It’s been 20 years since those planes slammed into the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and that field in Pennsylvania, but many of us here in the United States will never forget.

If you ever do a 30 Plus Teams Tour of Washington DC or New York City, I would ask that you take a trip down to the 9-11 Memorial or The Pentagon.

Visit One World Observatory, which is where the Twin Towers once stood.

I would ask one thing of you all though.

Please be respectful. These are tourist attractions, but remember, people died here as well.


I’ve  asked  this question  far too many  times  now.

I asked  why when people  were killed  in  Nice, Belgium ,  Berlin ,  Barcelona  and Paris . 

I asked why when it happened  twice in London . 

I didn’t  think  that  I  would  need to ask why in New York  City .

But it seems  as though  I  have  to .

On Halloween  afternoon ,  that’s  October  31st  to the rest of the world ,  a rented truck with a logo from the lumber and other goods store, Home Depot, drove down a street  on the city’s  very busy West Side Highway . 

The street he drove down, West Street ,  is mainly a bike and pedestrian  only street.

According  to  witnesses, he was going the wrong way from Houston  to  Chambers Street . 

If you know New York  City ,  you know this is about 20 or so long blocks.

This was NO accident  that the driver  was going the wrong  way  and very fast.

He was going out of  his way to cause as much damage as possible.

In the end, eight people  were killed and as of now 15 people were taken  to  hospitals .

Ironically ,  this bike path is in the shadow  of  the  Freedom  Tower, also know as One Observatory  Tower.

It replaced the fallen Twin  Towers of the World  Trade Center . 

As with the other cities, a truck has suddenly  become  “The weapon  of  choice” to create as much death and destruction  as possible . 

The people  who  were killed were from Argentina  and  Belgium  just biking on a path that a lot of New Yorkers use every day.

Among the injured were two children  on a school bus.

Besides ramming the truck into pedestrians and bicyclists ,  he also hit a school  bus.

Unlike the others who carried out these attacks in the name of “religion  “, the person who did this is in a New York  City  hospital.

As of right now, they don’t  have a reason why he chose  this particular  street  in New York  City  or why the city was a target again . 

I don’t  care what his reason was or why this seems  to  keep happening  everywhere  now.

I’ve gotten tired of  asking why.