Every city seems to have murals on every building for tourists and locals to see in a city .

Las Vegas , Nevada is no exception .

But it’s not the Las Vegas Strip where one sees all this art .

Venture past the Fremont Street Experience and visit the section of Downtown Las Vegas known as Fremont Street East .

There you’ll find a lot of murals.

If you can’t make the trip to Sin City , here are some of the murals that you’ll be missing .



As often as I come to Las Vegas and stay at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino which is in Downtown Las Vegas , I never get the chance to eat at any of the restaurants that are located inside the casino.

One of which is Magnolia’s, which seems to be popular with most of the locals and tourists that come to Downtown Las Vegas .

When you stay at the Four Queens , they give you a coupon book for alot of the things at the hotel.

Magnolia’s is one of them.

After being invited by one of the people in my Vegas Golden Knights hockey Facebook fan page for dinner while I was in town , I can see why this restaurant is popular.

(Don’t laugh, wouldn’t you expect the Sports Diva to be in a Facebook page that has to do with sports?)

The restaurant is open for breakfast , lunch and dinner .

It’s located right above the main casino floor and most people come for the $14.95 prime rib special.

My friend and I were no exception .

While she ordered her steak medium rare, I like my steak well done.

No red stuff peeking at me, cook that sucker .

The prime rib dinner came with soup or salad, veggies , and your choice of mashed potatoes , french fries or a baked potato .

We both choose the bake potato loaded with sour cream and of course what’s a prime rib without a little horseradish ?

It was so good and wasn’t even that hungry, but I finished it all .

This was the first time that I had eaten at Magnolia’s , and believe me , it’s not going to be the last.




You’ve  decided  to  leave the  Las Vegas  Strip  for  the  evening  and  head on over  to  the  old  section  of  town ,  the  place  where  Las Vegas  actually  began ,  Downtown  Las  Vegas .

There aren’t  as many  casinos  down here but they  have just  as much  nightlife  and  excitement  going  on  as the  casinos  on  the  Las  Vegas  Strip  do .

One  thing  that  this  area  has that  the  Strip  doesn’t ,is a pedestrian  friendly  mall known  as  the  Fremont  Street  Experience .

Since 1995 ,  there has been  a  covering  over all the  shops ,  restaurants ,  bars and casinos  on Fremont  Street .

At night, from 8 pm  until  Midnight ,  this  canopy  lights up and becomes  something  known  as  ”  Viva  Vision  ” ,  where you can hear the  music of  acts like  the  Beatles ,  Green Day, and Bon  Jovi  ,  accompanied  by   what seems to be the entire  light  bulb  section  of every  Walmart ,  Target ,  or Home  Depot  store in all 50 states and Puerto  Rico  plus  the  District  of  Columbia .

If this wasn’t  enough  going  on ,  on either  side  of  the  street ,  there are  two stages  that people  perform  on, that is  when Viva  Vision  isn’t  playing .

Viva  Vision  runs   every  half hour, by the  way .

If the fifty million  lights from Viva  Vision  weren’t  bright  enough ,  every casino from The D all the way down to  the  Plaza  Las Vegas  gets a  little  brighter  also .

No, that’s  a  lie.

It gets a LOT  brighter  actually .

Do you  want  to  have  a  closer  view of the  goings-on  at Fremont  Street ,  including  the  crowds  and  the  many  street  performers  that seem  to  pop up  everywhere ?

You can by paying   $20 and riding  the  zip line  known  as  ”  Slotzilla  ” , which  shoots you out of  a what else, slot machine


,  and sends you zooming  over  the  crowds just like Superman  or Wonder  Woman .

No one ever told  you  that  Downtown  Las  Vegas  was  just  as much  fun  as the  Las  Vegas  Strip  even  though  it’s  much  smaller

You had so  a much fun at the Fremont  Street  Experience  that you just  might  come  back again  tomorrow  night.