I did a day trip to San Francisco while in Las Vegas on 25 February.

I didn’t get to see or do everything that I wanted to do, but the main thing was checking out the new home of the Golden State Warriors of the NBA .

They played at the Oracle Arena in Oakland for many years before moving to their fancy new arena, Chase Center, right across the bay in San Francisco .

As a matter of fact , one of the murals shows two people fighting for a basketball.

One is in Oakland, the other is in San Francisco .

You can see the other famous bridge, the Bay Area Bridge , which separates Oakland from San Francisco .

I happen to think this is a prettier bridge than the Golden Gate Bridge , even if you can’t walk across it.

I didn’t get to see a game here, but the Sports Diva was just happy to be there for the day.

Enjoy pictures of my exciting time at the home of “Dub Nation”


You’re  on a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  with either your   girlfriends, guys ,  family  members  or you’re  just going by yourself . 

You’re  going to  see  either  a baseball ,  football ,  hockey  or football  game .  

You may not be a fan of the team that you’re  going  to  see  or you just might be one of their biggest  fans ever.

There’s  one thing  though.

You’ve  never seen a  game in person .

To say that you’re  wicked excited because this is the first time you’ve  either seen  your team play in person  whether it be on the road or at their home stadium  or arena is an understatement.

For once you aren’t  watching  a game on TV or listening  to  it on the radio or even watching it on your mobile device . 

You’ll  want to know how should  you conduct yourself  when you do finally get to go.

That’s  where the Sports Diva  comes in to give you just a little  bit  of  pointers . 

Let me say that even though  I’m  talking mainly about the four major  professional  sports  leagues  inthe United  States  and Canada ,  these  tips also apply  to  you no matter if you’re  at a rugby match between  New Zealand  and  Australia ,  a soccer match between  Arsenal and Chelsea, a cricket match between  Pakistan and India ,a baseball game  between  the Dominican  Republic  and Japan or even a basketball  game  between  Spain and Latvia . 

The feeling is the same whenever  you attend  a sporting  event  in person . 

You will be excited the first moment  that you walk into the arena or stadium ,  but the first and most important  thing  to  remember  is please be yourself .  

Cheer for your team and please  don’t  act the fool and get yourself  thrown out.

Have that glass of wine at the game if you want to, even though your friends  are guzzling  down Budweisers and Coronas like the stadium’s beer supply is going to run out before the game is over.

If you happen  to be a fan of the team that you’re  going to  see ,  by all means, wear those team colors proudly.

You’re  aware that hardly ANY ONE goes to  Tropicana  Field to see a Tampa  Bay  Rays baseball  game in St. Petersburg ,  Florida ,  but that is  YOUR FAVORITE  TEAM and you’re  going to see them play for the first time  in  person  at “The Trop.”

You just know that  you’re  going  to  have a good time, and if the team loses ,  that’s  okay too.

You’re  in the stadium or arena that you’ve  only seen or heard about from other people . 

Take those selfies at a Los Angeles  Dodgers  game to celebrate  your first visit to Dodgers  Stadium  if you want to . 

But please don’t  take those selfies for the entire game.

You’re  going to  miss  all the action  that’s  going on in front of you.

You’re  here to watch some great catches, excellent  pitching and definitely  someone  in a blue and white Dodgers  uniform  hit a home run to win the game, especially  if  they’re  playing that baseball team that you hate more than any other team, San Francisco  Giants . 

Leave that hot Brazilian  model look that you’re  trying  to  achieve  on your phone to those real Brazilian  models or to one of the Kardashians.

You aren’t  at the game to be seen, remember?

It’s  your first Dodgers baseball  game  in person, isn’t  it ? 

Most importantly ,  don’t  get into an argument  with some of  the  fans if it’s  your first  time  there.

You might be the biggest  fan going, but dare I  say  it?

Act like  you’ve  been  there  before even if you haven’t . 

What if it’s  your first time  at a game and you really don’t  know  anything  about the sport, let alone some of the players?

Not a problem . 

Take in the craziness that’s  going on.

You’ll  definitely  gets your money’s  worth if it’s  a game between  two rival teams and their fans, let alone the players, don’t  like each other . 

It doesn’t  matter  what sport  it is either . 

If you happen  to  be  visiting  the city or the country  for the first  time ,  go to a sporting  event  and just soak up the atmosphere . 

Get excited with the rest of the passionate  soccer fans of Real Madrid, Barcelona ,  or Bayern  Munich . 

Sing “Chelsea Dagger” along with the  other Chicago  Black Hawks  hockey fans when the team scores a goal.

Do the “roll call” along with  the  other “bleacher  creatures” st Yankees  Stadium.

You can even sing “Hail To The Redskins  ” at a Washington  Redskins  football  game if you want to.

