At first I wasn’t sure if I should stop doing travel quotes because no one is travelling .

It may be the fourth month of 2020, but no one is traveling for awhile.

However, at a time like this, we need some kind of diversion to get us through this .

So the Sports Diva is going to be giving y’all travel quotes as long as I can because we need some inspiration right about now.

Once again, let these quotes inspire you to travel once travel is allowed again.


Believe it or not we are going into almost month number four, April.

Weren’t people just talking about leap day and having those 2020 parties for the new year?

The Coronavirus has stopped many of us from doing our own 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of somewhere.

When the virus from hell finally goes away and it’s  safe to travel, we can all look forward to doing what we all love to do, travel.

Even though  we can’t  travel right now, the Sports Diva is here with the quotes to inspire you to travel when it’s  safe to do so.




It was less than a month ago that the Sports Diva returned from her latest 30 Plus Teams Tours of San Francisco and Las Vegas.

I couldn’t wait to get home and think about the next two trips that I would be making in early May and late June.

God willing, I will still make those trips, I just don’t know when thanks to Coronavirus , Covid 19, aka the virus from hell.

The virus has affected everything and everyone from your next door neighbor to heads of countries to those basketball and hockey players you cheer for.

Life isn’t the way we know it.

Now we’re told to stand six feet away from each other.

Self quarentine is going to be the word of the day if not the year.

Speaking of the year, can we get a do over on 2020, because it’s been sucking big time and we’re only in month number three.

People have been told to wash their hands, like are y’all for real right now?

Someone actually has to tell you to do this?

Supermarkets here in the United States have set aside “senior hours”, usually from 7am to 9am because those of us over 60 are the ones to be affected the most by this virus.

Never would I thought I see supermarkets run out of toilet paper because people are hoarding it like it’s gold.

(Okay, so not only don’t some of you not wash your hands, it seems like some of you don’t seem to wipe your behinds either.)

Everything that we take for granted has basically gone because of the virus that many people, especially, young people who pack the beaches of Florida and Texas thinking they’re invicible, and taking the virus as a joke.

News flash.

The joke’s on us and it’s not funny.

‘It’s just like the flu’,some people said

Let’s stop the madness here my peeps and get with the program.

I’ve had the flu and I remember spending my first Christmas in Los Angeles at the hospital.

This isn’t the flu,fam.

Didn’t y’all get that memo on how serious and deadly this is?

The flu doesn’t close non essential businesses, religious services, schools and colleges or suspend sporting events.

The flu doesn’t make elected officials order a lockdown of your city for a month or longer.

A simple flu doesn’t shut down airports, nor does it make you rethink your travel no matter if you’re going by bus, plane or train.

Sadly, the flu doesn’t stop funerals or weddings from happening because more than 10 people are attending.

This is the new reality that we happen to be living in because of the virus from hell.

How am I coping with it?

To be honest, the Sports Diva isn’t, but by the grace of God, I’m doing the best I can because I have to.

I have people who rely on me.

I hate the fact that I can’t travel nor watch a sporting event, but that’s okay.

YouTube is my best friend and even though I can’t travel far, a walk around the block with my mask and plastic gloves on works just fine.

I don’t care where this virus started or how it started, I just wish it would go away.

Now that I would be able to cope with.



I have flown on many airlines in the United States and Canada , but on my trip to San Francisco back to Las Vegas , I flew on an airline that I have never been on before , Alaska Airlines .

The Seattle , Washington based airline does fly out of all three New York City airports that I fly out of.

I never thought of taking Alaska out of JFK or Newark Liberty , because I’m not going to find a $49 one way fare like I did for San Francisco to Las Vegas .

For a flight to a destination like Las Vegas , which is always crowded , the plane was surprisingly empty.

If you happen to fly to Las Vegas on Alaska , you’ll be more than likely arriving in Terminal 3, where you have to get a shuttle to take you to terminal , where you can get Lyft, Uber, hotel shuttles, taxis, or good old public transportation like I always do if I get to Vegas at a decent hour, like before 9pm.

The seats are very comfortable and this time, I had a whole row to myself.

I was also able to sleep on the plane and not be disturbed by anyone , except the flight attendants passing out snacks , water or Orange juice as this was a very short flight .

Once again, with just my drawstring bag , I got out of the terminal very fast .

If I happen to get an inexpensive flight on Alaska out of Newark Liberty or JFK , you’d better believe I’m taking it, and because I just had to be “that Sports Diva who loves collecting air miles” , you just know that I signed up for Alaska Airlines Frequent Flyer Program.

Besides, you never know.

God willing, I may be doing a 30 Plus Teams Tour of the Emerald City, aka Seattle, Washington.


Its claim to fame is that it’s the crookiest street in the United States.

I don’t know about that.

All I know is that it’s a lot easier walking DOWN Lombard Street than walking up.

This was number 125 on my bucket list.

I took the wrong cable car from Powell street to get to Lombard.

Instead of taking the cable car that dropped me off at the TOP of Lombard, I took the one that dropped me off at the BOTTOM and walked up where the cars were coming down the street, VERY SLOWLY, ONE BY ONE.

As I was catching my breath from walking up Lombard Street and looking at the beautiful view of Coit Tower in the background, I thought to myself.

It’s a good thing this street doesn’t get snow.


I did a day trip to San Francisco while in Las Vegas on 25 February.

I didn’t get to see or do everything that I wanted to do, but the main thing was checking out the new home of the Golden State Warriors of the NBA .

They played at the Oracle Arena in Oakland for many years before moving to their fancy new arena, Chase Center, right across the bay in San Francisco .

As a matter of fact , one of the murals shows two people fighting for a basketball.

One is in Oakland, the other is in San Francisco .

You can see the other famous bridge, the Bay Area Bridge , which separates Oakland from San Francisco .

I happen to think this is a prettier bridge than the Golden Gate Bridge , even if you can’t walk across it.

I didn’t get to see a game here, but the Sports Diva was just happy to be there for the day.

Enjoy pictures of my exciting time at the home of “Dub Nation”