It was a short 30 Plus Teams Tour of Baltimore this time, just a weekend trip from Friday morning until Sunday morning.

I took the 7:05am Amtrak train from New York Penn Station to the Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall Airport Station.

Now you might be thinking if the Sports Diva is going to Baltimore, why isn’t she getting off at Baltimore Penn Station since she’s staying in Baltimore?

Simple answer my friend’s Southwest Airline flight was from Pittsburgh to Baltimore.

Since she’s not as travel savvy as I am when it comes to public transportation, the easiest way to meet up was to meet up at baggage claim number 6 and take the light rail to Lexington Market.

Since we were both hungry from traveling, going to the hotel could wait.

Coming back on Sunday, I was by myself as my friend had an early flight back to the Steel City.

I figured since my Amtrak train didn’t leave the BWI airport station until 11:53 am I would have a little more time to do some picture taking.

I had it all figured out.

I would take the 22 bus , which stopped right in front of the hotel and take it to the Woodberry Light Rail station which goes right to BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport Station.

One big major problem, though.

It was a Sunday and light rail trains going towards the airport don’t start running until 11am.

It was now 10 :45am and a light rail train was 15 minutes away. I just KNEW I wasn’t going to make my train at BWI.

Once I got to BWI, I would STILL have to get a shuttle bus from the airport to meet the Amtrak train at BWI Airport Station.

I had a better idea.

I ended up getting a cab from Camden Yards to Baltimore Penn Station.

Once at Penn Station, I saw the sign for Track E, which was the Northeast Regional train with the final stop at a station that I knew as well as I knew New York Penn Station, it was the Back Bay Station in Boston.

I was still able to use my ticket that read BWI Station to New York Penn Station because it was the same train, number 88.

I didn’t know it then but the train that I was rushing to get to at BWI DIDN’T leave at 11:53am.

It left closer to noon and got to Penn Station at 12:02pm.

An angel was watching over me as not only did I make the Amtrak train back to New York City, I was able to make my 3:42pm Long Island Railroad train as well back home.

Moral of the story.

Do your research, people.


When I go to a New Jersey Devils hockey game like I did last night, October 1st, I normally take the New York City subway, F train from Queens to 33rd or 23rd street and take the PATH train to Penn Station in Newark, New Jersey, which is across the street from Prudential Center.

This time, I tried something different.

I took a Long Island Railroad train from my station, Locust Manor to the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Train Hall at Penn Station in New York and took a train that I haven’t taken in years.

It was a New Jersey Transit train and the final stop for me was Penn Station in Newark.

The train is cheaper than taking the PATH train and it’s faster.

I was able to get a senior rate, something that I really don’t get on the PATH Train.

It was $2.45 each way and as I said it’s faster.

Roughly 15-20 minutes from New York Penn Station to Newark Penn Station, with a stop in Secaucus, New Jersey.

The PATH train takes about an hour, making many stops in New York City on the way to Journal Square in Jersey City.

After that, you have to change and take the train to Newark, with a stop in Harrison, New Jersey before you even get to Newark.

Don’t need to tell you how tiring that is.

Plus it’s $2.75 each way, without a senior rate.

It stops at the same place as the New Jersey Transit train does, but whereas the PATH train’s final stop is Newark, the New Jersey Transit train’s final stop could be ANYWHERE in New Jersey or even Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Both trains stop at tracks next to each other, so don’t get confused.

Now that I have a new and faster way to do a 30 Plus Teams Tour of the place they call, “The Garden State”, I’m surely going to take advantage of it.