It’s  not  a  huge  step ,  but  number  57  on  my  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  bucket  list  has been  accomplished . 

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While  in  Baltimore ,  I  visited  the  home  of  the  first  American  born  Catholic  saint ,  Mother  Elizabeth  Seton .  

I  not  only  learned  about  her  life ,  which  was  quite  tragic ,  but  I  found  out  much more . 

(She  lost  her  husband and  became  a widow  at a  young  age with children due to  illness ,  she was in  a  foreign  country ,  Italy ,  knowing  not a soul, and if that  wasn’t  bad  enough ,  her  family  and  her  husband’s  family  disowned  her because  she  converted  to  Catholicism . )  

As  the  state  of  Maryland  was  founded  by  Roman  Catholics  escaping  persecution  in  England ,  there  is  so  much church history ,  not only at the  Mother  Seton  House ,  but also  at  St .  Mary’s  Chapel ,  which  is  also  on  the  grounds  where  Mother  Seton’s  home  is . 

There’s  a  free  tour  that  one  can  take  that  not  only  shows  you  her  home , where  she not only  taught  her own  daughters ,  but other  young  girls  as  well . 

Her  home  was  a  safe  haven  for  Blacks  before  and  during  the  Civil  War . 

The  tour  guide  not  only  shows  you  a movie  about  Mother  Seton ,  but  also  about  the  French  priests  and  nuns  who  came  to  Baltimore  to  escape  persecution  back  in  France  during  the  French  Revolution . 

Their  story  just  isn’t  a  part  of  Baltimore’s  history ,  but  the  history  of  Early  America  as  well . 

I was  truly  fascinated  by  the  stories  of  two  nuns ,  Sister  Marguerite  Duchemin  and  Mother  Mary  Lange ,  both  of  whom  were  African  American  nuns . 

The  two  of  them founded  two orders of nuns  who  were  like  themselves ,  African  American . 

There  is  a  public  park  on  the  grounds  where  the  church  and  Mother  Seton’s  home  stand . 

This  area  of  Baltimore  is  known  as  Seton  Hill  and  it’s  very  peaceful . 

The  houses  haven’t  changed  since  French  settlers  came  to  this  city . 

I  have  many  more  places  to  see  and  things  to  do  on  my  bucket  list ,  but  I  would  have  to  say  that  the  visit  to  Mother  Seton’s  home  was one  of  the  most  inspirational .



No matter  what  city  your  own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  takes  you  to ,  there’s  bound  to  be  a  section  of  town  known  as  “Little  Italy  ” . 

Baltimore  is no exception.

You might  be  there to  see  a Baltimore  Ravens  football  game  or a Baltimore  Orioles  baseball  game .  

You don’t  even  have  to  be  doing  either . 

Just visit  Little  Italy  anyway  while  you’re  in  town . 

It’s  located  right  near the  Inner  Harbor ,  so it’s  walkable . 

If you’re  no where near  the  Inner Harbor  or even  Downtown  Baltimore ,  look for  the Orange  Line Charm  City  Circular ,  which is  free.

It brings you right to the  heart  of  Little  Italy . 

There’s  so many restaurants  to choose  from  once you  get  there . 

When I  go to this section  of  town ,  I like to  go to  Sabatino’s, which  is  located  on  Fawn Street . 

You can’t  go wrong  with  the  big portions  of  food from this  family  style restaurant  that seems to  have  been in this neighborhood  forever . 

For the ultimate  Italian  eating  experience ,  do what I  did.

Have a glass of  Lambrusco  to go with your meal, forget what the wine snobs say about it.

There’s  always  room  for  canolis  and cappuccino ,  inspite of the fact that you just  know  that  you’re  going  to  be  stuffed  from  all those appetizers ,  bread, and that big plate of pasta that you just ate.

All by yourself ,  by the way ,  no sharing  here.

After you’ve  eaten ,  take a walk through  this neighborhood  and admire the  view.

Not to mention  how many calories  you’ll  be knocking  off after that delicious  meal that you just had.

Sabatino’s  Restaurant  

901 Fawn  Street  

Baltimore ,  Maryland  



FB_IMG_1505918803657FB_IMG_1505917792077FB_IMG_1505917868601FB_IMG_1505917861884If you  happen  to  be  visiting  one of my favorite  cities ,  Baltimore ,  Maryland ,  this is  one  of  the  areas  of the city that you must visit ,  The Inner Harbor .

This is basically  where the city of  Baltimore  began, right on the water.

The Inner Harbor ,  though , wasn’t  a big tourist attraction  in Baltimore  until it was refurbished  in the 19 80 ‘ s and 1990’s.

Now, there are  restaurants ,  an aquarium ,  and ships that served not only in World War I I ,  but you’ll  see a replica of  the USS Constellation ,  that served in the War of  1812.

I hope these pictures  will inspire  you  to  visit  Baltimore  and you’ll  come to  love it as much as  I  do.


Fort McHenry  is the place that inspired  Francis  Scott Key to write the United  States  National  Anthem ,  “The Star Spangled Banner.”

He watched the bombardment  of this fort by the British during the War of  1812.

