It seems that whenever I do a 30 Plus Teams Tour of anywhere, I’m either going to a sporting event or eating at some restaurant.

This latest visit to Las Vegas for All Star Weekend is no different.

As often as I come to Vegas, one of the restaurants that I’ve avoided is HEXX, which is located inside of the Paris Casino.

The restaurant is in a prime location, across the street from the Bellagio Hotel and the Bellagio fountains.

You can request a table right by the window and watch the Bellagio fountain show.

In the summer, not only can you request a table by the window, you can sit outside as well.

I was going to eat at another restaurant for breakfast, but since I had just won $65 at Paris Hotel and figured that I need to treat myself to a meal at a place that is always mentioned by YouTubers and travel bloggers alike when they come to Las Vegas.

From the moment that I walked in to the time that I finished my meal, I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The service was excellent whether it was the hostess who seated me, the waiter who served me, (his name was Mike, I think, but his mom is from Michigan and he worked in New York)or even the server who refilled my water and coffee.

As for my meal of three eggs Sunnyside up, apple wood smoked bacon, and potatoes, it was delicious.

The meal was $14.99,(and worth every penny)and it came with English muffins or your choice of wheat or white bread.

If you’re like me and didn’t want any bread of all, you had the option of having fruit, which is a dollar more.

HEXX also has bottomless Mimosas for brunch, which starts around 8am, and costs $30 per person.

I passed on the Mimosas but throughly enjoy my coffee, and that view that I had from my table.

The hostess asked me if I wanted to sit at the bar since I came in alone, but a table was good enough for me.

I was so full from the brunch that I skipped lunch.

I’ve decided that for my next trip God willing, HEXX will be a stop for brunch.

Come to think of it, I have two more days for this 30 Plus Teams Tour, HEXX might be a brunch stop whether I’ve won money at the casino or not.

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