At first I wasn’t sure if I should stop doing travel quotes because no one is travelling .

It may be the fourth month of 2020, but no one is traveling for awhile.

However, at a time like this, we need some kind of diversion to get us through this .

So the Sports Diva is going to be giving y’all travel quotes as long as I can because we need some inspiration right about now.

Once again, let these quotes inspire you to travel once travel is allowed again.


Believe it or not we are going into almost month number four, April.

Weren’t people just talking about leap day and having those 2020 parties for the new year?

The Coronavirus has stopped many of us from doing our own 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of somewhere.

When the virus from hell finally goes away and it’s  safe to travel, we can all look forward to doing what we all love to do, travel.

Even though  we can’t  travel right now, the Sports Diva is here with the quotes to inspire you to travel when it’s  safe to do so.


It’s not only a new month and a new year, but it’s a brand new decade .

Welcome 2020.

Just because it’s a new decade and a new year, nothing has changed .

Y’all should be traveling somewhere, doing your own 30 Plus Teams Tour .

It doesn’t matter if it’s in your own backyard or a place where there is no 30 Plus Teams Tours to go to on.

Doesn’t matter .

Get out there and explore .

This new decade and new year, let the quotes inspire you.