After five days and four nights of a great 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas, it was time to go back to New York City.

I came in to Las Vegas on February 1st from JFK on a Delta Airlines flight, I was returning to LGA on Saturday, February 5th on a Southwest Airlines flight with a stopover in Denver.

I had a little bit of time, so I brought myself a blended Matcha Green Tea and waited to board.

The flight from Denver was quicker than I thought it would be.

As usual, we had to taxi because after all, it is New York City, there’s traffic even on airport runways.

I waited for my bag just like other passengers,but while they were getting their bags, my little blue bag was no where to be found.

My next step was to go to the Southwest Airlines baggage office to see just what was happening here.

The agent looked at his computer and said, “Miss Lawery, your bag didn’t transfer from Denver Airport, so we’re putting it on the flight to St. Louis to LGA. I’m sorry for the delay.”

Great, my bag is travelling to another place before it gets to New York, meanwhile the Sports Diva is going to fight traffic on a Saturday night ride back to another part of Queens.

The baggage claim agent asked me to describe my bag and what was in it .

“Light blue with lots of Vegas Golden Knights stickers on it. There’s clothes ,toiletries, and two bottles of booze in it”

The Sports Diva has her priorities, and of course my bag has stickers of some sports team on it.

I was told that my bag would be delivered to wherever I was staying.

Not to be a jerk which I could have been, my reply was, home, I’m going back to my house.

A day later, I’m still waiting for my bag, which still hasn’t been delivered yet, but that’s not their fault.

I just haven’t been home and neither has anyone else.


It’s 2022, a new year and a few days after my birthday, which was January 29th.

Unlike some folks, the Sports Diva has NO problem telling you my age.

I just turned 69 years young by the grace of God.

Anyhoo, to begin this new year, the Sports Diva is going somewhere and you KNOW what that means.

It’s another post of the ever popular, What’s In My Suitcase?

God willing going away for 5 days to some place just a little warmer than New York City is, where my neighbors and I are digging out from under 12 inches of snow.

It’s time to go some where fairly warm and the Sports Diva is headed there.

Can you guess?

There’s gonna be lots of partying, eating , sports related activities just made for the Sports Diva, lots of walking and people acting crazy, but in this case, that’s okay.

While you’re guessing, besides toiletries and other stuff, here’s what I might be taking or not taking in my suitcase.

My blue suitcase from my sister in law that I rarely take because it has a top handle, not a side one.
Blue backpack from Walmart. I’m not usually a backpack person, but this will work.
My long grey coat because it’s still cold out.
Because the four, that’s right, four wigs need their own suitcase too, here it is.
Two hats. I couldn’t decide which color I liked so I brought two of them.
My Vegas Golden Knights throw for the ride, and Alex and Gleyber are going also.
Night shirt and slippers
These two are together. It’s actually a black top and my gold pants.
Three bags and yes, I’m bringing all three of them
A little grey jacket
Shirts, sweaters and a hoodie
Couldn’t decide what color I liked, so I brought two
Hockey shirts and a vest
Gotta have packing cubes for all this stuff
Because a woman never has enough dresses
We never have enough shoes either

As I said, I’m doing a 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere for five days of all sorts of shenanigans and yes, my old friends, hand sanitizer, proof of vaccination and masks are coming with me.

You’ll see where we’re going in an up coming post, but feel free to guess.


I know it seems like I was just on another 30 Plus Teams Tour, but actually it was a month ago for the Thanksgiving holiday.

This time, it’s a short weekend trip to somewhere very close.

I’m going to be away from Thursday, December 16 until Saturday, December 18th, God willing.

I’m not taking that much but enough because the weather is going to be cold.

As usual, take a guess where the Sports Diva is going for the weekend shenanigans.

Packing cubes of course and my under the seat suitcase. Trust me, all the stuff that I’m bringing will fit in this bag
It’s gonna be cold where I’m going, I need this coat
Three pairs of leggings, black, red and blue
This shirt is actually a Blue shirt
Sorry it’s so dark but there’s two turtleneck sweaters, a blue and a black one just waiting to go into my suitcase.

