That’s right , I said part 1 because there will be more embassies to see.

Most of them are in the Dupont Circle area of the city, near the University of District of Columbia, but most of them are on a stretch of Massachusetts Avenue known as Embassy Row.

Some of them, like Mexico and Canada are right on Pennsylvania Avenue .

Two of them are in the U Street Corridor .

I was able to take pictures of some of them.

It always helps to ask if you can take a picture of the embassy as I did with a very kind lady from the Tunisian embassy.

You never know because even though the embassies are in the United States , the embassies follow the laws of their own countries .

So if you want to take a picture of the Saudi Arabia embassy or the Mauritius embassy , ask first because you never know .

I took pictures of the Canadian , Philippines, Australia , Oman, Chile, Tunisia and Trinidad and Tobago embassies .

I have so many to go but since Washington DC is so close to New York City , the other embassies will have to wait.

Inuit art at the Canadian Embassy

Part of the Oman embassy

Trinidad and Tobago embassy

Philippines embassy

Part of the Australian embassy

Chilean Embassy

This stands right outside of the Chile embassy

There will be more countries coming, so look for it in a future post.

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