It’s not a huge step , but number 57 on my 30 Plus Teams Tour bucket list has been accomplished .

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While in Baltimore , I visited the home of the first American born Catholic saint , Mother Elizabeth Seton .

I not only learned about her life , which was quite tragic , but I found out much more .

(She lost her husband and became a widow at a young age with children due to illness , she was in a foreign country , Italy , knowing not a soul, and if that wasn’t bad enough , her family and her husband’s family disowned her because she converted to Catholicism . )

As the state of Maryland was founded by Roman Catholics escaping persecution in England , there is so much church history , not only at the Mother Seton House , but also at St . Mary’s Chapel , which is also on the grounds where Mother Seton’s home is .

There’s a free tour that one can take that not only shows you her home , where she not only taught her own daughters , but other young girls as well .

Her home was a safe haven for Blacks before and during the Civil War .

The tour guide not only shows you a movie about Mother Seton , but also about the French priests and nuns who came to Baltimore to escape persecution back in France during the French Revolution .

Their story just isn’t a part of Baltimore’s history , but the history of Early America as well .

I was truly fascinated by the stories of two nuns , Sister Marguerite Duchemin and Mother Mary Lange , both of whom were African American nuns .

The two of them founded two orders of nuns who were like themselves , African American .

There is a public park on the grounds where the church and Mother Seton’s home stand .

This area of Baltimore is known as Seton Hill and it’s very peaceful .

The houses haven’t changed since French settlers came to this city .

I have many more places to see and things to do on my bucket list , but I would have to say that the visit to Mother Seton’s home was one of the most inspirational .


FB_IMG_1501852283860FB_IMG_1501852234521FB_IMG_1501852237544FB_IMG_1501852370974FB_IMG_1501852344592While  walking  back  to  the  Baltimore  Hostel  where  you  all  are  staying  at ,  right  across  the  street  from  you, you all notice  the Baltimore  Basilica ,  which  happens  to  be  the  oldest  cathedral  in  the  United  States .

The  state  of  Maryland  was  settled  by  Roman  Catholics  from  England  who  couldn’t  practice  their  faith  back  home .

Even  if  you  aren’t  Roman  Catholic ,  I  would  advise  you  to  visit  the  cathedral .

You  will  have  one  of  those  ”  Oh  my  God  ”  moments  when  you  walk  into  the  entrance .

The  church  was  already  beautiful  but  the  renovations  which  have  taken  place  in  the  past  few  years  have  made  the  cathedral  even  more  beautiful  to  look  at .

If  you  want  to ,  you can  even  attend  weekday  Mass ,  which  begins  at  Noon ,  or  you  can  just  go  in and  light  a candle .

You  may  take  some  pictures ,  but  just  remember  that  you  are  in a  church .

No selfies  please .

Save  those  for the  Baltimore  Ravens  football  game  or an outing  at  Camden  Yards .

That’s  really  what  your  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Baltimore  is all about .

If you  don’t  want  to  have a  little  peace and  quiet  inside  of  the  church ,  just walk  outside .

Not even  a  block  away  is one  of  the  most  serene  and  peaceful  places  in  the  city .

It’s  the  Pope  John  Paul  I I  Garden .

Take  time  to  enjoy  your  surroundings  and  think  about  what  you  want  to  see  next.