My idea was to go to see the Marine Corps Memorial, better known as the Iwo Jima Statue at Arlington National Cemetery.

As I said, the idea was to see the Iwo Jima Statue.

It didn’t happen that way.

Instead, getting off at the Rosslyn neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia, I came across a place that I wanted to visit on one of my many trips to the Washington DC area.

It’s the Theodore Roosevelt Island right in the middle of the Potomac River and named for the United States president that was one of the first presidents who was concerned about the environment.

To get to Theodore Roosevelt Island, take the Theodore Roosevelt Trail, walk over the bridge that overlooks the Potomac and Key Highway.

Be ready to do a lot of walking, no really a LOT of walking.

Not only is there a statue of one of the tallest president’s in the country, you will see 4 big walls surrounding the statue of the president with some of his quotes on it.

Theodore Roosevelt Island is not to be confused with Roosevelt Island here in New York City, (which was named for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Teddy’s cousin)

This is a very popular trail, so don’t be surprised if you aren’t the only one on the trail, walking, jogging and many cases, riding a bike.


Washington DC wasn’t always the capital of the United States .

New York City was and Federal Hall was the place where George Washington was sworn in.

The Federal Hall Memorial is located right across the street from the New York Stock Market right on Wall Street .

You can’t miss this building.

It’s the one with the big statue of George Washington in front of it.

Once you walk into the building , one sees a replica of George Washington’s desk .

Everything you want to see is on the first floor, and it’s not only the story of George Washington’s journey from his home in Virginia to New York City to be sworn in, but it’s basically showing you the history of the American colonies, especially New York .

You learn the story of how this building was the first home of the United States Treasury and Customs House.

If you need some information on New York City , and other National Parks in the country, there is a information room right before you exit.

I would advise going there right after you finish seeing the exhibits .

Yes, you can take pictures here.

Admission is free and it’s open Monday thru Friday .

Enjoy the pictures .


In October of last year, (yeah it seems strange saying that)I wrote  a  blog post begging, no pleading with the rest of the  world  to ignore warnings from their countries  and not visit the the United States because it was too dangerous . 

(See sportsandtravelblog.wordpress.com/2017/10/21 – dear-foreign-tourists-an-open-letter – to-the-world-from-an-american)

I  asked you to visit our big and little  known cities.

I BEGGED you not to judge all Americans  by our politicians.

I don’t really like to get into politics because  that’s  not what 30 Plus  Teams ,30 Plus  Dreams   is all about.

But this time I have to.

After the remarks made by my president (and even though I didn’t  vote for him, Donald Trump  is still the president  of  my country.)about some countries  being “shitholes” I, as an American  and someone  who  loves to travel just can’t  keep quiet about this.

Travel is supposed to bring people together not showcase our ignorance of people  and countries and continents . 

As an American  I am ashamed that this is  the way politicians ,  especially  the leader of  the  so called free world, feels about the majority of  countries in the world.

This made me wonder . 

After hearing that your country is the second coming of a cesspool ,  would YOU want to visit ANYWHERE in the United  States ? 

Mister President, what are you  DOING?!

Foreign tourists have ALWAYS wanted to  visit your home (and mine too), New York  City  along with those other cities in the country ,  big and small.

I understand  that  you’re  talking about  immigration  in the United  States  and that’s  something  totally  different from what I’m  talking about  here . 

What  are you doing by calling most of the countries in the world  “shithole  countries  “?

At a time when  the world and especially  the  United States  needs all the good  will that it can get as well as more and more tourists seeing the Grand Canyon ,  Times Square ,  Mardi Gras  in not only New Orleans ,  but Savanah ,  Georgia  and Mobile, Alabama, you aren’t  helping  us Mister President . 

Instead of  me sending a letter to all the foreign tourists as an American ,  maybe I should  send another one to my president .

I could start the letter with Dear Mister President  –


There are so many  museums ,  monuments  and  memorials  in Washington  DC  that  you  just  don’t  know  which  one  to visit  first . 

Most  tourists  who come to  the  Nation’s  Capital  always  seem  to  visit the same tourist attractions . 

The Lincoln  Memorial ,  Arlington  National  Cemetery ,  the Vietnam  War  Memorial ,  Martin  Luther  King  Jr  Memorial , the Washington  Monument ,  and even the World  War I I  Memorial . 

If you  happen  to  be  doing  your  own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour  of  Washington  DC ,  or even if  you  aren’t  doing one, why not visit  the  memorial  that you can see across  the  water from the Doctor  Martin  Luther  King  Jr  Memorial , which you also  should  visit if you’re  in town.

It’s  the  memorial  to  the  third  President  of  the  United  States ,  Thomas  Jefferson . 

No matter  what time  of  the  day you go to  visit  this memorial, there doesn’t  seem to be a lot of  tourists  visiting  .

It could be how long it takes to  walk to the  memorial  or maybe it’s  the out of  the  way location  of this  place.

If you choose  not to  visit this  memorial, you’re  missing  out  on  seeing  one of the most beautiful  locations  in the city, it’s  called The Tidal  Basin.

In the spring, you’ll  get to see the  Cherry Blossoms ,  which were a gift from Japan.

When the cherry blossoms  come out, you’ll  have one of the most Instagram  worthy pictures of  the  city.

The shape  of  the  building  might remind  some of  you  to your visit to  Monticello ,  Jefferson ‘ s home in Virginia . 

It might also  remind some of  you  of the rotunda  at the University  of  Virginia . 

There’s  a  reason  for that . 

President  Jefferson ,  who seemed to  take this multitasking  thing and run with it ,  not only designed the rotunda  at his home, but also at the  University  of  Virginia  as well.

The rotunda of his memorial is basically  the same at what you saw in Charlottesville ,  Virginia . 

