Ok, normally I talk about how great it is to explore great places on that 30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of some city to see some sporting event, no matter what it is.

This time, though, I have to speak out on a remark made to one Jourdan  Rodrique, who just happens to be female  and a reporter covering the  Carolina  Panthers  football team . 

She asked one of the players a perfectly  honest question  about one of his teamates.

No, she didn’t  ask which Kardashian  was he dating, nor was she asking if the player is going to kneel for the National  Anthem . 


The person  who  she asked was quarterback  Cam Newton ,  who is not only one of  the  faces of the National  Football  League, but a player who a lot of  young football fans look out to.

Without getting too technical for you non sports fans, or those of you who read this blog and don’t  know that much about American  Football, what she basically  asked Cam to do was describe his teamates’ physical style of play  and running what’s  called routes or the quickest  way to score points.

You might have thought that Ms. Jourdan was at Comedy Night at the Apollo  Theater, not at the weekly Carolina Panthers media day.

For some reason, Newton thought her question  was ha ha funny, and even said so.

‘It’s  funny to hear a female talk about routes. It’s  funny.”

It’s  too bad no one else found it funny, and it’s  even SADDER that not one of her male colleagues  had the cajones enough to  come to  her defense.

Which brings me to why I care . 

I was Jourdan  Rodrique  back in the day.

I had to go into a locker room  and interview hockey players.

I can honestly  say that I didn’t  go through what she went through, even though I had three strikes against me covering hockey.

I was a female ,  I was American  in a sport dominated by  Canadians and Europeans.

And oh yeah, I was African  American .  Not too many of those in hockey.

But not ONCE were any of the players rude nor did they call me out of my name or use the N word.

One player even remarked to a teamate, “Answer her questions  because she really knows her hockey.”

We like to think we’ve  progressed when it comes to females doing any type of  work that’s  supposed to be done only by males.

Cam Newton’s  reaction to  a perfectly  football  related question  asked by a female reporter shows us that we haven’t learned a damn thing.