The Fan Fest on both days started at 3pm, Las Vegas time.

I didn’t expect to stay long after seeing the exhibits and playing games.

The game sponsored by GEICO, I won another stuffed animal, a camel.

If you’ve ever seen the GEICO commercial, you know this is kinda funny.


I was going to stay maybe an hour or so, but I noticed they were doing an interview with former players so I stayed.

But then I heard a lot of noise coming from the other side of the hall near where the DJ was playing music.

It wasn’t the music, it was the mascots from most of the 32 teams.

Some teams like New York Rangers, Seattle Kraken and Detroit Red Wings don’t even have mascots, and I didn’t see the mascot from the Calgary Flames, Harvey The Hound, either.

But other mascots were there, including the mascot that seems to be the one everyone knows, Gritty from the Philadelphia Flyers.

The mascots played dodgeball, which got the crowd going and just mingled with the crowd.

Hunter the Lynx, the Edmonton Oilers mascot, got just a little too up close and personal with the Sports Diva and I was behind the glass.

As I said, the plan was to stay maybe just an hour or so.

So much for plans.

I ended up staying until 7pm and it started at 3pm.

I had one more full day in Vegas and I had a whole day of exploring Vegas on my list of things to do that Friday before I left to go back to New York, so I wasn’t going to go to the second day of Fan Fest.

Or at least I THOUGHT I was going to do other things in Vegas on my last day in the city.

My Vegas Golden Knights posse had OTHER plans for the Sports Diva.

Finn, the Vancouver Canucks mascot, Wild Wing, Anaheim Ducks mascot, Victor E Green, Dallas Stars mascot and Hunter, Edmonton Oilers mascot
Tommy Hawk, the Chicago Blackhawks mascot
Manitoba Moose, the Winnepeg Jets mascot
Bailey, the Los Angeles Kings mascot
Sabertooth, the Buffalo Sabres mascot and Carlton the Polar bear, Toronto Maple Leafs mascot
Louie, the St. Louis Blues mascot with Chance, the Vegas Golden Knights mascot
Nordie, the Minnesota Wild mascot
Howler, the Arizona Coyotes mascot
It’s Youpi, the Montreal Canadiens mascot. If he looks sort of familiar, it’s because Youpi was the mascot for the Montreal Expos baseball team
Louie saying hi to the crowd, S. J. Sharkie, the San Jose Sharks mascot is close by
Poor Bernie the St. Bernard, Colorado Avalanche mascot, got hit by a dodgeball from one of the Eastern Conference mascots. SpartaCAT, Ottawa Senators mascot and Lightning Bug, Tampa Bay Lightning mascot aren’t showing any sympathy for Bernie. Victor E Green had to help up the poor baby.
Ok back up, Hunter. You’re a little too close up and personal to the Sports Diva


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