The last 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas I took was in June of 2021.

The day after I left, another casino opened up .

It was Resorts World, but unlike the one near my home in Queens, New York, it has two hotels attached to it, Hilton and The Conrad.

Both the Conrad and Hilton have separate entrances for their guests.

I wanted to see for myself what the Resorts World was all about, after hearing so many different opinions about it.

When I went not only was it Chinese and Lunar New Year, but going on in town wasn’t only NHL All Star Weekend, but the NFL Pro Bowl, which is the All Star game for the National Football League.

My own opinion of Resorts World is this, it’s beautiful and different than the usual hotels that Vegas is used to.

The area where Resorts World stands used to be the old Stardust Hotel, and as you walk into the lobby of Resorts World, you see part of the old Stardust.

Enjoy the pictures of the newest hotel and casino in town.

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