That is the real name of the green and white bus that leaves from either 26th Street and Madison Avenue or Gate 23 or 25 from Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City like I did the day before Thanksgiving .

The bus going down to Washington DC was clean, or at least the one I was on was.

The fare was high, $40 one way, but thats because I waited until the last minute to buy my ticket .

(How last minute? Say about the day of at 10:30am and my bus left at 3pm)

It was my first time taking this bus and they even give you a free bottle of water with a label that has the company name on it.

You can’t beat that.

I will ride this bus again , but I’m going to get my ticket a lot earlier next time.


Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City is one of the largest bus terminals in New York City , if not the United States .

I was on my way to Baltimore, Maryland for another 30 Plus Teams Tour .

Bus terminals are never really that interesting to see, Port Authority no exception.

As I was early for an 11am bus, that didn’t come at 11am, by the way, I decided to get something to eat.

(Thank you again, Greyhound for not having a driver and making us all late for our final destinations . )

Imagine my surprise as I walked from the bathroom and saw this piece of art that looked like candy.

But there was something odd about the “wrapper”.

It was wrapped in what looked to be the flag of Indonesia .

It wasn’t the only one that I saw.

There was “candy” wrapped up in the flags of the Great Britain ,

Germany, Mexico, India, and Japan.

I just had to take a picture with the “candy” from South Africa, it was so colorful, as was the “candy” from Saudi Arabia and Australia .

I wasn’t the only one noticing the “candy”.

Another lady was taking a selfie with the “candy” from Turkey as I was admiring the also colorful “candy” from Brazil.

Bus stations usually aren’t that interesting to look at , but whoever decided to add this “candy art” to the Port Authority , thank you.