It’s  that  time  again . 

It’s  time for  my own  annual  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Charm City . 

As I’m  going  for  five  days ,  I don’t  need  to  carry  a big suitcase . 

As usual ,  it’s  the bus to  get  down  there, but not Greyhound . 

More on my bus experience  down  to  Baltimore  on a later post.

I need a bag that’s  lightweight  and  easy  to  carry  because  I  do a lot of  walking  BEFORE  and AFTER  I get to Baltimore.

I also  want  a  bag that  fits everything  that  I’m  carrying . 

This is  a 30  Plus  Teams  Tour, so you just know  there’s  going  to  be  some  baseball  games at my favorite  baseball  park, Orioles  Park  at  Camden  Yards . 

Since the  New York  Yankees  are playing  the  home town team, the Orioles ,  I will  DEFINITELY  have some  baseball  related articles  of clothing  in my bag.

As wordpress.com  blogger, Morgan  from Bay Area Beauty  Blogger stated in her post of August  25 of this year, “What to wear to a baseball  game  “, you don’t  have  to  wear a  baseball  jersey to a game . 

I agree  with her 100%.

If  you  don’t  have  a  baseball  jersey  to  wear to the  game, go to the next best thing.

Wear something  with  the team logo, colors, or a player’s  name on the back.

As you can see from my  pictures ,  I don’t  wear jerseys  either.

I wear team shirts with  the  player’s  name and number on the back or something  on the front.

I have put all the things I’m  taking  on the bed, except  for  the  two New York  Yankees  hats that I’m  carrying  with  me.

I’m  superstitious ,  so that’s  why  the  picture  of my hats are where they are are and not on the bed.

It’s  bad luck  to put your hat there, by the way.

Besides the unmentionables, toiletries ,  hair stuff, and my stuffed  animals , this is what you’ll  find in my bag for my trip to “Birdland  “.

I still  have  them at my age and carry three particular  ones when I go away on my own  30 Plus  Teams  Tour .

 Don’t  judge me, just saying . 


All rings from H & M 

Black bracelets from Forever  21

Brown  bracelet  from Rainbow  Shops  

Earrings  from Clare’s

Pearl necklace with heart from Forever 21

The necklace on the jeans was my late aunt’s. As you can guess, it has very sentimental  value  to me. I wear it everywhere.


Robe is from H &  M.

Baseball  caps are from Modell’s Sporting  Goods  

Black hoodie from Rainbow  Shops  

Leggings  from  Rainbow  Shops  

Grey shirt from  Uniqlo

Yankees baseball  shirts  from Modell’s Sporting  Goods  and  The Yankees  Clubhouse  

Baltimore  Orioles  shirt from Baltimore  Orioles  Team Store  

(You might be wondering  just why I  have a shirt from the Orioles  if I’m  rooting  for  the  Yankees . This particular  player happens  to  be  one  of  my  favorite  players and besides ,  I’m  not  walking  around  town wearing  Yankees gear my entire time  there.)

Green and black pj’s  from Primark

Black scarf from Rainbow  Shops  

Black jeans from  Primark  

Blue drawstring  bag from Sketchers Sneaker Outlet

Brown  drawstring  bag from Macy’s  

I use the brown one for dirty clothes and the  blue one when I don’t  feel like carrying  a  purse.

Handbag from Macy’s  

Leopard  make up case from Forever  21  

Sneakers from Payless Shoe Stores  

Black sweater from Rainbow  Shops  


Will all this  stuff fit in my little  backpack?

Of course it will.

Some of  these things I’m  wearing  on the bus and the other stuff will fit, with a little  creative  packing .

What’s  in your bag when you go somewhere ? 

Do you  travel  with a suitcase or a backpack ? 

Let me know and share your thoughts on this post.




If your 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  brings  you  to  Baltimore ,  aka  “Charm  City  “, you  have  so  many  hotel  options  to stay  at.

You  all are  going  to  see  either  a Baltimore  Ravens  football  game  at M  and  T Stadium  or you’re  going  to  an  Orioles  baseball  game  at Camden  Yards .

You want  a hotel  Downtown ,  correct?

