . 

The store  is located  on 45th Street  and Fifth Avenue . 

It has three floors  and moved from their old location  on 47th Street  and Fifth  Avenue . 

As I walked down Fifth  Avenue  and got closer to  the  flagship  store of all things National  Basketball  Association ,  I wasn’t  the only one  who  was taking pictures  of the  store and walking in to take a look at all the NBA swag.

It wasn’t  even 11am ,  and all ready this place was packed with people . 

There was no sale going on, just lots of basketball  fans buying  all sorts of  team apparel . 

Many of  them were tourists.

In case you weren’t  aware, the NBA is HUGE in places like China, France, Germany ,  Spain, Argentina, Croatia ,  Serbia , Latvia ,  and Lithuania ,  among other  places.

I was amazed by all the languages I heard spoken by people just going crazy buying basketball  stuff.

When you walk into the store, not only are you greeted  by  official  store greeters saying, “Welcome  to  the  NBA  Store  “, but a HUGE bobblehead of Golden  State Warriors  player, Stephan Curry . 

The store seems  to  have  everything  and then some  that you ever wanted to  buy when it comes to  your team or favorite  player . 

I wasn’t  the only person  loading  up on NBA  goodies.

(Basketball  season  begins  this Tuesday  night and just because  I don’t  have  enough Boston  Celtics  stuff in my closet ,  I just have to  have more.)

This store is flashy, just like the league  it represents  and the city that it’s  located  in . 

The store has basketball  stuff for every age and  gender ,  even if your  basketball  fan is still in diapers.

There’s  even  an area of  the  store where you  can  practice  your basketball  skills . 

What about  things for the basketball  historian  in you?

The NBA  Store has you covered too.

On the first floor ,  there’s  pictures  from every  era of the  NBA ,  beginning  with  the  1960’s.

It’s  fun to  see all the pictures  of players back in the day and the present  that you remember . 

I think the NBA  Store  is going to  be  a  place  that I’m  going to  be  shopping  at  a lot more  often.

Judging  by  all the  people  coming out of  the store, black shopping  bags with the red, white, and blue NBA  logo splashed all over it, I’m  not  the  only  one . 


It’s  located  in  the  Washington  Heights  section  of  the city.

It happens  to  be  the  third branch  of  the  Metropolitan  Museum  of  Art . 

It’s  The  Met  –  Cloisters . 

The  Cloisters  Museum  and Gardens  are located  in  Fort  Tryon  Park ,  which  overlooks the  Hudson  River . 

While  you’re  in  the  park on your way to  the museum ,  on a  clear  day you’ll  see a bridge  off in the distance . 

That happens  to  be  the  George Washington  Bridge ,  which separates Washington  Heights  from Fort Lee ,  New Jersey . 

The official  address  of the museum  is 99 Margaret  Corbin  Drive . 

You can take public transportation  to get there.

If you take the  subway ,  the A train, you get off  at  the 190th Street  stop.

Get ready  to  do  a lot of  walking . 

It’s  extremely  hilly.

The easiest  but longest route is to take the number 4 bus.

The last stop on the bus is the front door  of the  museum  literally . 

Like the other branches of the Metropolitan ,  there is a suggested  donation  price  of  $  25 . 

If you visit  this museum ,  you can visit  one of  the  other museums  of the Metropolitan  for free on the same  day . 

Just hold on  to  your  ticket stub.

I would  advise  visiting the  Cloisters  early on a Friday or a Saturday  when the other two Met museums  are open late.

The Cloisters  hours are 10am  until  5:  15pm, every day . 

Starting  in November  though, the museum  will close at 4:45pm.

When you’ve  paid your fee, you are given  a  sticker to wear to show that you’ve  paid . 

You can take pictures ,  just don’t  use a flash or make videos . 

Once again, leave the selfie  sticks  at  home . 

The Cloisters  focuses mainly  on  one particular  period  of  time  – the Middle  Ages . 

Be ready  to  see things that aren’t  what  they  appear  to  be . 

Like that door that you and the  family  just walked  through . 

It’s  actually  a window  from some castle  or monastery  in France.

You’ll  also  see many religious  figures either as a sculpture  or painting . 

There’s  even  a garden where you can sit quietly  and  reflect .

It’s  called the  Judy  Black  Garden . 

You can even admire the view in front  of  you.

There wasn’t  one particular  item that I  enjoyed more than  another  one while I  visited . 

I can honestly  say  that  I  loved EVERYTHING . 

Unlike  the  Met- Fifth  Avenue ,  I was able  to  see all the exhibits in a matter of  a few hours.

Although  I  can honestly  say  that  I  just wasn’t  feeling  the fascination  with  the  unicorns  in one of the rooms called, what else, The Unicorn  Gallery . 

If you happen  to  come to  New York  or live in  the  city, take a trip up to The  Cloisters . 

You won’t  believe  that  you’re  actually  in The Big  Apple . 
The Met – Cloisters  

99 Margaret  Corbin  Drive  

Fort Tryon  Park  

New York  City ,  New York