Gotta wear some hats, don’t care how they look. It’s cold outside.
You have to be that Team Sports Apparel Fashionista no matter where your 30 Plus Teams Tour takes you.

My dress boots in case I go out clubbing or something.

It’s a short weekend 30 Plus Teams Tour but gotta bring a stuffed animal with me. Hi Joe S
My wigs need a bag too, just saying.
My robe and of course the Sports Diva has to have a face mask decorated with a drawing of an athlete on it.
My rain and snow boots. Gonna need these.

Don’t laugh. I’m a woman, I NEED all of these bags.

As usual, I might not be taking all of this stuff and because of something called Coronavirus, I’m going to be adding a lot more things to this bag.

I’m going to need those things, especially where I’m going.

Any guesses where?


I finally solved my “packing problem” before I went to bed, and right before watching the New York Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Hey the Sports Diva has her priorities, packing or no packing, take a back seat, travel problems.

I took a suitcase that I should have packed in the first place .

I wouldn’t have been so “stressed out” like I’m watching the Seventh game of the World Series or the Stanley Cup Finals.

It was my old reliable suitcase that my sister in law gave me and one that I’ve taken on trips before.

My sister in law knows that the Sports Diva can never have enough luggage, so rather than her giving them away or throwing away, she calls me up and says, “I’ve got a suitcase you might like.”

Plus this suitcase is perfect for a “fashionista” like me.

It fit everything.

No worries.

Now I can sit back with my Starbucks Vanilla Latte, cold cuts and pretzels and relax before I get to Washington DC.


I know I just did my post on what’s in my suitcase, but now I’m feeling something that I never felt in fifty million years of doing 30 Plus Teams Tour of anywhere, even when I didn’t know what a 30 Plus Teams Tour was.

I have packed and repacked so many times that it’s not even funny.

Did I mention that I leave in less than 24 hours and STILL haven’t packed yet?

So what’s the issue?

I have so many winter clothes that it makes my bags heavy as an elephant..

Now I’ve traveled before when it’s cold but this year the weather is, pardon my expression, basically on some split personality trip.

We aren’t even in winter yet but places are having frost warnings all ready, including the place I’m going to.

I guess by the time I go to bed, I’ll have figured this little travel pressure problem out.


It’s that time again .

The Sportsdiva is going somewhere.

I’m going to be away from, God willing November 23-29, six days of all sorts of shenanigans.

Thanksgiving is coming up on the 25th, a time where you get together with friends and family , watch lots of football and eat a lot of food from morning until night, or at least that’s what we’ve ALWAYS done in my family.

Eat like crazy but leave enough room for dessert.

Where am I going on this 30 Plus Teams Tour?

As usual, you have to wait, but feel free to guess where the Sports Diva is going this time.

Let’s just say it’s gonna be really cold and I might not do any walking at all.

Don’t judge me, yeah I’m taking 3 bags. I’m going shopping and might buy another one or two.
It’s gonna to get cold so I’ll need some gloves
There’s gonna be lots of football watching so gotta wear my New England Patriots jersey
My carry on bag and my suitcase
My jacket/coat.
My second coat. Told you it was going to be cold where I’m going.
My red dress and a belt to go with it
3 pairs of leggings, black, red and blue
Can’t do without my packing cubes
Gotta bring the kids. Aaron J and Gleyber
2 Sweaters, and a vest. Coldness but I’m here for it
A shirt and a white vest underneath
Sneakers, booties and my warm comfy boots

That’s what going in my suitcase and as usual, all of this either won’t be taken or worn, but as cold as it’s going to be where I’m going, I might need ALL of these.


We going to try this again.

Sometimes things happen beyond your control as with the 30 Plus Teams Tour of Atlantic City that I was supposed to go on with my aunt and cousin/landlady two weeks ago.

While counting down to my next 30 Plus Teams Tour, I got sick with Allergic Rhinitis, which is a fancy schmanzy medical term for seasonal allergies.

So in my carryon bag along with hand sanitizer, face masks and Lemon scented wipes, are the two medicines that I have to take, so no wild drinking on this trip.

I’m ready this time for another 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere close by.

As usual, guesses appreciated.

I’m staying for 4 days and 5 nights this time in a place that I haven’t been in a few years, but there’s gonna be a lot of walking on those streets and a lot of history up in there, just saying.