You don’t  want  one that’s  in the next town over.

My suggestion  is to  stay  at the  Hampton  Inn  Downtown  Convention  Center .

How close  is this  hotel  to both  stadiums ?

You couldn’t  get  any closer  if you  tried .

As you  get out of your cab or rental  car  that brought  you here, look behind  you.

That’s  Camden  Yards  in front  of  you  and right  behind  that  is the home  of  the  Ravens .

You really  can’t  get  any closer  than  that .

As you enter  the  lobby  and look  to your  left, the first  piece  of  sculpture  that  you  see  just  happens  to  be  a  baseball  glove.

A HUGE  baseball  glove at that .

This  isn’t  a  piece  of  art work ,  though .

It happens  to  be  a  chair  and the  little  ones  could  fit  into  it comfort

I wouldn’t  advise  two  grownups  to try sitting  in  the chair  though .

Like the  other  Hampton  Inns,  this one  also  offers  free breakfast, including  waffles and pancakes .

If it’s  one of  those  nice, but  hot  and  humid  Baltimore  days ,  you can sit on the patio  and have breakfast  at one of  the  tables .

The hotel  happens  to  have a pool  in case  you  want  to  channel  your  inner  Michael  Phelps ,  who just  happens  to  be  a native  of  the  city .

The rooms  themselves  are spacious  with microwaves ,  refrigerators ,  and coffeemakers  for those  guests  like me who need  that  cup of  Joe  in the  morning .

Some rooms  even  have a bird’s  eye view, ( pardon  the  pun, this is Birdland)  of both  stadiums .

That  coffee  and the free breakfast   gets you going  in the morning ,  ready  to  explore  the Inner  Harbor ,  Little  Italy ,  and Lexington  Market ,  all of  which  are  close  by.

You can take public  transportation  to  get  there  as well .

If you  happen  to  be  arriving  by Greyhound ,  the terminal is roughly  30 minutes  away, if that .

If you’re  looking  for  a  place to  eat  before  and  after  the  game, just a few steps  away  from  the  hotel  is Pickles  Pub, which  has some of  the  largest pizza  pies  that I’ve  ever  seen .

You  do  have  a  lot  of  choices  on where  to  stay  when  you  come  to  Baltimore ,  but one of  the  hotels  that  I  would  strongly  recommend  is  the  Hampton  Inn  Downtown  Convention  Center  .

If you’re  coming  to  Charm  City  for a  game ,  or as the  name  suggests ,  in town  for something  going  on  at the  Baltimore  Convention  Center .

The Baltimore  Convention  Center  is also  across  the  street  from  Camden  Yards .

Hampton  Inn  Downtown  Convention  Center

550  Washington  Boulevard

Baltimore ,  MD

410-685-5000  FB_IMG_1502274774130FB_IMG_1502274787949FB_IMG_1502274779819FB_IMG_1502274812547FB_IMG_1502274795664FB_IMG_1502274806931


Some  of  you  probably  read  about  it  or  even heard  about  it .

If not,  let  me  tell  you  about  what  happened . FB_IMG_1500994076764

Baltimore  Orioles  right  fielder Adam  Jones  was doing  what  he’s  paid to  do  by the   Baltimore  Orioles  baseball  team ,  drive  in runs ,  and catch  baseballs so that  the  other  team  doesn’t  score  any runs.

On this  particular  evening ,  the  Orioles  just  happened  to  be  in  Fenway  Park   in Boston ,  playing  the  Red Sox  .

One  fan, and  I  use that  term  to be   somewhat  polite,  obviously  didn’t  read my blog  posts  on acting  like  you’ve  been  there  before .

This fan  decided  to  not  only  throw a   bag of   peanuts  at Jones ,  but  for  good  measure ,  he called  Jones  everything  but  the  name  his  mama  gave  him ,  including  the  infamous  “N” word.

You  might  wonder ,  just  what  does  this  have  to  do  with  travel ?

Remember ,  the name  of  the  blog is   called  30  Plus  Teams  30  Plus  Dreams  and  it’s  about  what  to do   in a   city  after  you’ve  gone  to  that  professional  hockey ,  football ,  baseball ,  or  basketball  game .

