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I got off at the Fifth Avenue stop, which is technically at 60th street and walked 5 blocks to visit one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions .

Its the Central Park Zoo , and it’s one of the country’s most well known zoos, if not the city’s .

The zoo is open every day, Monday through Friday 10am -5pm , and Saturday – Sunday 10am- 5:30pm until November 3.

After November 3, the zoo is open until 4:30pm.

The zoo calls these hours, their “summer hours “, even though the weather here in New York City has been anything summer or springlike .

Don’t even think about smoking while you’re watching that red panda hanging onto the tree.

The zoo is totally smoke free.

On the day that I visited , it was full of schoolchildren on a field trip.

Inspite of this, I think I had just as much fun watching the California Seals splashing and getting fed as much as the kids did.

I actually learned something new on my visit.

Everyone knows about the California Seals , but did you know that there are also Harbor Seals as well?

Harbor Seals are found in the waters of New York harbor and they’re a darker color.

Who knew ?

The zoo also has two new animals, two brown grizzly bear “pups” who were napping on a rock while tourists oohed and aahed all over them.

These “pups” weren’t fooling me, though.

They were awfully big to be pups to me, and I sure wasn’t buying their “napping”.

They looked like they were playing possum , just saying.

I left quickly and went to see a more friendlier animal, a red panda , which I didn’t know existed either.

There was also a snow leopard , who was playing “shy”, hiding in the trees, peeking out at all of us who were peeping at him.

Compared to the other two zoos that I visited, the Bronx Zoo and the Queens Zoo , tge Central Park Zoo didn’t seem to have as many animals .

My favorite part of the zoo was going to the area that held the Seabirds and Penguins .

I had just missed the Penguins getting fed by zoo staff but I loved watching these birds who can’t fly, waddling and splashing in the water.

Okay, I know what those of you who follow my blog or who know me very well are thinking.

Of course her favorite area of the zoo to see would be an area with animals that have the same name as a sports team.

This zoo is one of more popular attractions in the city, however, I wanted to see more animals , just like at the other two zoos.

This fact, however, shouldn’t stop you from visiting the Central Park Zoo the next time you visit New York City .


The weather is actually nice here in New York City for once.

It’s not that cold at all.

Okay, it’s 43 degrees and sunny, but compared to what we’ve been having , 43 ddgrees or higher is basically a “heat wave”.

Yesterday , I spent most of my day under the covers and my dinner was Chicken Noodle Soup, Honey-Ginger Tea and a Grilled Cheese sandwich .

I was sick, really sick.

Today is different though.

The Sports Diva is going to go on another tour, an adventure , if you will in New York City .

I’m not sure where I’m going yet, but the main thing is, I’m going out and about in the city.

I might go on another zoo adventure, a return trip to one of New York’s many museums, or just a train ride on one of New York’s many subway lines.

Whatever I decide to do , you, my fellow bloggers are coming along with me.

So let the 30 Plus Teams Tour continue !


In an earlier post, I showed you part of my day at the Queens Zoo.

The second part is more pictures from the Zoo.

They have an area dedicated to birds, birds and more birds.

As this used to be the site of the 1964 World’s Fair, the pbird Aviary is located in what used to be the Winston Churchill Pavillion.

As you walk in you’ll notice signs that tell you to look up, look down, look in the water for the birds.

Yes they are all around you as I discovered.

My favorite part of the zoo was the petting zoo.

This area held the domesticated animals in the Americas.

I was surprised to see two big Texas Longhorn cattle just minding their own businesses as tourists were snapping pictures.

Let the pictures give you an idea of what’s to see in one of New York’s lesser known zoos.


Not too many people are aware that there’s two more zoos in New York City besides the Bronx Zoo and Central Park Zoo, which is the zoo that most people know.

There are.

One is the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn and the zoo that I visited, the Queens Zoo.

The Queens Zoo is located in the Flushing Meadows Corona Park , which is 111st in Flushing Queens.

It’s open everyday 10am until 4:30pm in winter or up until March 31.

In the warmer months or April until November it’s open 10 am until 5pm on weekdays and 5:30pm on weekends and holidays .

Don’t expect to see giraffes, lions or tigers in this zoo.

It focuses mainly on animals that inhabit North and South America .

You’ll even find a section in the zoo where you pet and feed the animals.

They even encourage you to.

There was so much going on in this zoo that I’m dividing my pictures from Queens Zoo into parts one and two.

Enjoy the pictures from part one.


It’s one of the largest zoos in the United States and in New York City .

It’s not as well known to tourists visiting New York City as the Central Park Zoo is.

As usual, if you’re doing that 30 Plus Teams Tour of New York City , visit this zoo as well.

On the day that I went, a lot of the animals weren’t out as it was very cold for them.

A lot of the animals were out, some of them were indoors.

The pictures will give you some idea of some of the animals that you’ll see at the Bronx Zoo.