As usual, I might not be taking everything but better to over pack than under pack.

Outfit going away
Outfit coming back
Joe and Serena are coming along too
My wigs need a suitcase too.
Two hats
Can’t go anywhere now without the packing cubes and pouches in my suitcase
Suitcase and my carryon
4 little bags because women need to change bags, just saying
It’s almost Labor Day, gotta wear these white pants asap
4 pairs of shoes including 2 pairs of sneakers cause there’s gonna be a lot of walking going on
I don’t care if it’s gonna be hot, gotta have my comfy Vegas Golden Knights throw
Shorts and two shirts. Might wear the football shirt since it’s almost football season
Gotta have some dressy pants and a shirt


The suitcases were all packed, checklists done, everything was ready to go for that fun filled few days to get out of New York City and head on down to the Jersey Shore.

The Sports Diva even did the infamous What’s In My Suitcase post.

But sometimes life happens.

Growing up, my parents being the true Southerners that they were, used to say, ” Know a way to make God laugh? Tell him you have plans”

Bless their hearts, it’s true. We plan and God un plans, if there’s such a word.

So no trip to the Jersey Shore, or to be more precise, Atlantic City.

What happened? No one died, praise God.

Let’s just say that when you have three ladies of a certain age, things will happen.

Or like that old Country and Western song says, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”

Am I disappointed? I’d be lying if I said no, but in all my years of travelling, things will happen and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You just get ready for the next 30 Plus Teams Tour that will happen, God willing.

That’s just what the Sports Diva is gonna do.


It’s that time again for the post that seems to be very popular.

What’s in my suitcase.

I’m going away for a few days to enjoy some nice ocean breezes and lots of seafood and drinks.

It’s about a few hours away from my home

Can you guess where I’m going this time?

While you’re guessing, here’s what’s going in my suitcase.

Not sure if I’m carrying the grey suitcase or the leopard one. The two brown bags are going though.
Serena and Joe are coming this time.
My outfits for going and coming back. The blue one is a sleeveless dress, that’s why I have the white shirt to cover it.
All of these shoes are going as is the pink portable charger
Packing Cubes and pouches which I can’t seem to live without.
Only three bags this time
Bathing suits, cover ups and a beach bag
Three hats
It might be cool, I need my little throw cover
Not sure if I’m wearing this shirt with shorts or leggings
There might be a party or something going on, gotta have a white pair of pants to wear before Labor Day.
Football season is coming back, need to represent my New England Patriots, just saying.
Just washed blue sleeveless jean vest

There you have some of the things that may or might not go into my suitcase for my trip to-.

Nope you gotta wait for a day or two to find out where my suitcase and I are going this time.

Have fun guessing!


It’s back my 30 Plus Teams Tour people!

It’s the post all of you seem to love.

It’s the ever popular, what’s in my suitcase.

The Sports Diva hasn’t gone anywhere since my last trip in April to beautiful Uniondale, NY.

I’m ready for this five day, six night trip for some sun, lots of water and being the Sports Diva, you know a sporting event or two will be thrown in there.

I might even do something on my bucket list.

Where am I going?

As usual, you gotta guess.

While you’re thinking about it, here’s what’s in my suitcase.

My suitcase at the bottom, which is getting checked in, along with my carry on bag that I took to Uniondale and my personal item at the top.
My airport outfits for going and coming
My Mickey Mouse luggage tag from Amazon
Hats, hats and more hats
Scarves and headbands
Shoes for days
Yes I am carrying all of these handbags
Bathing suits, bathing suit cover ups and a beach Bag
Sunglasses and my wigs are special. They have their own suitcase also.
3 caftans/robes
Shirts, a black pair of pants and lots of shorts
My travel scale from Amazon and yes my checked in bag is under 50 pounds. Plus making the trip are my stuffed animals, Brady and Posh Spice.

There you have what’s in my suitcase.

All of this isn’t going, but it might, just saying.

I also have some suddenly important stuff to go in my personal item,hand sanitizers, masks, travel Wipes and my Covid Vaccine card.

Have you guessed yet?

You’ll just have to wait until my next post to find out.