You don’t  have to  know the sport   this is  a way to  make new friends . 

They might even end up being a social  media  buddy of yours . 

Fans at the game will be more than  happy  to  explain  what’s  going  on ,  and who are the players you should be cheering  for, as well as the players you should  be  booing.

You might even become a  fan of that team, sport ,  or player by the end of  the  evening.

Take in the pregame  entertainment ,  whether it be the cheerleaders  at the football  or basketball  game ,  (and even in some hockey arenas, too.)or the team mascot ,  if they have one.

Take a picture with the mascot ,  if you can.

Dance in your seat to the music that’s  being played in  the  arena.

Wave those pom poms  or “Terrible Towels” proudly ,  just like you see the other fans doing.

Hold up that foam finger with the team name on it.

If they have a “Tshirt Toss” where  they give away shirts with the team’s  name on it, raise your hands ,  participate and get loud with the home team fans who want a shirt too.

Sing along to “Sweet Caroline” at a Boston Red  Sox game  or “Thank God  I’m  A Country Boy” at a Baltimore  Orioles  game . 

You’re  there  to have fun it’s  your first game in person . 

If you’re  bored with all that’s  going  on, that’s  your fault ,  boo.

Stay in your hostel , hotel  or Airbnb the next time.

One final important  tip.

If the fans start singing  songs about the opposing team  ,referee or umpire, just listen.

It’s  up to you if you’re  at a hockey  game and the fans start screaming ,  “REF, YOU SUCK!” because  they disagree  with  a call, and you want to say “ref, you suck” along with the rest of the fans.

Just don’t  throw things on the ice if the rest of the fans do.

If you happen  to  be  at a Toronto  Blue  Jays  baseball  game at the Rogers  Center and a Blue Jays fan screams out , “SWING BATTER  BATTER  BATTER ! “, they aren’t  being rude.

That’s  okay because they want someone  on the opposing team to make an out.

If the fans start yelling “AIR BALL  ” when an opposing basketball  player  throws  the ball into the stands instead of  into the  basket that’s  definitely  funny.

What’s  NOT funny at all is when fans  start  chanting about a player’s , referees ,  or umpires ethnicity or personal  life.

No one should EVER do that whether it’s  your first time at Staples Center in Los Angeles, a soccer match in Mexico  City ,  Manchester ,  or Rome, or a basketball  game  in Brooklyn . 

There’s  NO place for that in sports and it just shows how ignorant  you really  are.

The most exciting  thing  to  do, if you’re  a sports  fan, or even if you aren’t ,  is to see a game  in person . 


 some of  these tips will make your experience  a little more  fun.

Get yourself out   to a game, no matter  what  the  sport is and enjoy yourself !   


FB_IMG_1501244723872I’ve  had lots  of  people ,  not just friends  ask me a lot of  questions  about  the  blog and things they didn’t  know  about  me. So I’m  going  to  try to  answer  some of  them  for you. If you  have any  other  questions  that I  don’t  answer  here, feel  free  to  contact  me  by email  at Sportsdiva64 .


In all  four  of  the  major  professional  sports ,  that’s  hockey ,  football ,  baseball ,  and  basketball ,  there  are  at  least  30  or  more  teams .

As for the  30  Plus  Dreams  part ,  well, for some  people  who love sports  as much  as  I  do, it’s  a  dream  to  attend  a  game  in  person no  matter  which  one  of  the  sports  it is.

You  don’t  even  have  to  be  a  fan  of  the  team .


That  would  have  to  be  my  girlfriend ,  Mish  T ,  who  is  forever  asking  the  question  “but what’s  there  to  do  there ? ” Hopefully ,  this  blog  answers  that  question  for you  after you’ve  gone  to  that  sports  event.


I  have  been  a  baseball  fan  since  1963, when my late  Aunt  Blecka  took  me  to  a  baseball  game  at  Yankees  Stadium .  I don’t  even  remember  what  team  was playing  against  the  Yankees  that day . Sports  was always  something  we  talked  about  in my  family ,  the  women  as well  as  the  men .

Some  things  don’t  change, although  some members  of  my family  just don’t  get my crazy  obsession  with  hockey .

I  was a  freelance  sports  writer  and  most  of  my  work  was done  with  the  Boston  Bruins  and  Los  Angeles  Kings  hockey  clubs .


In  this  order ,  Baseball ,  New  York  Yankees .  Hockey ,  New York  Rangers  and Boston  Bruins .  BASKETBALL .  Boston  Celtics  and football ,  New England  Patriots .


I  took  my  first  plane  ride  at  age  12  from  Martha’s  Vineyard ,  Massachusetts  to New York  City .  I  worked  for  Delta  Airlines  in Boston  and  Los  Angeles ,  and for  Malaysia  Airlines  in Los  Angeles .


