I finally got to visit the new Resorts World Hotel and Casino Las Vegas on this 30 Plus Teams Tour.

There will be more about the Resorts World Las Vegas in an another post.

Since it was my full day in Las Vegas there were a few places and things that I wanted to do but it didn’t happen that way.

Something else came up to spoil the Sports Diva’s plans, but the something else that came up was something very unexpected.

More about that also in another upcoming post.

As usual, the Sports Diva got hungry as I only had a Dunkin Donuts and a cup of coffee early in the morning.

I knew most of the restaurants in Resorts World are Asian themed because there’s a Resorts World in my neighborhood and they were opened before the one in Las Vegas was.

I couldn’t decide between the sushi, Pho or a food that I hadn’t had in a long time, Indian food.

I went to the order board and looked over my choices.

One particularly caught my eye right away.

Being the Sports Diva that was raised by parents from North and South Carolina, my eye went to a restaurant that has its roots in Texas, Blood Brothers.

So what did I order?

Texas style barbecue Brisket on white bread, a Pineapple Fanta soda and potato salad.

Now being the good girl raised by Southerners, you better believe that some hot sauce went all over this delicious food.

No matter what you order from any of the restaurants at Resorts World, your food is either brought to you or you pick it up when it’s ready.

Just put in your phone number and when your food is ready, you get a text.

The food court is just like the hawker stalls in Malaysia and Singapore where your food is brought to you.

It brought back memories of going to Malaysia and Singapore when I worked for Malaysia Airlines in Los Angeles.

All in total, I paid $21 for my meal, the brisket was $17 and some change, which I’m sorry isn’t expensive.

I would have paid a lot more in New York City for this and besides, Beef Brisket isn’t a cheap cut of meat.

For the meaty slices that I was given, I would have paid more, really.

Every time I do a 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere, I keep a list of restaurants that I want to return to when I go back to that city.

Another one has been added to the long list for Las Vegas.


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