Adam  Jones  just  happens  to  be  one  of  the  few non  Latin  and  non white  players  in baseball .

The  city  this  incident  happened  in  is my  city ,  Boston .

I’m  not  going  to  be naive  here  and  tell you  how  Boston  doesn’t  deserve  the  reputation  that  it receives  as  a   very  racist  city .

It doesn’t  need to   be  seen  as  a  city  that  isn’t  very  welcoming  to minorities ,  because  that’s  not  really  the  truth .

Nor does  it  need  to  be  seen  as  a  city  that black  players  don’t  want  to  play  professional  sports  in.

But it is ,  especially  playing  for  the  Boston  Red  Sox ,  who were  the  last  team  to integrate  major  league  baseball .

That’s  right ,  the  Boston  Bruins  hockey  team  had a   black  player  long  before  that  most  American  of all  sports ,  baseball ,  had one  playing  for the   Boston  Red  Sox  or even  the  New York   Yankees ,  for  that  matter .

Fairly or  unfairly ,  the  perception  of  Boston  as a   town  more racist  than any  city  down  South   goes  back  to  the  busing crisis  in the   1970s  and  1980s .

A lot  of  people  in this  country  haven’t  forgotten  about  it  and still  to this   day ,  they  hold  it against   Boston .

Which  brings  me  back  to  what  do you   do  if  you  happen  to  be  on  a   30  Plus  Teams  Tour  watching  a  game  by yourself  or with  friends  or family   and  someone ,  drunk  or  sober   throws  something  at an  opposing  player  and  calls them  a racial slur .

To their  credit ,  the Red  Sox  handled  the  situation  correctly .

They  offered  Jones  an apology  as did  the  mayor  of  Boston  and  the  governor  of  Massachusetts .

The next  evening  when  the  Orioles  played the  Red Sox  ,  Jones  was  given  a  standing  ovation  by the   Red Sox    fans ,  who  by their  actions  spoke  louder  than  any apology  from  the  team  or public  officials .

The  decent  people  of Boston ,  and believe  me ,  the  city  is full  of  decent  people  of  all  ages,  races and   religions ,  were truly  outraged  and  upset .

They said collectively ,  “Not in  our town  AND  DEFINITELY  NOT  in Fenway  Park .  ”

It was   many  of  these  real Red  Sox  baseball  fans  who  were sitting  in  the  same  area  and  pointed  out  this  numbnut to security ,  who  rightly  escorted  him  out .

This  fool is not  only  banned for  a  few  games  at  Fenway ,  he’s  banned for  LIFE .

Once  again ,  when  you  attend  a  game ,  please  use  some  common  sense  no matter   if it’s  a   baseball ,  hockey ,  football ,  or  basketball  game .

Act like  you’ve  been  there  before  and  don’t  let  your  personal  feelings  about  a race  or gender  get  in the   way.

Be a fan ,  cheer for  your  team  the right  way .

Be  respectful  of  the  players  on the  other  team .

A 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  any  city  should  be  enjoyable  for  everyone .

It shouldn’t  have  to  turn  ugly  because  of  one  person’s  actions .


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Somebody  told you that while  you’re  on your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Baltimore ,  one of  the  things you should  do besides  eating some crab cakes ,  is attend  a  Baltimore  Orioles  baseball  game  at Orioles  Park  at  Camden  Yards .

You  might  not be a fan of  the  team, or not even know anything  about  the  game of baseball .

But after the game is over, get yourself  to the  Guests Relations Department ,  which is on the way out.

Tell them that  it’s  your first game there.

Also throw in the  fact that you  had a great  time, because  actually  you will.

Orioles  Park at Camden  Yards  is one of  my favorite  ball parks and I’m  a Yankees  fan.

They will give you  a packet with lots of  Orioles  goodies in it.

One of  which is a certificate  with your name on it and the date that you saw the game.

It  may not seem  like  much, but at a time when a lot of  professional  teams really don’t  seem as though they care about  their true fans, this is a nice gesture by the Baltimore  Orioles . 20170804_183858