Can you believe it?

We’re going into month number eight in a couple of days.

Summer is here in a lot of parts of the world.

Have you gone anywhere or like some of us here in the United States are just trying to find some place cool, even if it’s a 30 Plus Teams Tour of the beach in your city or a pool in your backyard.

Yes, it’s been THAT hot and HUMID in some places.

It’s the last month of summer, so get outside and do your own 30 Plus Teams Tour.

Let these quotes inspire you.


We’re at the halfway point of 2022.

In a couple of days, we’ll be at the sixth month of the year, July

It seemed like just yesterday that the Sports Diva was on a 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas for all the shenanigans of my friend’s 60th birthday.

July means summer is in full swing, (or it’s supposed to be.) and a couple of countries are celebrating their birthdays, Canada on July 1st and on July 4th, Happy 246th birthday, United States of America.

Have any of you gone anywhere, even if it’s just to see the things your neighborhood or city has to offer?

What are you waiting for?

I know gas prices are high and in some parts of the world, sadly, wars are going on.

But if you can, explore that city or neighborhood of yours.

You might find some hidden gems that you didn’t know about even if you’ve lived there most of your life.

As usual, let these quotes inspire you.


Four months down, or at least in a couple of days, we’ll be in the month of May.

In some parts of the world, the days are getting longer and the warmer weather is happening already.

Once again, the Sports Diva has to ask.

Have you done a 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere yet, even if it’s in your own city?

What are you waiting for an invitation?

Get out there and start exploring , even if it’s your own city.

As usual, let these quotes inspire you to travel.


While I really don’t participate in blogging awards anymore, I really want to thank blogger, Kathleen from Stylish Heath for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

Check out Kathleen’s blog, Stylish Heath, y’all, it’s interesting and as the title suggests, very stylish .

I so appreciate it when other bloggers really truly enjoy what I have to say in my posts.

When I started this blogging journey almost three years ago on WordPress , I really didn’t think anyone would care about what to do in a city after you’ve gone to a sporting event in the United States and Canada .

Not only are many of you interested in that, but you also seem to love the twice monthly travel quotes, and surprisingly to me, you all want to know just what goes into my suitcase when I go on my 30 Plus Teams Tours .

I thank you all for that and continue to be surprised as all get out .

As some of you might or might not know, it was one of my Circle of Sisters , Michele , who, like me, will travel anywhere to see our favorite hockey team play, who is the inspiration for the 30 Plus Teams 30 Plus Dreams .

Her question , “what’s there to do there after we go to the game?”, made me think .

Other people might have the same question .

As you can tell if you read my posts, there are pictures all over the place because not only do I love taking pictures no matter where I am and what I’m doing, but it’s the closest thing to my followers actually being there, no matter if it’s a sporting event or somewhere else in the city.

I’m not that much of a reader, but as you might guess, sports, travel , and since I was a history major in college, give me a biography book or a book on the Civil War , Revolutionary War or World War 2 and you’d better believe that I’m going to read it.

You might be under the impression that I only watch sporting events on tv , but I have to confess that I love watching shows like Love and Hip Hop Atlanta , Snapped , The First 48, and the two shows with The Chrisley Family of Atlanta and Nashville (they’re hysterical ! )

As for music, I don’t just have a playlist for when I travel, I even have one when I write my posts.

I can listen to pretty much anything while I write my blogs except opera or classical.

This does includes rap, country and heavy metal .

Ask me though can I write post when a sporting event is on .

Oh hell to the no because I’m too busy yelling at the players , referees , and umpires to concentrate on a blog post.

Forgive me for rambling on and on but I’m so happy and blessed to know that someone , anyone, other than family and friends, actually love what I have to write .

I will continue getting as many travel quotes to inspire you to travel no matter if it’s home or away.

Also, much to my surprise , I will continue to show you the things that go into my suitcase when I go on a 30 Plus Teams Tour .

Thank you and God Bless y’all.

Love, Sports Diva


Goodbye 2018, hello 2019.

Can you believe we’re in a new year all ready?

Did y’all get to travel in 2018?

It’s a new year what are you waiting for?

Get out there and see the world.

See your country or where you live.

It’s calling out your name.

Let the travel quotes inspire you.

Get out there and explore.

It’s a new year.