This hotel is located in Downtown Las Vegas and is across the street from Golden Nugget, another fancy looking hotel.

Fancy for Downtown Las Vegas, that is.

Splash and dash is more for the hotel casinos on the Las Vegas Strip like Caesars Palace, Bellagio, Wynn or Encore, not Downtown Las Vegas.

CIRCA is located towards the end of the Fremont Street Experience, right before Plaza Hotel and Casino.

Even if you aren’t staying at CIRCA, which I hope to do very soon, God willing, have that ID out if you’re going to eat or play the slots there.

You MUST be 21 to enter and prove it.

There’s a security guard right at the entrance checking your driver’s license or state ID if you’re from the United States.

Have that passport ready if you aren’t from the United States, you will need it.

CIRCA is owned by the same gentleman that owns Golden Gate and The D hotel and casino, Derek Stevens.

All of these hotels are on Fremont Street.

Like The D, it’s all about the state of Michigan at CIRCA as well.

Derek Stevens is from Detroit, so you’ll feel at home in both casinos if you’re walking around in either a Michigan State, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Red Wings or U. of Michigan jerseys.

If you want to watch a game with some teams who aren’t from Michigan, you can do that as well on the big screen at the bar.

This just isn’t any old bar, it’s called The MEGA BAR, and it’s big.

Feeling homesick for those foods in Michigan?

CIRCA has you covered with Michigan favorites such as Barry’s Restaurant, Saginaw’s and if you’re really hungry for some Michigan eats, head on down to The D for an American Coney Island Dog, which is a staple in the Motor City.

Right in the middle of the casino is a figure that has nothing to do with Michigan.

It’s part of Old Las Vegas and it’s making a reappearance in Downtown Las Vegas.

It’s the figure of a cowgirl known as Vegas Vickie.

The last time Vegas Vickie was around, she was in front of a casino bar known as Glitter Gultch.

Glitter Gultch is no longer there. What’s standing where Glitter Gultch used to be?

You guessed it, CIRCA.

CIRCA pays tribute to all things old Vegas.

Right in the hotel store is a picture of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr., better known as “The Rat Pack”.

Only in Las Vegas can you swim in a pool, that’s heated all year round by the way, enjoy a beverage and watch sports.

Welcome to Stadium Swim, where if you want to watch a soccer match, but your wife wants to watch a Golden State Warriors game, you both can do that at Stadium Swim, just look up in front of you at one of the biggest tv screens you’ve ever seen.

I didn’t get to see Stadium Swim because it wasn’t open yet, after all it was just 7am, Vegas time.

What I did get to see was one of the biggest Sports Books I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a few in both Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

The seats are made as though you were seated in a movie theater, so all you needed was your bucket of butter popcorn and a drink, but I’m sure the waitresses can bring you your favorite beverage while you place your sports bets.

As for placing your bets, with as big as the screens are, there’s no way one can say, I couldn’t see what I was betting on.

The screens are that big.

As for the slot games, there were many that I wanted to play but didn’t because 1. I didn’t bring that much money with me 2. I was in a hurry to get back to my hotel and 3. I left my players card from The D that I can also use at CIRCA back at the hotel.

Sorry, the Sports Diva needs those comps so I can get those discounts at Las Vegas hotels.

CIRCA might just be my next place to stay in Downtown Las Vegas

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