Walking  up the many steps  to  the memorial, you notice the statue of the president . 

He seems to  dwarf the entire place.

Not surprising, because  he was one of  the  tallest  presidents . 

All around  the  building ,  you notice all the things that Jefferson did in his lifetime . 

Planter, musician ,  ambassador ,  vice president ,  president, husband  and  father, not to mention  a  signer of the Declaration  of  Independence . 

As you look around you think to yourself ,  where did this guy get all this energy  from and when did he have time to  run the country?



Now don’t  get it  twisted .

As a blogger ,  I  have  to  use Facebook ,  Twitter ,  and  Instagram  to get in touch  with  potential  followers  and  friends  and family .

I do, however ,  have a  bone to pick  with  all three of  them.

Let’s start with  Instagram .

I LOVE posting  my pictures  up on  Instagram  and seeing  friends ,  family ,  and people  that I  follow  having  a  great  time  doing what  ever  it is  they’re  up to .

Yes ,  I  do really .

I can’t  wait  to  get  wicked  creative  with the  hashtags  that I  put on my posts.

You know  #lifeisshort ,  #girlsvsglobe ,  # lit , #sistersandsuitcases ,  and even #30PlusTeams30PlusDreams ,  so that people  will remember  the  name  of  my blog.

You get the  idea.

It’s  all about  having  fun and letting  the  world, and your followers  know  that you are REALLY  having  fun, even  if  you  aren’t .

What Instagram  should  NOT  be used for  is to shame  people ,  especially  young people  who for some reason  are made to feel  a certain  way if their  Instagram  photos  aren’t  ”  perfect” .

News  flash ,  everyone  isn’t  the  next big male or female runway model  out there, nor do  we all spend the whole day when we should be enjoying  that 30 Plus  Teams  Tour ,  trying to get that just right shot.

So what if we’re  not wearing  that perfect  outfit  and not a hair is out of place.

That’s  not gonna  happen  people.

Not to mention  that  oh so  hot looking  beach scene  or mountain  side shot that you  think you  should  have .

One that Instagram  says will get you  more likes.

Sorry ,  a lot of  us aren’t  model  size.

You’re  healthy ,  or as I like to  call  myself ,  ”  Fluffy . ” .

I’m  proud  of  that  fact and you should  be  too.

If you  look  at  most  of  my Instagram  posts, sometimes  I  wear a  wig, other times  I  just let my God  given  nappy hair that I’m  NOT ashamed  of, to  show .

I don’t  have  a  perfect  beach or mountain  side  shot, because  in spite  of  what  Instagram  tells  you, there really  isn’t  one.

As for my own  perfect outfit ?

Check out  my own  Instagram  photos  for yourself  to see all my “perfect outfits . ”

Be yourself ,  people  .

Your name isn’t  Kardashian ,  be real and have fun.

That’s  what Instagram  should  be  about, not shaming  people  if they don’t  have the prettiest  shot of the month, day, or year.

Facebook and  Twitter ,  good Lord, where do I    START  with the  two  of  you ? !

Everyone  seems  to  have  an opinion ,  right or wrong  of everyone  else  , saying nasty  things on line  that they wouldn’t  have the cajones  to  say to that same person  if they met them on the street  or in their  own homes  in some cases.

Yes, I’ve  seen  people  not speak to  friends that they’ve  known  for years or even family members  because  of  something  that  was posted on  Facebook .

To take it the extreme ,  some people  have even gotten hurt or worse because  of  something  that  was posted on  Facebook .

Really, people  it’s  not  THAT SERIOUS !

Facebook ,  I thought  you were started  as a  way to  get people  together ?

You know ,  connecting  people  with former  classmates ,  business  colleagues ,  and friends  who we lost  contact  with ?

I   didn’t  know  that  it was  a  place for calling  someone  out for liking a different  political  candidate  and having very strong  political  views that are different  than mine.

I  DEFINITELY  didn’t  think  that Facebook  was a place for someone  not liking  the  same sports  team that I like and telling  me  that  in no uncertain  terms not only  why they dislike  my team, but how every fan of my team  is every name in the book, except  the name they were born  with.

Again, I  say, stop the madness, people  !

Nor did I  ever  imagine  that Facebook  was the place for  someone  to  tell  me  that they are also  a  fan of the team that   I  like ,but how DARE I  say bad things about  them?!

Yes, basically  questioning  my fandom .

What happened  to  civility ,  even on line  ?

If you have  to   take  to social  media  to question  my fandom ,  political  views or the like, and do it in such a vile fashion ,  you really have too much  time  on  your  hands.

Decency  and respect  for  someone’s  opinion ,  especially  if  it’s  different  from  yours,  seems to  have  gone out window ,  along with  the  baby’s  bath water .

Everything  seems  to  be  allowed  to  be said  on Facebook ,  even if it should be   labeled   T . M.I. or too much  information .

If Facebook  wasn’t  nasty  enough, we have  Twitter .

It seems  to  be  worse.

The President  of  the  United  States  can even be considered  as a  “Twitter  Troll”.

Everyone  has decided  that it’s  now the rage  to insult  everyone  else  in 140 characters  or less.

It’s  not just  ordinary  Joe’s  and Mary’s  doing it, politicians ,  business men  and  women ,  athletes  calling out their own teammates  not to mention   their wives and  girlfriend’s  insulting  everyone  from fans to team’s  owners.

These people  should  all know better.

Other people  see this on Twitter  and they think that  gives  them, in the words  of  the  group  The Beastie  Boys, “License  to  Ill.”

No one seems  to  have anything  nice to  say on Twitter  about anything  or anyone .

No one seems to  have any inkling  of  what decency  should  be  online .

That makes me angry.