This is a 30 Plus Teams Tour after all, and the Sports Diva is making the most of it.

On the last day of February , the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team had their annual Fan Fest at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center.

This year was different , though

Normally, the players meet and greet the fans.

Not this year.

Even though they never mentioned it, concerns about the Coronavirus might have had something to do with why the players didn’t interact with many of the fans , even seasons ticket holders.

However, fans did interact with the team mascot, Chance, the cheerleaders , known as the Vegas Vivas, the team play by play broadcasters and the in game entertainment people.

There were some Golden Knights players though, and while they were on stage, many of us loved the games that they played.

How well do you know your teamate, Vegas Golden Knights Family Feud, and other games were played by the players as well as a Question and answer session with the coach and new players .

Now what would a fan fest be without some swag and of course, the Sports Diva was happy .

A Team Sports Apparel Fashionista ALWAYS needs new swag.

Even though this fan fest was different, a good time in Vegas was had by all .


No, it’s not an old rock and roll group, Mothership something or other out of San Francisco or Seattle .

I’m talking about a coffee shop in Downtown Las Vegas called Mothership Coffee Roasters.

There are a couple of them in the Las Vegas Valley, but the one that I visited twice for a Hazelnut Latte and a Vanilla Latte the very next day while on my 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas was located in the Ferguson Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas , which is at 1028 Fremont Street , past the Fremont Street Experience and the up and coming area of Fremont Street East .

It opened up last year in October , and this was my first time visiting .

The lattes are very good and many people were sitting outside , enjoying the springlike day as well as the pastries, teas and the suddenly popular green matcha drinks that seem to be very popular now.

As this is Sin City, yes, you can find Beer and Alcohol here as well,

The place closes around 9pm.

As I usually come to Downtown Las Vegas whenever I’m in town, Mothership Coffee Roasters will be another spot to add to my list.







Every city seems to have murals on every building for tourists and locals to see in a city .

Las Vegas , Nevada is no exception .

But it’s not the Las Vegas Strip where one sees all this art .

Venture past the Fremont Street Experience and visit the section of Downtown Las Vegas known as Fremont Street East .

There you’ll find a lot of murals.

If you can’t make the trip to Sin City , here are some of the murals that you’ll be missing .



When people visit Las Vegas , they rarely visit Downtown Las Vegas.

That’s too bad.

One of the many things you would be missing , and it’s right across the street from where you pick up the Deuce bus back to the Las Vegas Strip, is Lyft Park.

It’s not a park like Central Park, but it’s a park, Vegas style with many futuristic things, and art work that makes you go, “hmm”.

You can also play a game of Cone Pone and

just to stimulate your brain, play a game of chess with some really big chess pieces .

Let the pictures show you just what Lyft Park is all about .

Of course you can get a Lyft car ride as well .


It’s official name is the National Museum of Crime and Law Enforcement but that takes much too long to say.

It’s better known by it’s shorter and more well known name, The Mob Museum.

It’s located in Downtown Las Vegas and visiting it was number 11 thing to do on my bucket list .

It’s open every day until about 5:30pm or so

If you’re a senior like me , admission is about $20 , if you aren’t, you pay $25.

There’s also a discount if you happen to be from Las Vegas.

This building, on Stewart Street, used to be the Las Vegas post office.

Before that , it was the building where the trials on Mob Activities in the United States took place.

You even get to visit the actual courtroom where real mobsters and their associates were grilled by United States Senators about their illegal activities .

There’s three floors in the museum , and when you pay your fee, they advise you to start on the third floor and work your way down so that you can understand just how this all began.

Guides also give you a crash course on the history of Las Vegas .

I’m sure most of you weren’t aware that the Las Vegas Strip isn’t actually in the city of Las Vegas , Nevada, but it’s located in the city of Paradise , Nevada.

Mobsters actually were interested in the Las Vegas Strip , not so much what is now Downtown Las Vegas.

One of the most popular exhibits in the museum is part of the wall from the St, Valentines Day Massacre in Chicago.

You’ll learn the events leading up to the massacre and the reason why it happened .

There are a lot of hands on exhibits, one

of which is standing in front of one of those lineup panels just like you see in all those crime shows.

People can see you, but you can’t see them.