The British  had just burned down Washington  DC ,  and were heading to Baltimore . 

Fort McHenry  was in their way.

These are some pictures of  the  fort that I  took on my 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Charm  City . 

The fort is pretty much the  same as it looked during the war.

After the war, the fort was used to  house Confederate  Civil War Prisoners  and was a Naval hospital  during World  War  I . 

If you happen  to  get the chance to visit Baltimore ,  make Fort McHenry  a stop .

If not, I hope some of  the  pictures  will inspire you.


While on my annual 30 Plus Teams Tour of Baltimore, I visited   a museum that wasn’t  on my bucket list .  

It’s  the  Babe Ruth  Baseball  Museum.

Most baseball  fans  know that Ruth played for the  Boston  Red Sox and especially ,  the New York  Yankees . 

But what a lot of  baseball  fans didn’t  know  is that he was born in Baltimore, not far from where Orioles  Park  at  Camden  Yards  stands now.

If you happen  to  be  a  baseball  fan this is  one  museum  you should visit  while in the Charm  City.

There’s  an easy way to  get to  the museum  if you happen  to  be  staying  at  the  Hampton  Inn  Downtown  Convention  Center  or you went  to  a  game  at Camden  Yards . 

Follow  the  60 baseballs that are on the sidewalk . 

60 is the the number of  home runs  that Babe Ruth  hit in case you didn’t  know . 


It’s  that  time  again . 

It’s  time for  my own  annual  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Charm City . 

As I’m  going  for  five  days ,  I don’t  need  to  carry  a big suitcase . 

As usual ,  it’s  the bus to  get  down  there, but not Greyhound . 

More on my bus experience  down  to  Baltimore  on a later post.

I need a bag that’s  lightweight  and  easy  to  carry  because  I  do a lot of  walking  BEFORE  and AFTER  I get to Baltimore.

I also  want  a  bag that  fits everything  that  I’m  carrying . 

This is  a 30  Plus  Teams  Tour, so you just know  there’s  going  to  be  some  baseball  games at my favorite  baseball  park, Orioles  Park  at  Camden  Yards . 

Since the  New York  Yankees  are playing  the  home town team, the Orioles ,  I will  DEFINITELY  have some  baseball  related articles  of clothing  in my bag.

As wordpress.com  blogger, Morgan  from Bay Area Beauty  Blogger stated in her post of August  25 of this year, “What to wear to a baseball  game  “, you don’t  have  to  wear a  baseball  jersey to a game . 

I agree  with her 100%.

If  you  don’t  have  a  baseball  jersey  to  wear to the  game, go to the next best thing.

Wear something  with  the team logo, colors, or a player’s  name on the back.

As you can see from my  pictures ,  I don’t  wear jerseys  either.

I wear team shirts with  the  player’s  name and number on the back or something  on the front.

I have put all the things I’m  taking  on the bed, except  for  the  two New York  Yankees  hats that I’m  carrying  with  me.

I’m  superstitious ,  so that’s  why  the  picture  of my hats are where they are are and not on the bed.

It’s  bad luck  to put your hat there, by the way.

Besides the unmentionables, toiletries ,  hair stuff, and my stuffed  animals , this is what you’ll  find in my bag for my trip to “Birdland  “.

I still  have  them at my age and carry three particular  ones when I go away on my own  30 Plus  Teams  Tour .

 Don’t  judge me, just saying . 


All rings from H & M 

Black bracelets from Forever  21

Brown  bracelet  from Rainbow  Shops  

Earrings  from Clare’s

Pearl necklace with heart from Forever 21

The necklace on the jeans was my late aunt’s. As you can guess, it has very sentimental  value  to me. I wear it everywhere.


Robe is from H &  M.

Baseball  caps are from Modell’s Sporting  Goods  

Black hoodie from Rainbow  Shops  

Leggings  from  Rainbow  Shops  

Grey shirt from  Uniqlo

Yankees baseball  shirts  from Modell’s Sporting  Goods  and  The Yankees  Clubhouse  

Baltimore  Orioles  shirt from Baltimore  Orioles  Team Store  

(You might be wondering  just why I  have a shirt from the Orioles  if I’m  rooting  for  the  Yankees . This particular  player happens  to  be  one  of  my  favorite  players and besides ,  I’m  not  walking  around  town wearing  Yankees gear my entire time  there.)

Green and black pj’s  from Primark

Black scarf from Rainbow  Shops  

Black jeans from  Primark  

Blue drawstring  bag from Sketchers Sneaker Outlet

Brown  drawstring  bag from Macy’s  

I use the brown one for dirty clothes and the  blue one when I don’t  feel like carrying  a  purse.

Handbag from Macy’s  

Leopard  make up case from Forever  21  

Sneakers from Payless Shoe Stores  

Black sweater from Rainbow  Shops  


Will all this  stuff fit in my little  backpack?

Of course it will.

Some of  these things I’m  wearing  on the bus and the other stuff will fit, with a little  creative  packing .

What’s  in your bag when you go somewhere ? 

Do you  travel  with a suitcase or a backpack ? 

Let me know and share your thoughts on this post.