I’m into day 2 of my 30 Plus Teams Tour of Las Vegas and last night I had my usual great time at my favorite club in town, Hyde in the Bellagio Hotel.

I was so excited to do another thing on my bucket list , that I had planned to wake up early and explore the Las Vegas Strip .

So much for plans.

I look out the window and I must be dreaming .

Wait a minute .

It can’t be .


I didn’t come to Vegas to act like a fool and get lit just to see the same nuisance snow that I left in New York City .

This is the desert .

This is Las Vegas .

It’s not supposed to do this.

Yes, it’s the middle of February and it’s supposed to be cold, but snow?


Forget the fact that it’s 2 inches on the streets of Downtown Las Vegas , what we call nuisance snow back on the east coast .

This is Las Vegas , mother nature got confused.

It’s not supposed to do this.

This is Las Vegas , right?


Even the Sports Diva needs some motivation to travel or at least think about traveling .

When I post those great travel quotes that y’all seem to love to read so much and I tell you to get inspired to travel, guess what?

I haven’t been lately .

As I look out my window today, I see something that I’ve been seeing way too much of here in the New York City area.

It’s snow.

We’re having N’oreaster number 4 here on the East Coast .

We had N’oreaster number 3 a week before and N’oreasters number 1 and 2 two weeks before that.

In case you don’t know, this is what this pain of Mother Nature is.

A N’oreaster is rain, then snow, then sleet, followed by heavy winds- all at the same time.

We happen to be at N’oreaster number 4 now.

Once this is done, there’s going to be either 11-15 inches of snow on the ground .

Schools in New York City are closed, that’s how you know this is serious .

N’oreasters number 1,2, and 3 gave New York City 8, 9 and 3 inches of snow.

Is there any wonder why I’m not really motivated?

I am doing something about my “funk” though.

No, I’m not going to visit a zoo, museum or taking a Greyhound bus anywhere.

I’m not even going to a hockey or basketball game.

In my mind, I’m doing the next best thing .

I’m reading all the travel brochures that I can find in my house, which is a lot.

I’m even wearing a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey shirt to remind me of a warm spot, Tampa, Florida.

I’m searching on Pinterest for pictures of luggage, airports, airplanes, flight attendants, and folks going somewhere exotic or not so exotic.

I’m looking at all those fashion catalogues that come to my mailbox every day it seems, and I’m looking at all those models in shorts, bathing suits and sandals.

I’m doing everything that I can to make me forget the nasty weather that’s making a mess of my roof, sidewalk and steps.

I’ve got my heater on because it’s below freezing outside and I’m sitting under my cozy comforter.

I’ve even gone as far as making my two favorite warm weather adult beverages, Amaretto Sour and Pina Colada.

Now this may not seem like motivation to travel for you but for me this is working.

For a few hours, I’m going to forget that I’m in snowy and nasty New York City.

I’m on my way to some place nice and warm .

Say like Las Vegas , Los Angeles , Miami, Tampa or Phoenix.

Needless to say, I’m having a blast.


My paper , pencils and tablet are in front of me .

I’m using all three of them to write about another upcoming 30 Plus Teams Tour of some city.

I could write about my next adventure to some city to meet up with friends .

Or I could write about going to another sporting event.

God willing , that’s coming up in around 21 days, but who’s counting ?

I also could write about some restaurant , hotel or hostel that I’ve ever slept in or eaten at.

I haven’t done any of these things, nor have I done any museums , monuments or memorials in awhile .

So just what’s going on here?

I’m not suffering from Bloggers Block.

It’s more like the line in that old Billy Joel song,

“I’m in a New York State of Mind.”

What does that mean?, you might ask.

Basically , I want to stay in my little corner of The Big Apple and not really do anything .

I know what you’re saying to yourself .

New Yorkers are ALWAYS on the go, always in a hurry.

What’s your problem ?

It’s the weather that’s making me this way, among other things.

As I look out my window , I still see snow.

New York as well as some other areas of the Northeast , got hit by the infamous snow storm known as the “Bomb Cyclone ” last week .

So instead of the “Nuisance Snow ” of 4-6 inches, we received “inconvenience snow” of 12 inches.

Most of it is still there , right in front of my doorway and across the street in front of my neighbors house.

As usual , no snow plows in sight.

It’s not 9 degrees Fahrenheit outside like it was last week .

We actually have a “heat wave “.

It’s 41 degrees Fahrenheit .

If the snow weren’t bad enough, I’m getting over being sick, which really puts me in a sad state of mind.

So what’s a blogger supposed to do if the weather and your health put a damper on your big plans for your 2018 ,30 Plus Teams Tour ?

Simple .

You do what I’m doing now.

You blog about it even as I’m looking out the window and see all of that dirty left over snow and try to read all those travel brochures that seemed to have taken over my mailbox .

You sit down at your table or bed, make yourself a nice cup of Ginger Tea, write your blog post and listen to some relaxing music.

