If you’re staying in New York City, you have so many hotels to chose from.

Most people want to stay in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, especially when it’s New Year’s Eve, no matter what the cost is.

For my staycation, my friend, who was visiting from Las Vegas and had NEVER been to New York City before, chose the Renaissance Hotel Times Square Hotel, which is located at 714 Seventh Avenue at 48th street right in the heart of the Theater District.

There’s even a very good pastry shop right next door where we got coffee,croissants and mouthwatering desserts for the days we were there.

(My friend was there Wednesday through Monday, I was there Thursday through Saturday.)

My friend was in town for the hockey games that the Las Vegas team was playing against the three New York/New Jersey area hockey teams.

(Now you KNOW if they’re a friend of the Sports Diva, some sports watching is going to happen on a 30 Plus Teams Tour of somewhere, even staycastions.)

I had never stayed at the Renaissance Hotels, no matter what city they were in.

Was I in for a pleasant surprise.

The location was close to everything and the rooms are very spacious.

You even have a robe and slippers for your convenience.

There’s also a coffee maker, which the two of us took advantage of every chance we had.

The refrigerator was a blessing too as we had leftovers from a lot of restaurants.

My friend mentioned that some of the hotels in Las Vegas don’t even have refrigerators in them.

The selling point of this room, which was located on the fourth floor, for me though, was the balcony.

Now on the days that I was there, it was warm enough to sit on the balcony, have our coffee and watch New Yorkers and tourists alike do all those New York City things.

(55 degrees in December is a heat wave to us New Yorkers.)

As it was raining the day I left, no balcony action was going on.

The staff was so friendly and helpful.

If I decide to do another staycation in New York City, I’m going to save money, use my Marriott Bonvoy Points, since the hotel is affiliated with Marriott Hotel chain and stay at the Renaissance Hotel Times Square.


In a few hours, 2018 will be a distant memory and 2019 will be here .

Most people will be having big parties, watching the ball drop in Times Square in New York City .

I will be one of those who will be eating, drinking and definately sleeping when midnight brings in 2019.

On New Year’s Eve day, however, the Sports Diva will be doing what she does no matter what time or year it is.

I’m going to another sporting event .

I’m going to be bringing in the new year , sort of, with my crazy and lovable members of my New Jersey Devils Posse that I mentioned in one of my most recent posts .

I hope all of you have a joyous and safe New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

I pray that 2019 is a great year for all of us.


It seems  like  every  day  is  some  kind  of  holiday  in  the  United  States ,  whether  it  be  Memorial  Day ,  which is  considered  the  unofficial  first  day  of  Summer ,  Labor  Day ,  which  is  considered  the  unofficial  last  day  of  Summer ,  or even  President’s  Day ,  which  if  you’re  of  a certain  age, was really  two  holidays ,  Lincoln ‘ s  Birthday  and George  Washington’s  Birthday .

We even  have  Columbus  Day  and Martin  Luther  King ‘ s  Birthday  as holidays  also .

Need we even  mention  July 4th  with  all  those  fireworks  that seem  to  go on before  and  AFTER  July  4th ?

Some people  want to  carry  it a little  bit  too  far  and  make  Super  Bowl  Sunday  a holiday  here in the  country  also .

Don’t  get  me  wrong ,  I  love  watching  the  game  and not for all those  commercials  and  the  halftime  show  that seems  to  go on  forever ,  but let’s  not  get  carried  away  here, folks .

Super Bowl Sunday isn’t  nor should  it be  considered  a  holiday .

When I  was growing  up ,  I wasn’t  one of  those  children  who couldn’t  wait  for Christmas  just  to see what  I  would  get from  Santa  Claus .

Christmas  still  isn’t  my favorite  holiday .

Thanksgiving  also  isn’t  my favorite  holiday.

It was just another  day  to get with the  family ,  stuff our faces and watch  a  lot of  football .

That hasn’t  changed ,  although  instead of  giving thanks ,  stuffing  my face with a lot  of  food, and watching  football  with the  family ,  I go over to  a girlfriend’s  house to do the same  thing .

Then, as now, January  1st ,  New Year’s  Day  will ALWAYS  be my  favorite  holiday .

Forget about  the  fact  that  everybody  and their  mama  seems  to  have  celebrated  just  a  little  bit  too  much  the night  before ,  at the time ,  I  was too  young  to  understand  why folks would  do this  to themselves  on this one particular  day. FB_IMG_1501844169540FB_IMG_1501844180404FB_IMG_1501846375774FB_IMG_1501844320125

Now that I’m  older, I’ve  turned into  one of  those  people  who  I wondered about  when  I  was  younger .

January  1st  not only  meant  the  start  of  a  new year  and new cities  to  explore  on your own  30  Plus  Teams  Tour ,  but on  a  personal  note ,  it’s  28  days away  from  my birthday !

( Yeah, it’s  all about  me, don’t  judge.)

There’s  still college  football  games to watch on TV ,  but not as many  now as there was when I  was growing  up .

Of course ,  besides  that Mimosa  that you  were having ,  you had to watch the Tournament  of Roses  Parade  and check out  all the  floats  decorated with ,  what else?

Lots  of  roses of every color .

But now, January  1st  means another  sporting  event for me to enjoy.

The National  Hockey  League  has  their annual  outdoor  game called  The Winter  Classic ,  which for the  past couple  of  years  has been  held  every January  1st .

Some  things  just haven’t  changed on my  favorite  holiday .