It seems  as though  whenever  one goes to  Washington  DC ,  there’s  a  museum ,  monument ,  or memorial on  every  street  corner.

One of  these buildings  is the National  Archives Building . 

This being our nation’s  capital ,  you just know that it has an official  sounding  name.

It does.

The official  name of the National  Archives  Building ,  (and a name that I’m  sure NOBODY  uses!) is the National  Archives  and Records Administration  Building . 

Once you walk into the building ,  you get the feeling  that  you’re  at the airport ,  going through  a  ton of security . 

Don’t  even think  about  breaking  out the camera  phone or any other  kind of  camera  in this building . 

Hide them and use them for another monument ,  memorial ,  or museum  in the city.

No picture  taking  is allowed  here.

Just what is in this  building  that makes it so high security ? 

Just the United  States  Bill of Rights ,  the Declaration  of  Independence ,  and the United States Constitution . 

We aren’t  talking  about  copies, either . 

Also, if you want to  find out more  about  those oh so colorful  ancestors  of yours that your relatives  are always  telling  you  about ,  you can look up their stories as well.

You can also look up information  about those not so colorful ancestors  as well.

Just have your information  on hand when you go.

This information  is  free, just like a visit to  the  National  Archives  Building  is.

Don’t  worry  about  not being able  to  take pictures  inside the building . 

The outside of  the  building  is very impressive  and  picture worthy.

Besides ,  this is Washington  DC ,  you’ll  have  plenty  of  opportunities  for  picture  taking.