New York State of Mind sounds pretty good right about now .


Winter is here ,  unofficially . 

December  21st  is the first day of winter here in the United  States . 

When I look outside my window ,  I see snow.

It looks  really  beautiful  and I can’t  wait  to take some pictures . 

Some parts of the United  States  got more snow than other parts as usual . 

If I lived down South, let’s  say in the cities of Houston ,  Atlanta ,  or even New Orleans ,  the 2-3 inches of snow that they received  would cause  all kind of panic on the roads and streets of those cities . 

However, I live in New York  City  and like other cities in the Midwestern  and Northeast states in the country, the three inches of snow is called  something  else . 

We call it, “Nuisance  Snow”.

Some of us play in it when it first comes  down, making snow angels and snow balls to throw at our friends or relatives . 

Some of us know how to drive in it when it hits the streets  or highways.

We definitely  know how to walk in it, because you know, it’s  New York  City ,  we’re  in a hurry to get no where fast.

We also know how to shovel and salt that sucker so that we or our neighbors  don’t  slip and fall . 

As usual ,  the snow coming down is making me think of one thing.

You guessed  it.

Travel and not just doing a 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  to some place  warm, although going to Tampa  or Miami sounds wicked  good right about  now  as it was 28 degrees Fahrenheit  outside.

Nashville  sounded really good too, until I noticed that “Music City” was getting some snow too . 

So much for that idea.

As you can tell ,  you don’t  need a warm sunny day  to think  about  travel.

You can do it anytime  and in any kind of  weather . 

Wintertime  should  be  the  time that you really  get those travel juices going and of course,  , you don’t  need to do a 30 Plus  Teams  Tour . 

The Carribean, Australia ,  Greece, or New Zealand  are good ideas as is Italy or Israel . 

There’s  only three weeks left in 2017, go somewhere . 

Just don’t  think about it.

Do a day trip for God’s sake . 

Think about your next trip, even if it is  a winter wonderland  outside.


I’m sure  that  I’m  going  to  leave  out  something  , but these are  some  of  the  things  that  I  really  love.



Handbags  – No, they don’t  have  to  be  name brands .  I  LOVE HANDBAGS !

Jewelry  – Especially  rings, bracelets  and  necklaces .

Nail Polish



Travel  Guides  –   No matter  where  it is

Dancing  – I’m  not really  great  at it ,  but who cares ?

New York  style  Cheesecake

Ginger Ale

New  Years  Eve  and New  Years  Day

Snowy  Days

Coffee  – No ,  definitely  not Starbucks .  Try 7-Eleven ,  Dunkin  Donuts  or even  Tim  Hortons


Comfy   heavy  sweaters

Scented  Soap

Scented  Candles

Kuala  Lumpur ,  Malaysia

My stuffed  animals  – who you just know  are named for athletes ,  except  one. Her name  is  Posh  Spice

Fashion  magazines

Going on  a bus ride  no matter  what  city  I’m  in

A Primanti  Brothers  sandwich  while  I’m  in  Pittsburgh  –  RIGHTEOUS ! !

Going  to  or watching  a sporting  event

Going  for  a  walk  in  the  city ,  no matter  what  city  it is

New England  Clam Chowder


Ice Cream

Watching  Travel  Shows  on t.v.

Watching  cooking  shows  on t.v.

Thai Food

Jamaican  Food

Vietnamese  Food, especially  Pho  Soup

Malaysian  Food

Jack Daniels  and  Fireball  Whiskey  – Yeah, I  like  my adult  beverages

Watching  the  ESPN  TV  series ,  “30  For  30  ”

Opening  ceremony  of the  Summer  and  Winter  Olympics , especially  when the countries  make their  entrance  into  the  stadium



Going  to  a new place and getting  souvenirs ,  whether  it  be  postcards ,  shot glasses ,  tshirts, magnets ,  key chains  or a bag  with the  city’s  name  on it .

Flying  in  an airplane

Seeing  different  airports  Barbecue  Potato  Chips

My family and My Circle  of  Sisters  FB_IMG_1501501270624FB_IMG_1501501296835FB_IMG_1501501410548FB_IMG_1501243884865FB_IMG_1501502313003FB_IMG_1501501509961FB_IMG_1501501213628FB_IMG_1501502557944FB_IMG_1501502583576FB_IMG_1501502500062FB_IMG_1501502493086

Watching  some reality  shows  – my two guilty  pleasures  are Love and Hip Hop  -Atlanta  and Basketball  Wives

Listening  to  a  song  by either   Hall and  Oates ,  Kenny  G ,  Sade ,  Drake ,  Justin  Timberlake ,  Maroon  5 ,  Chicago  or Flo-Rida .


Blogging   (naturally  )

Thanking  God  for being  able  to  go on  a 30  Plus  Teams  Tour


I gave  you  my  things that I  love. What  about you?

What’s some  of  the  things  that  you love?

Let me  know  in the  comments  section .