I  have  lived in  four places. I  don’t  count  Dayton ,  Ohio, because  I  went to  college  there from August  to April  of 1971 at the  University  of  Dayton .  I have lived in Boston ,  Los Angeles ,  Las Vegas ,  and  New York  City ,  where I  am  now .


This is  a  very  long list and forgive  me if I  left out a few places. INTERNATIONAL  and I  do consider  Canada  as international . Kuala  Lumpur ,  Malaysia ,  London ,  England ,  Singapore ,  Brisbane ,  Australia ,  Sydney ,  Australia, Penang ,  Malaysia ,  Niagara  Falls ,  Canada ,  Toronto ,  Canada ,  Vancouver ,  Canada ,  Barrie, Canada, Calgary ,  Canada, Ottawa, Canada and Montreal ,  Canada.

In the  United  States ,  Portland . , Maine ,  Providence ,  Rhode  Island ,  Baltimore ,  Philadelphia ,  Pittsburgh ,  Washington  DC ,  Atlanta ,  Los  Angeles ,  St. Louis ,  Boston ,  New Orleans ,  Phoenix ,  Detroit ,  Nashville ,  San Francisco ,  San  Diego ,  Salt Lake  City ,  Denver, Buffalo ,  and Wheeling ,  West Virginia .


International ,  it’s  a  tie between  Toronto  and Kuala  Lumpur .  In this  country ,  there’s  no contest .  It’s the  city that will  ALWAYS  be  home  to me, Boston .


Yes, Dublin , Belfast ,  Tel Aviv , Dubai, Winnepeg, Memphis ,  Seattle ,  Chicago ,  Miami ,  and Cleveland .


DEFINITELY !  Progessive Field  – Cleveland ,  Miller  Park  – Milwaukee ,  Lambeau  Field  – Green  Bay ,  United  Center  – Chicago ,  Great  American  Ballpark  -Cincinnati ,  ComericaPark-Detroit ,  Gillette  Stadium  -Foxboro ,  Massachusetts ,  Nationwide  Arena  -Columbus ,  Quicken loans  Arena  -Cleveland ,  and the new Busch Stadium  in  St. Louis .  I saw the  old one ,  but the  new one looks  amazing !


I  had started  a blog  on blogspot .com many years  ago ,  but I  wasn’t  really  passionate  about  it ,  plus  I  was working  full time  and didn’t  have  the  time or the patience  to  keep  up with  it. Now that I’m  retired ,  I’m  blogging  about  the  two  things  that I’m  very passionate  about ,  travel  and sports .

I follow  a lot of  bloggers now not just those who blog about travel, either . 

You guys really  inspire me .  THANK YOU !


WOW!Where  do I  start?! What  can I  tell you  without  leaving  out a whole  lot  of  things  to  do ?

Of course  while  you’re  in  New York  City ,  you must take in a baseball  game  at  Yankees  Stadium  or Citifield ,  home of  the  New York  Mets. In Boston ,  visit  one of  the  oldest  baseball  parks  in  the  United  States ,  Fenway  Park ,  home of  the  Boston  Red Sox .

Even  if  you  aren’t  a fan  of  baseball  or you aren’t  a  fan of either team, just go.

If you know  NOTHING  about  baseball ,  just go for the  atmosphere ,  especially  when the Mets play against  the  Yankees  or whenever  the Yankees  play the  Red Sox .

As for visiting  the  other things that New York  City  has to  offer ,  I could  tell you about seeing  the usual  touristy  places, but I’m  not .

Visit  the other areas   like Washington  Heights  or Harlem .

Visit  New York ‘ s  “Outer Boroughs  “.

That  would  be  Brooklyn ,  Queens ,  The  Bronx ,  and  Staten  Island .  

You’d  be  surprised  at  what you  see there .

Take  a  ride on  the  Staten  Island  Ferry ,  which  is  free  and  it  runs  all night .

As for  Boston ,  it’s  all about  the  seafood  and  the  history .

Take a  picture  with that ginormous  statue of  Paul  Revere  sitting  on  his  horse ,  walk along  the  Freedom  Trail  , and say hello  to  Samuel  Adams  in front  of  Faneuil  Hall.

Don’t  neglect  the cities  of  Salem ,  Cambridge ,  Lexington  and Quincy . 

By the  way, we don’t  pronounce  it Quincey , we say Quin zee  .

You might  have  heard about  these cities  in  history  class, so see them  up close .

Take a walk through  Harvard     Yard and  say hello  to  the  statue  of  the  guy that we’re  not  sure really  is John Harvard .

After the  hectic  pace of  New York  City ,  Boston  is a  welcome  change .