I started doing a countdown for my next 30 Plus Teams Tour, but something got in the way.

On this past Saturday, I got sick.

Sniffles, watery eyes, and coughing.

I knew I was sick because when the Sports Diva can’t concentrate on a sporting event, yeah something is wrong with her.

Sunday it got worse.

The hoarseness and coughing turned into heavy sneezing and blowing my nose.

It was as though I had just brought some stock in the Klennex company with as many boxes of tissue that I went through.

I tried to eat but all I could manage was a scrambled egg, grapes and a cup of Honey Ginger and Cinnamon tea.

Today it got worse.

There was only one thing to do.

A 30 Plus Teams Tour of Jamaica Hospital in the Richmond Hill section of Queens.

I don’t need to tell you how family and friends were very concerned, given my age, my underlying health issues and Coronavirus’ cousin, Delta Variant, making an appearance with a vengeance here in the United States and many other places.

I headed out to the hospital not just worried about the diagnosis would be, but doing something that I haven’t done since March of 2020.

Taking a New York City subway.

With all the horror stories about the largest subway system in the United States, I was apprehensive about getting on “the Iron Horse”.

(More about that in an upcoming post.)

Three hours later in the emergency room, I got my answer.

I had something called, “Allergic Rhinitis”, which not going into all the yucky stuff that happens to you when you have it, is just a fancy schmanzy medical term for seasonal allergies.

The last time I was in the hospital for this was also in August.

August 2019, so you might say that whenever the Sports Diva goes on a 30 Plus Teams Tour in August, an uninvited guest is coming along also.


I should be thinking about my next 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere.

I should even be thinking about the fact that my two favorite hockey teams, the New York Rangers and Vegas Golden Knights are going to be playing tonight in Las Vegas .

I should be thinking about something other than what I’m thinking about now, and that is should I have another bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup and what time do I take another dose of Robitussin again?

Yep, just like last year at this time and the year before that, I’m sick again.

The Winter Cold Season has hit again, and it’s just not in New York City, it’s seemed to hit friends and family in the United States and Canada .

I’m coughing like crazy and sounding hoarse like I just finished yelling at a hockey, football or basketball game.

(Baseball season isn’t here yet, if it was I’d be hoarse ftom that, too.)

Luckily, this time I don’t have to wear a mask like I did last year.

It seems the older you get the worst the cold season is.

Winter Cold Season is bad any year, but this year it seems to be saying , “Oh you don’t like winter, hun? Let me give you ANOTHER reason to hate me,bitches!”

Winter Cold Season is basically the child that played a joke on Mother Nature and y’all know it’s not nice to play any kind of jokes on her.

Thanks Winter Cold Season.

Couldn’t you have come at another time, say like NEVER?


The tree is sitting in the living room, there’s  not that many presents under it and not that many people to ooh and aah who gave what to whom.

It’s  Christmas   2017 in the city  of  Boston, and guess what?

It actually  IS a white Christmas . 

Snow is falling from everywhere and I can’t  even see Boston Logan Airport from the window, even though  it’s  very close to the place that I’m  staying in.

Christmas  is  usually a time to eat, be with the family and of course ,  watch all those basketball  games that come on every Christmas .

This Christmas , though, I  can’t  do any of those things.

My Christmas  present  from the city of  Boston was to get sick.

Very sick.

I couldn’t  eat, hang out with the family or even watch any basketball . 

(That’s  how I know that  I’m  really sick when the SportsDiva can’t  listen to or watch a sporting  event  )

Tea, Motrin, Toast and Soup were my companions for Christmas . 

As I was leaving to go back to New York  the next day, it took me a long time to pack.

I finally did it at 2:30am  and then went back under the comforter.

Thank you Boston for your Christmas  gift to me.