As the weather starts to get really cold here in New York City , (it’s 49 degrees Fahrenheit right now and I just had a cup of Split Pea with ham soup for lunch.)I’m thinking about one of my favorite things.

No, it’s not going to some sporting event, nor is it shopping, but it’s my third favorite thing to do.


I’m not going anywhere for awhile , and that might change, but it’s never a wrong or right time to think about traveling or about your favorite road trip .

I have been to many cities in the United States and today I’m going to talk about my favorite road trip to one of them.

My favorite road trip or trips take place in either the months of April , May, June, August or September , depending on when -.

You get the idea, especially if you follow my blog or even know me personally.

They don’t call me The Sports Diva for nothing.

My favorite road trips ALWAYS involves going to some kind of sporting event because that’s what 30 Plus Teams 30 Plus Dreams is all about.

In this case, my favorite road trip is about my road trips to one particular city.

It’s a city that gets a very bad rap here in the United States and I just don’t know or understand why.

It’s not one of my top two cities but it’s right up there.

If people get to visit this city a little bit more , it would be one of their favorite cities to go on a road trip as well.

The place is known as “Charm City ” but better known as Baltimore , Maryland , just up the road from Washington DC .

It’s just as historical as Washington DC, Philadelphia , Boston, and New York City are, places that many people take road trips to.

Baltimore has always been a place that I’ve had great road trips to , even though I leave the driving to either Greyhound, Peter Pan, Bolt Bus or even one of the “Chinese Buses” that go there from New York City .

I love exploring the Inner Harbor , Mount Vernon, Little Italy, and eating some of the best seafood this side of Boston.

The main reason a trip to B’more is always one of my favorite road trips is meeting up with one of my Circle of Sisters , Susi, every year and going to a New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles baseball game at my favorite baseball park, Orioles Park at Camden Yards.

I think that’s what makes these trips to Baltimore my favorite road trips, going with a good and special friend, having a good time acting silly, eating, having beers at the game, and seeing places that we see all the time like Fort McHenry to learn some American history.

I look forward to going on this road trip every year, and it’s a road trip that I’ve taken since 2012.

I’m hoping to do it again next year with Susi, but I’m not sure when.

Okay, who am I kidding??

God willing, we’re going again at the end of May when once again the Yankees are going to be playing the Orioles.

I can’t wait.

What’s your favorite road trip?

Leave me a comment in the comment section and let me know.

As usual, thank you for liking and supporting my little blog .


This is one of the places that I go to whenever I come to Charm City . It’s called Diamond Tavern and it’s located in the Baltimore Hilton, across the street from Camden Yards . In case you didn’t know , a baseball field is known as “the Diamond”.


I’m sitting on a Greyhound Bus, waiting to start my next 30 Plus Teams Tour .

Lately, Greyhound has been having a lot of issues with their buses and drivers .

My bus was supposed to leave at 11am, non stop to Baltimore , Maryland .

Or so I thought.

(Yeah, this is where I’m going to and there will be a few posts from my 30 Plus Teams Tour of Baltimore.)

When the bus finally left, 20 minutes late, I do what I usually do on the bus.

Sleep .

I was in such deep sleep that when the bus stopped, I was ready and eager to get off until the driver announced where we really were.



Wilmington , Delaware ?

What kind of express bus is this?

Then I looked at my ticket.

Whoops, “senioritis” has set in.

I forgot .

When I return to New York City on Tuesday, God willing , the bus will be non stop.

Going to Baltimore, the 11AM bus ALWAYS stops in Wilmington .

Why couldn’t it be the other way around ?

Greyhound make that stop on the way back to New York City , I’m not in that much of a hurry to get back.

Why is it that no matter how you travel, it seems to take FOREVER to get to your destination , but when you’re returning, it’s as though your bus driver, train conductor or even the pilot, is auditioning for the newest Fast and the Furious movie and gets you to your home city in no time.

Or is that just me that they seem to get back to New York City way quicker than I really want to get there ?

Oh well for right now, I’m not thinking about New York City .

We just left Wilmington and I have another hour and a half before I get to Charm City, aka Baltimore .

I think I’ll go back to sleep .