In the basement , there’s a replica of an actual 1920’s speakeasy .

On the walls are pictures of the stars of that era like

Duke Ellington , Josephine Baker, and early actresses like Clara Bow and Anna May Wong.

There’s also an area in this speakeasy where you can taste moonshine .

(I declined doing that, so did my friend , )

All in all , I learned so many things that I didn’t know .

If you go to Las Vegas , make the Mob Museum a stop.

This also is a part of American history.


As often as I come to Las Vegas and stay at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino which is in Downtown Las Vegas , I never get the chance to eat at any of the restaurants that are located inside the casino.

One of which is Magnolia’s, which seems to be popular with most of the locals and tourists that come to Downtown Las Vegas .

When you stay at the Four Queens , they give you a coupon book for alot of the things at the hotel.

Magnolia’s is one of them.

After being invited by one of the people in my Vegas Golden Knights hockey Facebook fan page for dinner while I was in town , I can see why this restaurant is popular.

(Don’t laugh, wouldn’t you expect the Sports Diva to be in a Facebook page that has to do with sports?)

The restaurant is open for breakfast , lunch and dinner .

It’s located right above the main casino floor and most people come for the $14.95 prime rib special.

My friend and I were no exception .

While she ordered her steak medium rare, I like my steak well done.

No red stuff peeking at me, cook that sucker .

The prime rib dinner came with soup or salad, veggies , and your choice of mashed potatoes , french fries or a baked potato .

We both choose the bake potato loaded with sour cream and of course what’s a prime rib without a little horseradish ?

It was so good and wasn’t even that hungry, but I finished it all .

This was the first time that I had eaten at Magnolia’s , and believe me , it’s not going to be the last.


I’m into day 2 of my 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas and last night I had my usual great time at my favorite club in town, Hyde in the Bellagio Hotel.

I was so excited to do another thing on my bucket list , that I had planned to wake up early and explore the Las Vegas Strip .

So much for plans.

I look out the window and I must be dreaming .

Wait a minute .

It can’t be .


I didn’t come to Vegas to act like a fool and get lit just to see the same nuisance snow that I left in New York City .

This is the desert .

This is Las Vegas .

It’s not supposed to do this.

Yes, it’s the middle of February and it’s supposed to be cold, but snow?


Forget the fact that it’s 2 inches on the streets of Downtown Las Vegas , what we call nuisance snow back on the east coast .

This is Las Vegas , mother nature got confused.

It’s not supposed to do this.

This is Las Vegas , right?


You might think that while I was on my 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas , all I did was eat.

You might be right and it just wasn’t at one of the many buffets or restaurants that the city is famous for.

At The D Hotel and Casino right in the middle of the action on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, there’s a 24 hour restaurant that might just be familiar to those of you who have either been to or lived in Detroit or any other city in Michigan .

The restaurant is called the American Coney Island Chili Dog.

Now, there’s no Coney Island in Detroit , but when the many Greek immigrants who settled in Detroit first came to this country, they went to New York first, and what was the first American thing they ate?

You guessed it, hot dogs.

For some reason, they were given the name Coney Island dogs and these immigrants brought them to their new home, Detroit.

These hot dogs are grilled and slathered with chilli sauce, but don’t look for beans in this chilli .

You won’t find them.

Instead you’ll find a flavorful sauce with onions and you can add mustard or ketchup to it, although I have no idea why you’d want to mess up a perfectly good hotdog by adding ketchup to it, just saying.

This restaurant chain,which is all over the city of Detroit, might have been one of the favorites of the owner of the hotel, Derek Stevens, who was born and raised in Detroit.

In case you didn’t know, the hotel’s name, The D, is another nickname for the city of Detroit.

Prices at the restaurant are reasonable and they use the same recipe for the sauce that was used by the founders of the original American Coney Island Dog back in Detroit .

You might even see a relative of the founders behind the counter as they do come to Las Vegas from time to time just to make sure the restaurant is sticking to the formula that made this place so popular with Motowners for all these years.

You might not be a fan of hot dogs, but trust me, if you can’t get to Detroit , or if you are from the Motor City, and you want a taste of home while you’re in Las Vegas, get yourself over to Downtown Las Vegas for the American Coney Island Chilli Dog Restaurant .