Since 2012, one of my Circle of Sisters and I have traveled to the city on the Chesapeake Bay , Baltimore , Maryland , also known as “Charm City “.

Back then, when I first went, there was no such thing as a 30 Plus Teams Tour .

We went to Baltimore because we both love baseball and hockey, too, but that’s another story for another day .

Our trips to Baltimore , which usually takes place in either April, June, July, August , or September .

Basically , its the months when the Yankees play the Baltimore Orioles at the place that just happens to be the favorite ballpark of both of us , Orioles Park at Camden Yards , or just Camden Yards for short.

This is the time for my bestie, Sue, and I to really get together.

She lives in Pittsburgh , I live in New York City.

Baltimore is sort of the midway point between the two cities .

Forget what you’ve seen on television or read in the news about the city .

Baltimore is a very beautiful city with a lot of very friendly people.

It’s just as historical as Boston, Washington DC , and Philadelphia are.

There’s bad areas of the city, yes, but there are a lot of cities in the world with bad areas.

Do your research and stay away from those areas if you can.

Talk to the locals while you’re in town.

Don’t be surprised if you’re called “Hon” a lot.

That’s short for honey, and it’s not sexist.

It’s a term of endearment in B’more .

We’ve talked about besties and baseball , what about that other “B”, Beer?

When you’re at a baseball game at Camden Yards , or some other baseball park, you MUST have a Hot Dog, Nachos loaded with cheese and jalapeños, and some French Fries .

Oh, you didn’t know this?

Trust the Sports Diva on this one, it’s sports related.

It’s baseball food and what do you have to wash it down with?

No, not a milk shake, water or a soda.

Beer, that’s the drink of baseball aficionados while at a game, cheering their team on.

They even sell it in the stands during a game.

(Just have your id ready and tip the vendors, don’t be cheap! Remember , after the 7th inning, you can’t get beer because they stop selling it.)

Baltimoreans love a locally brewed beer called “Natty Bohemian ” or Natty Boh for short.

Personally, I go with either Stella Artois Cidre, Blue Moon or Shock Top.

I must admit that this is the only time that I really do beer, because nothing says baseball in the summer like an ice cold beer.

This year, the Yankees don’t make an appearance in Baltimore on Labor Day .

So that means August was the only month that my bestie and I got to see this ball park .

No more Bestie, Beer, and Baseball time this year.

God willing, my bestie and I will have to wait until the 2019 baseball season begins to experience another bestie , beer, and baseball trip down in Baltimore .

We’re looking forward to it.


While on my annual 30 Plus Teams Tour of Baltimore, I visited   a museum that wasn’t  on my bucket list .  

It’s  the  Babe Ruth  Baseball  Museum.

Most baseball  fans  know that Ruth played for the  Boston  Red Sox and especially ,  the New York  Yankees . 

But what a lot of  baseball  fans didn’t  know  is that he was born in Baltimore, not far from where Orioles  Park  at  Camden  Yards  stands now.

If you happen  to  be  a  baseball  fan this is  one  museum  you should visit  while in the Charm  City.

There’s  an easy way to  get to  the museum  if you happen  to  be  staying  at  the  Hampton  Inn  Downtown  Convention  Center  or you went  to  a  game  at Camden  Yards . 

Follow  the  60 baseballs that are on the sidewalk . 

60 is the the number of  home runs  that Babe Ruth  hit in case you didn’t  know . 


FB_IMG_1501596785381FB_IMG_1501597000205FB_IMG_1501597059802FB_IMG_1501596809628FB_IMG_1501596820093You  have  really  enjoyed  your time  in Baltimore ,  Maryland  and you can see why they call it  “Charm  City.”

People  have really  been  friendly  to you all, even  though  you,  your brother  and sister  in law are from Kansas  City ,  Missouri  and have worn your dark  blue  Kansas City  Royals  baseball  shirts  everywhere in  town .

Your 30 Plus  Teams  Tour  is bringing  you to  Orioles  Park  at  Camden  Yards  to see a game .

There’s  lots of  food vendors  selling  all sorts  of  good  food outside  the ball park .

You discovered  that  you can bring  in one of  those delicious   and mouth watering  sausage  and  pepper  sandwiches  into the  park  with you .

You all have a few hours before the  game starts  and you want to  be as close to  the  ballpark  as you  can get.

You could wait an hour before the  game begins and go to  either Boog’s  Barbecue  or Dempsey ‘ s ,  which are both right inside  the ballpark  right before  you  get to  your  seats

Both of  them  are named for two former Orioles  players, Boog Powell   and Rick Dempsey .

You have the feeling  though, that both of  these places  will be  very crowded ,  even though you can smell the food from Boog’s  Barbecue  from where you all are  standing .

Instead, the three of  you head to  a restaurant  that was recommended  by a  colleague  of yours.

It’s  called The  Diamond  Tavern  and it’s  located inside  of  the  Hilton  Hotel .

It’s  a  warm day ,  so the three of  you decide  to  sit outside  and watch  the  people  walk into  the  ballpark ,  because  Diamond  Tavern  is that close  to  Camden  Yards .

Since this is  Maryland ,  it’s  all about  the  seafood  at Diamond  Tavern  as well.

But who said  you can’t  go with  the  flow and have a Bacon  Cheeseburger  and sweet  potato  fries to go with that tall  glass of  Natty  Bohemian Beer ,  which is  to Baltimore  as Samuel  Adams  Beer is to Boston .

You all  really  want desert ,  but decided  against  it .

It’s  almost  time to do what you  all came to  Baltimore  to do.

See a little  baseball  action  at Orioles  Park  at  Camden  Yards .