It’s not a huge step , but number 57 on my 30 Plus Teams Tour bucket list has been accomplished .

( See -150-of-them 2017/08/16)

While in Baltimore , I visited the home of the first American born Catholic saint , Mother Elizabeth Seton .

I not only learned about her life , which was quite tragic , but I found out much more .

(She lost her husband and became a widow at a young age with children due to illness , she was in a foreign country , Italy , knowing not a soul, and if that wasn’t bad enough , her family and her husband’s family disowned her because she converted to Catholicism . )

As the state of Maryland was founded by Roman Catholics escaping persecution in England , there is so much church history , not only at the Mother Seton House , but also at St . Mary’s Chapel , which is also on the grounds where Mother Seton’s home is .

There’s a free tour that one can take that not only shows you her home , where she not only taught her own daughters , but other young girls as well .

Her home was a safe haven for Blacks before and during the Civil War .

The tour guide not only shows you a movie about Mother Seton , but also about the French priests and nuns who came to Baltimore to escape persecution back in France during the French Revolution .

Their story just isn’t a part of Baltimore’s history , but the history of Early America as well .

I was truly fascinated by the stories of two nuns , Sister Marguerite Duchemin and Mother Mary Lange , both of whom were African American nuns .

The two of them founded two orders of nuns who were like themselves , African American .

There is a public park on the grounds where the church and Mother Seton’s home stand .

This area of Baltimore is known as Seton Hill and it’s very peaceful .

The houses haven’t changed since French settlers came to this city .

I have many more places to see and things to do on my bucket list , but I would have to say that the visit to Mother Seton’s home was one of the most inspirational .


No matter  what  city  your  own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  takes  you  to ,  there’s  bound  to  be  a  section  of  town  known  as  “Little  Italy  ” . 

Baltimore  is no exception.

You might  be  there to  see  a Baltimore  Ravens  football  game  or a Baltimore  Orioles  baseball  game .  

You don’t  even  have  to  be  doing  either . 

Just visit  Little  Italy  anyway  while  you’re  in  town . 

It’s  located  right  near the  Inner  Harbor ,  so it’s  walkable . 

If you’re  no where near  the  Inner Harbor  or even  Downtown  Baltimore ,  look for  the Orange  Line Charm  City  Circular ,  which is  free.

It brings you right to the  heart  of  Little  Italy . 

There’s  so many restaurants  to choose  from  once you  get  there . 

When I  go to this section  of  town ,  I like to  go to  Sabatino’s, which  is  located  on  Fawn Street . 

You can’t  go wrong  with  the  big portions  of  food from this  family  style restaurant  that seems to  have  been in this neighborhood  forever . 

For the ultimate  Italian  eating  experience ,  do what I  did.

Have a glass of  Lambrusco  to go with your meal, forget what the wine snobs say about it.

There’s  always  room  for  canolis  and cappuccino ,  inspite of the fact that you just  know  that  you’re  going  to  be  stuffed  from  all those appetizers ,  bread, and that big plate of pasta that you just ate.

All by yourself ,  by the way ,  no sharing  here.

After you’ve  eaten ,  take a walk through  this neighborhood  and admire the  view.

Not to mention  how many calories  you’ll  be knocking  off after that delicious  meal that you just had.

Sabatino’s  Restaurant  

901 Fawn  Street  

Baltimore ,  Maryland  



FB_IMG_1505918803657FB_IMG_1505917792077FB_IMG_1505917868601FB_IMG_1505917861884If you  happen  to  be  visiting  one of my favorite  cities ,  Baltimore ,  Maryland ,  this is  one  of  the  areas  of the city that you must visit ,  The Inner Harbor .

This is basically  where the city of  Baltimore  began, right on the water.

The Inner Harbor ,  though , wasn’t  a big tourist attraction  in Baltimore  until it was refurbished  in the 19 80 ‘ s and 1990’s.

Now, there are  restaurants ,  an aquarium ,  and ships that served not only in World War I I ,  but you’ll  see a replica of  the USS Constellation ,  that served in the War of  1812.

I hope these pictures  will inspire  you  to  visit  Baltimore  and you’ll  come to  love it as much as  I  do.