The North  End  of  Boston  is known  for  its  many Italian  restaurants ,  bakeries, Gelato stands, and Italian  Grocery stores . 

It’s  known  as  “Boston ‘ s Little  Italy . ”

It wasn’t  always  this way in this neighborhood . 

The North End was the birthplace  of  Rose Fitzgerald  Kennedy ,  mother of  JFK . 

The  North  End at one time was mostly  Irish . 

It was also the home of  another famous  Bostonian, Paul Revere . 

As you walk down the red brick road known as The Freedom  Trail ,  you’ll  come across  two landmarks  synonymous  with Paul  Revere . 

The Old North  Church, where he hung two lanterns warning  the colonists  if the British were coming by land or sea , is the first stop.

Since he hung two lanterns, the colonists  knew the British  were coming  by sea to invade Boston . 

You can still see the Old North  Church  just as it was way back in Revolutionary  War  times.

Next stop is to the Paul Revere  Mall, which isn’t  a  shopping  center.

It’s  like the  National  Mall  in Washington ,  DC ,  except  here in Boston ,  there’s  only one monument  on the mall.


It’s  the  statue of  Paul Revere  on his horse, riding  throughout  the  city to give colonists  even more information about  the  invasion ,  and also to warn the two colonial  leaders in town, John Hancock  and Samuel  Adams . 

(Yeah, just like the beer. There really  was a Samuel  Adams . )

Forget  what you  learned in the history  books . 

Revere did NOT say, “The British  are coming  “.

There was no United  States  of  America  at that time ,  so EVERYONE at that time  in this country  considered  themselves  British . 

What  Revere did say as he rode through  the  streets  of  Boston   was “The Red Coats are coming.”

Being the big selfie  nut that you are, don’t  even try to  get a selfie with this statue . 

It’s  not going  to  happen . 

This statue is way too  big!

There’s  so many people  walking  around  as this isn’t  only a major tourist  attraction  in Boston ,  but a very vibrant  neighborhood . 

You’re  bound to find someone  willing to take a  picture  of  you and Paul Revere.

Enjoy your time in the city and say hello  to  Paul Revere if you come to the  North  End.