It seems that whenever I do a 30 Plus Teams Tour of anywhere, I’m either going to a sporting event or eating at some restaurant.

This latest visit to Las Vegas for All Star Weekend is no different.

As often as I come to Vegas, one of the restaurants that I’ve avoided is HEXX, which is located inside of the Paris Casino.

The restaurant is in a prime location, across the street from the Bellagio Hotel and the Bellagio fountains.

You can request a table right by the window and watch the Bellagio fountain show.

In the summer, not only can you request a table by the window, you can sit outside as well.

I was going to eat at another restaurant for breakfast, but since I had just won $65 at Paris Hotel and figured that I need to treat myself to a meal at a place that is always mentioned by YouTubers and travel bloggers alike when they come to Las Vegas.

From the moment that I walked in to the time that I finished my meal, I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The service was excellent whether it was the hostess who seated me, the waiter who served me, (his name was Mike, I think, but his mom is from Michigan and he worked in New York)or even the server who refilled my water and coffee.

As for my meal of three eggs Sunnyside up, apple wood smoked bacon, and potatoes, it was delicious.

The meal was $14.99,(and worth every penny)and it came with English muffins or your choice of wheat or white bread.

If you’re like me and didn’t want any bread of all, you had the option of having fruit, which is a dollar more.

HEXX also has bottomless Mimosas for brunch, which starts around 8am, and costs $30 per person.

I passed on the Mimosas but throughly enjoy my coffee, and that view that I had from my table.

The hostess asked me if I wanted to sit at the bar since I came in alone, but a table was good enough for me.

I was so full from the brunch that I skipped lunch.

I’ve decided that for my next trip God willing, HEXX will be a stop for brunch.

Come to think of it, I have two more days for this 30 Plus Teams Tour, HEXX might be a brunch stop whether I’ve won money at the casino or not.


A lot of buffets in Las Vegas still haven’t opened and many of the restaurants are expensive and stop serving breakfast at 11am.

Now a lot of us don’t come to Vegas to eat at McDonald’s for breakfast, but we will go into Denny’s, no lie.

For the five days that I was there, I ate at a place that was recommended by YouTubers who go to Vegas a lot and Las Vegas Facebook groups.

It’s called La Salsa Cantina and it’s located in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.

Like most places in Las Vegas lately, you have to wait in line to get a table.

The wait seems to take forever but once you get in, believe me the food is worth the wait.

The breakfast special, which includes 2 eggs anyway you want them, a choice of ham, bacon and sausage with potatoes, and either Texas Toast, flour or corn tortilla, is under $5.

They even have 99 cents Bloody Marys and for $4.95 you can get what they call breakfast cocktails, Mimosas, Baileys and Coffee or Bellinis to name a few.

The first two times I went, I had Bloody Marys. Strong but not too strong.

My last day there, Mimosas.

As much as I love the Vegas buffets, I think I’ve found a new breakfast spot in town, La Salsa Cantina


For once when I did a 30 Plus Teams Tour , there wasn’t a sporting event that I was going to see.

Instead, I went with my auntie to a funeral of her friend in Chesapeake, Virginia.

I had never been to this area of Virginia before, which is known as the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Some of the cities here are Norfolk, Virginia Beach , Suffolk, Hampton, Portsmouth, Newport News and Chesapeake .

To get to many of these cities , you have to go through tunnels, a lot of them.

One of them, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, is one of the longest bridges in the United States and takes an hour to go through.

We stayed at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott Hotel in Chesapeake , Virginia .

It’s a nice hotel but you definitely need a car to get around.

No restaurant is there but can’t beat those free breakfasts and the fact that every room has a microwave, coffeemaker and a refrigerator .

Here are some pictures of the hotel.


If your 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  brings  you  to  Baltimore ,  aka  “Charm  City  “, you  have  so  many  hotel  options  to stay  at.

You  all are  going  to  see  either  a Baltimore  Ravens  football  game  at M  and  T Stadium  or you’re  going  to  an  Orioles  baseball  game  at Camden  Yards .

You want  a hotel  Downtown ,  correct?

You don’t  want  one that’s  in the next town over.

My suggestion  is to  stay  at the  Hampton  Inn  Downtown  Convention  Center .

How close  is this  hotel  to both  stadiums ?

You couldn’t  get  any closer  if you  tried .

As you  get out of your cab or rental  car  that brought  you here, look behind  you.

That’s  Camden  Yards  in front  of  you  and right  behind  that  is the home  of  the  Ravens .

You really  can’t  get  any closer  than  that .

As you enter  the  lobby  and look  to your  left, the first  piece  of  sculpture  that  you  see  just  happens  to  be  a  baseball  glove.

A HUGE  baseball  glove at that .

This  isn’t  a  piece  of  art work ,  though .

It happens  to  be  a  chair  and the  little  ones  could  fit  into  it comfort

I wouldn’t  advise  two  grownups  to try sitting  in  the chair  though .

Like the  other  Hampton  Inns,  this one  also  offers  free breakfast, including  waffles and pancakes .

If it’s  one of  those  nice, but  hot  and  humid  Baltimore  days ,  you can sit on the patio  and have breakfast  at one of  the  tables .

The hotel  happens  to  have a pool  in case  you  want  to  channel  your  inner  Michael  Phelps ,  who just  happens  to  be  a native  of  the  city .

The rooms  themselves  are spacious  with microwaves ,  refrigerators ,  and coffeemakers  for those  guests  like me who need  that  cup of  Joe  in the  morning .

Some rooms  even  have a bird’s  eye view, ( pardon  the  pun, this is Birdland)  of both  stadiums .

That  coffee  and the free breakfast   gets you going  in the morning ,  ready  to  explore  the Inner  Harbor ,  Little  Italy ,  and Lexington  Market ,  all of  which  are  close  by.

You can take public  transportation  to  get  there  as well .

If you  happen  to  be  arriving  by Greyhound ,  the terminal is roughly  30 minutes  away, if that .

If you’re  looking  for  a  place to  eat  before  and  after  the  game, just a few steps  away  from  the  hotel  is Pickles  Pub, which  has some of  the  largest pizza  pies  that I’ve  ever  seen .

You  do  have  a  lot  of  choices  on where  to  stay  when  you  come  to  Baltimore ,  but one of  the  hotels  that  I  would  strongly  recommend  is  the  Hampton  Inn  Downtown  Convention  Center  .

If you’re  coming  to  Charm  City  for a  game ,  or as the  name  suggests ,  in town  for something  going  on  at the  Baltimore  Convention  Center .

The Baltimore  Convention  Center  is also  across  the  street  from  Camden  Yards .

Hampton  Inn  Downtown  Convention  Center

550  Washington  Boulevard

Baltimore ,  MD

410-685-5000  FB_IMG_1502274774130FB_IMG_1502274787949FB_IMG_1502274779819FB_IMG_1502274812547FB_IMG_1502274795664FB_IMG_1502274806931