I started travelling by myself  when I was in high school . 

It was a weekend  trip to  Boston  and I can honestly  say that  I  really  didn’t  know  what  to  expect ,  nor did I  do  any research  on where I was going.

This is something  that  you should  NEVER do whether you’re  going  on a trip around  the  world  or doing a 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  somewhere . 

Do your  research  before  you  go  anywhere ,  that way you have some idea of what’s  expected  of you.

I have since traveled by myself  to London, Singapore ,  Kuala  Lumpur  and Penang ,  Malaysia  as well as Brisbane  and Sydney ,  Australia . 

I won’t  even mention all the times and places in the United  States  and Canada that I’ve  traveled  to  by myself . 

Did I feel  uncomfortable  going by myself  to these places, in some cases ,  not knowing  anybody ? 

I’m  not  lying  to you when I say no.

Actually ,  I didn’t  and I still don’t  even  after all these years of traveling  by myself . 

Don’t  get me wrong.

Lots of thoughts  went through  my mind, but nothing like will any physical  harm come to  me in these places . 

I was more concerned  about will I have a problem  because  I’m  carrying  an American  passport?

This was way before the current  political  climate ,  by the way.

I worried  about when I went overseas ,  will these places have people that speak English ? 

How do some of the places that I’m  going to  feel about a woman  traveling  by herself ? 

Most of all  I worried about will I have a problem with  the  fact that I’m an older woman  of color travelling  by herself . 

Luckily, I didn’t  have a problem  and people  were very nice.

Although ,  in Singapore  and  Malaysia  some well meaning ladies that I met in the shops and on my plane ride wanted  to  know  “where was my husband  and  how could he let me travel by myself ? ”

Most of my travel now is in the United  States  and Canada . 

Because  I  was  raised to be very independent  by my folks, may they rest in peace, I don’t feel uncomfortable  at all traveling  by myself.

I like to  think  that  the  Good Lord  is watching  over me no matter where I go , so everything  is  going  to  be okay . 

Of course, even here in my own country, I research  and  am very aware of my surroundings . 

If something doesn’t  feel or seem right, I avoid it like the plague . 

I don’t  wait for anyone  to  go  with me, I have to  go somewhere  because ,  you know, staying  home  is NOT  an  option . 

Although when I do one of my famous  30 Plus  Teams  Tours, and I’m  asked by some well meaning person  why am I going  to this city ,  who do I know there ,  I’d be a multimillionaire  for all the side glances I get when I tell them that  I’m going for a baseball ,  basketball  or a hockey game.

What about  you ?  

Do you ever feel uncomfortable  when you travel  by yourself ? 

If so, how do you handle it?

Drop me a line in the comments  section ,  let me know and as always, thank you for liking  and  following  my  blog posts .