The last time I did an embassy tour in Washington DC was in August of this year.

I visited some on New Hampshire Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue, the area known as Embassy Row near Dupont Circle.

This time I went deeper into Embassy Row, right on Massachusetts Avenue, which seems to go on forever.

There are so many embassies on this avenue that I had to rest and sit down right in front of the Embassy of Indonesia, which is one of the most beautiful embassy buildings in the city.

As most of the embassies on the avenue are European countries and part of the European Union, you’ll not only see the flag of the country, but also the flag of the European Union flying next to it.

Some countries embassies are next to each other, as in the case of Cameroon and Sudan and Paraguay and Turkmenistan, although there’s a big sign on the embassy of Turkmenistan about surveillance cameras being around.

Given what I know about Turkmenistan, you didn’t need to tell the Sports Diva NOT to take pictures of this embassy.

I took as many pictures as I could because I was getting tired , and besides there was an afternoon hockey game I was rushing back to see.

Blog or no blog post, you can’t say the Sports Diva doesn’t have her priorities in order.

Embassy of the Republic of Ireland
Embassy of Greece
Embassy of the Duchy of Luxembourg
Embassy of Peru
Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Embassy of Portugal
Embassy of India with the statue of Mahatma Gandhi across the street
Two African embassies for the price of one. Cameroon and Sudan
Embassy of Indonesia and the garden donated to the United States from Indonesia
There’s also embassies on Connecticut Ave also but I was just concentrating on the many embassies on Massachusetts Avenue


The last time I did an Embassy tour of Washington DC was in December 2019.

Yes, that was the last time I was in the place affectionately called The District.

I was all set to do an embassy walkabout on the Thursday that I was in town, but even in DC,Mother Nature had other ideas.

Like rain, lots of it.

So yesterday, August 27th, I finally got to do Part 3 of the Sports Diva’s excellent embassy tour.

Exit Stage Left Embassy Row
Consulate of Colombia
Embassy of Botswana
Embassy of Malaysia bringing back great memories of working for Malaysia Airlines in Los Angeles
Before I took a picture of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq, I definitely asked if could take a picture of the building
Embassy of Argentina
Embassy of Hungary
Embassy of Montenegro
Embassy of Belarus


Since I was in town for the Thanksgiving holiday with my family , I did a little bit of sightseeing in the Dupont Circle area of town.

The last time I was there, in October, I saw some of the embassies on Embassy Row .

This time, even though it was raining, I decided to go see some of the embassies in the Dupont Circle area .

It was raining so hard that I was about to turn back and just take the Metro back to my neice’s house in the Petworth section if tiwn.

But then I saw what I was looking for , New Hampshire Avenue, a place that I couldn’t find on my embassy tour the last time.

Because of the rain, some of the pictures aren’t that clear and some of the flags are wrapped around the flag pole.

Also, there aren’t as many embassies on this part, so God willing , the next time I come to town, hopefully the weather will be better and there’ll be more embassies to see .

The Embassy of Equitorial Guinea

The Embassy of Namibia

Embassy of Jamaica

Sorry the flag is wrapped around the flag pole but its the Embassy of Montenegro

Embassy of Zimbabwe

Embassy of Angola


That’s right , I said part 1 because there will be more embassies to see.

Most of them are in the Dupont Circle area of the city, near the University of District of Columbia, but most of them are on a stretch of Massachusetts Avenue known as Embassy Row.

Some of them, like Mexico and Canada are right on Pennsylvania Avenue .

Two of them are in the U Street Corridor .

I was able to take pictures of some of them.

It always helps to ask if you can take a picture of the embassy as I did with a very kind lady from the Tunisian embassy.

You never know because even though the embassies are in the United States , the embassies follow the laws of their own countries .

So if you want to take a picture of the Saudi Arabia embassy or the Mauritius embassy , ask first because you never know .

I took pictures of the Canadian , Philippines, Australia , Oman, Chile, Tunisia and Trinidad and Tobago embassies .

I have so many to go but since Washington DC is so close to New York City , the other embassies will have to wait.

Inuit art at the Canadian Embassy

Part of the Oman embassy

Trinidad and Tobago embassy

Philippines embassy

Part of the Australian embassy

Chilean Embassy

This stands right outside of the Chile embassy

There will be more countries coming, so look for it in a future post.